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Love Coffee

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SU1 / 15, 5 Shires Ln, Leicester LE1 4FS United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Visited on Sunday afternoon. Great location for people watching. Food was fresh and coffee was good. Let down by service, which was poor. Chaotic at tills. Received wrong order. Staff generally just disengaged and uninterested.
Went in to get some coffee and was served by a guy in glasses. He barely paid any attention and was extremely rude. He got my order wrong not once but twice. He also kept saying it was my fault because I kept changing the order ??? . Maybe if he paid anyattention he would’ve known what I was talking about. His colleague was extremely rude too. A small maid girl in glasses as well. Horrifying service. Was unpleasantly surprised at the treatment I received today. Absolutely appalling. Never going there again.
Had coffee and breakfast here last Saturday, no complaint about the drinks, or bacon roll I had.
My husband had a croissant which was OK but 70p for butter really!!
I work in a coffee shop, we never charge for jam or butter with croissants or teacakes
Rude useless staff, all too much to serve me even, were so busy talking to each other they messed my small order up. Sorry to interrupt you to help pay your wages. Food average, coffee not that nice.
Didn’t have a coffee as it didn’t look too great. Looked quite cheap. The selections of muffins is great and the selection of food in general is good. However the muffins themselves aren’t actually that great they are really dry and also not got a lot of actual filling. The icing on to is a sugar overkill. the staff weren’t rude but id would like a little bit more interactivity from them to make this cafe feel unique and welcoming. I would not be looking to go to this cafe as it is quite cramped . Moreover, the surrounding areas have better cafes.
Love this relaxing coffee ☕️ shop. The the Muffins are delicious ???? so generous with filling.
First time experience and was beyond bad, I visited on 8th nov 2022 at 6pm and ordered ice americano and chocolate fudge cake which was not fresh, hard and too sweet, wanted to change it to something else, but i was told that it can't be changed just because I didn't like it... also the girl on the counter did not even wanted to know what's wrong with cake...
poor service, unprofessional staff, not fit for hospitality industry...
Horrible service. The staff was arrogant and unpleasant. Didn't get the order right and acted very offended when I pointed it out. The hot chocolate was just warm milk. Seriously... there was NO chocolate in it. Oh, and coffee also barely tasted of coffee, just milk. Very watery, sugary drink with no real taste.

Quick Facts About Love Coffee

Love Coffee place has both strengths and weaknesses, as indicated by the comments provided. In terms of strengths, one comment mentions its great location for people watching and the fresh food offerings. Additionally, it is praised for having good coffee and delicious muffins with generous fillings. These positive aspects contribute to the café's appeal and potential customer satisfaction.
However, Love Coffee place also faces several weaknesses, primarily related to its service. Several comments highlight poor service, describing it as disengaged, uninterested, and chaotic at the tills. Customers have complained about receiving the wrong orders, and one even mentions the staff being rude and unprofessional. These recurring issues indicate a lack of attention to detail and customer service skills, which can significantly impact the overall experience for patrons.
Furthermore, Love Coffee place has been criticized for its pricing and the quality of certain items. One comment mentions the high cost of butter for a croissant, while another criticizes the muffins for being dry and lacking filling. This suggests a potential inconsistency in the quality of their food offerings, which can significantly hinder customer satisfaction.
Another issue raised in the comments is the lack of uniqueness and interactivity from the staff. Customers express a desire for a more welcoming and distinctive experience, indicating a need for the café to differentiate itself from competitors. Additionally, the cramped space of the café is mentioned, which may make it less appealing to customers who prefer more spacious and comfortable environments.
Finally, the quality of the beverages is called into question. One comment mentions the coffee not looking great and appearing cheap. Another notes that the hot chocolate lacked any real chocolate flavor and was too watery and sugary. These comments indicate a potential inconsistency in the quality and taste of the drinks offered, which can impact customer satisfaction and the café's reputation.
In conclusion, while Love Coffee place has some strengths like its good location, fresh food, and tasty muffins, it also faces several weaknesses. The poor service and disinterested staff, along with issues regarding pricing, food quality consistency, lack of unique atmosphere, and potentially subpar beverages, all contribute to a less-than-desirable customer experience. It is important for Love Coffee place to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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