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Liz's Hair Heaven

+1 708-423-3550
3346 95th St, Evergreen Park, IL 60805 United States of America
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 04:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Appointments recommended

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Today was my first visit here. I got Teibal Braids. I was today years old when I learned they were feed in braids. I didn't know they took more than two hours to complete. When I tell you it was worth every???? single????seconds????. Summer ate and left NO crumbs. I feel like a princess.
This is the first time I brought my granddaughter to have her hair done they did an amazing job. She came out looking like a princess. I am definitely bringing her back next month for a trim. Great beauticians there. I would recommend this salon so professional and helpful in advising hair care.
I love love love Liz hair heaven, the owner Liz is so down to earth, pleasant, friendly and kind, She knows hair and definitely have growing hands. The staff is exceptional as well.. You won't be disappointed.....
I call the shop one day and oh my goodness the owner or whatever she was, she was very rude. She thought, I was somebody else that call her before me. And she seem like she was very irritated at the last person that call her and put all her emotions on me. Like that very unfair. Especially if I am a new client and just wanted to make an appointment. One thing I can say I don’t make nobody do my hair that is unholy and ungrateful. I don’t need those negative vibes, nope.
I like going here even if it's just to get my hair washed. Liz is great with natural hair and the care of it. Kalli is very attentive to you and does an amazing job with coloring hair. Going to Liz hair heaven is an experience of pampering yourself thur your hair. You lose track of time cuz the ladies there are friendly and inviting to people that comes there. Every person who hair they do is treated like family. Go check them out.
I really like the professionalism of the shops environment as a whole. My stylist Raquel is a braiding genius! And she really good with other styles as well!
Covid-19 caused a pandemic no one ever imagined. I found myself not being able to enjoy simple things like manicures, pedicures, or even beautician visits until Liz's... I hit pay dirt!!!! Not only was I able to get the services l wanted, the shop specializes in hair care. Hair care is extremely important to me. I highly recommend this shop to any woman or man who appreciates the attention this establishment gives to your concerns.
I was referred by my coworker and very satisfied on my first visit. I love the shops professional environment. CC is a magician with washing hair and Liz is awesome. This shop is truly a blessing to me. I will be going every two weeks and will refer others. Very beautiful people.

Quick Facts About Liz's Hair Heaven

Liz's Hair Heaven has received mostly positive comments from customers, highlighting various strengths of the salon. However, there is one negative comment that should be taken into consideration as well. Let's analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Liz's Hair Heaven based on the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Exceptional service: Several customers praised the staff's professionalism and expertise in hair care. They appreciated the quality of braiding, coloring, and other hair services provided by the salon. 2. Friendly and inviting atmosphere: Customers felt welcomed and treated like family when they visited Liz's Hair Heaven. The staff's friendliness and inviting nature created a positive and comfortable environment for customers. 3. Attention to hair care: The salon specializes in hair care, which is highly appreciated by customers who value its importance. The shop's dedication to addressing customers' concerns and providing personalized care is praised. 4. Skilled stylists: Customers specifically mentioned Raquel as a braiding genius and Liz as someone who knows and understands hair. These positive testimonials highlight the skills and expertise of the staff. 5. Availability of various services: Liz's Hair Heaven offers a range of services, from braiding to coloring and washing hair. This diversity in services allows customers to get all their hair needs met in one place.
Weaknesses: 1. Owner's rude behavior: One customer had a negative experience with the owner, who was rude and seemed to transfer her irritation from a previous call to the new customer. This incident reflects poorly on the professionalism and customer service of the salon. Despite having mostly positive feedback, it is crucial to address the negative comment and take appropriate steps to ensure it does not happen again. Clear communication and professionalism should be emphasized to prevent similar incidents in the future.
In conclusion, Liz's Hair Heaven has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. The exceptional service, friendly atmosphere, attention to hair care, skilled stylists, and availability of various services are all praised by customers. These strengths should be maintained and upheld as they contribute to the satisfaction of customers. However, the negative feedback regarding the owner's rude behavior should be addressed promptly to ensure a positive and professional experience for all customers. Overall, Liz's Hair Heaven seems to be a reputable salon with a strong potential for success.

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