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The owner is friendly and you can tell he cares. My dog looks great when she’s done. I would definitely recommend coming here!
They did an amazing job with my Cava, poo, and border collie!
Took my dog there for a bath and nail trimming. There staff is very professional if your new to the area and in need of a groomer here is the one
In love bringing my pups here... The people here are really nice :)
Was great like every time, as well Daniel and your team. thanks again!
I'm really sad to write this review because the staff at the groomers is very nice. The owner was really nice as well. BUT I picked my dog up yesterday and both of his eyes had busted blood vessels. One of his eyes were completely swollen. When I came back to the groomers, he said that my dog had issues with his front nails being clipped. If that's the case, CALL ME! Let me know my dog is having issues. I have no idea what happened back there and have no idea if my dog was being choked during the process. My dog was clearly distressed and having a hard time. I really wanted this to be a good experience, but my dog returning to me with bursted blood vessels is concerning. Please have open communication with the groomer before dropping them off.
Been bringing my dog here for almost 10 years. The new guy that owns it, is very personable and knows me when I call. He also pays attention to detail on my dogs information card. He is big on customer service and goes out of his way to accommodate because he understands my personality. Etty has a way with my dog that he leaves happy, calm and handsome. Would recommend them in a heartbeat. I know that my dog is safe and in good care with these owners. Also fair pricing and quality service ( they do not skip any steps in grooming or charge you for every little thing. ) Thank you for years on continued wonderful service.
Had an appointment - was told two hours - after two and half hours the dogs were not even bathed. Was told - Saturday's are busy - perhaps you should not over book! Our dogs were so thirsty when we got home after being struck in a cage for that long.


Strengths of Little Groom and More: 1. Friendly and caring owner: The owner is praised for being friendly and showing genuine care for the dogs. This creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere for both the owners and their pets.
2. Excellent grooming results: Customers indicate that their dogs look great after being groomed at Little Groom and More. The staff seems to have the skills and knowledge to provide quality grooming services.
3. Professional staff: The comment mentions that the staff is professional and the groomer knows how to handle different breeds of dogs. This professionalism adds to the trustworthiness of the groomers.
4. Nice and accommodating people: Multiple comments indicate that the people working at Little Groom and More are nice and accommodating. This creates a positive and pleasant experience for the customers.
5. Attention to detail and personalized service: One comment highlights how the owner pays attention to detail and knows the customer's dog and preferences. This personalized service adds value to the experience and makes customers feel special.
6. Previous positive experiences: One comment mentions that they have been bringing their dog to Little Groom and More for almost 10 years. This indicates that the business has been able to maintain loyal customers over an extended period, suggesting consistent quality service.
7. Fair pricing and no hidden charges: Customers appreciate that Little Groom and More offers fair pricing and does not skip any steps in the grooming process or charge for unnecessary services. This transparency fosters trust and loyalty.
Weaknesses of Little Groom and More: 1. Lack of communication about issues during grooming: One negative comment points out that there was a lack of communication when the customer's dog experienced issues during grooming. The customer suggests that the groomer should have notified them about any problems encountered. This highlights a need for improved communication between the staff and the customers.
2. Dog distress and potential safety concerns: The same negative comment describes the customer's dog returning with burst blood vessels and a swollen eye, indicating signs of distress. The customer raises concerns about the well-being and safety of their dog during the grooming process. This suggests a need for better handling and monitoring of the dogs to ensure their comfort and safety.
3. Overbooking and lengthy wait times: Another negative comment mentions that the dogs were not bathed despite being told it would take two hours. This suggests a potential issue with overbooking and insufficient staff to handle the workload, resulting in a lengthy wait time for customers. Additionally, the comment highlights the dogs being left in cages for an extended period without access to water, raising concerns about their well-being.
In conclusion, Little Groom and More has several strengths such as a friendly and caring owner, excellent grooming results, professional staff, and personalized service. The business has also maintained loyal customers over an extended period due to fair pricing and quality service. However, there are weaknesses regarding communication, dog distress, and potential safety concerns, as well as overbooking and lengthy wait times. These weaknesses should be addressed to improve the overall customer experience at Little Groom and More.


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