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Lee's Nails

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4114 Belle Grove Rd A, Brooklyn, MD 21225 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Restroom
  • Appointment required
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I never changed mine manicurist But it so happened that one time I came to this salon and I really really liked their job.And start to visit more often. the nail polish does not come off, the gel does not peel off and the nails do not break.
strongly recommend them because they are very professional.
My first time going and I loved it. They only take appointments only, makes it convenient on the wait time.. no wait time.. Mom and daughter in law duo are awesome. The daughter took her time doing my full set and pedicure. I would definitely be going back and highly recommend ????❣
Amazing customer service. She took me last minute and did a wonderful job. Sets expectations on waiting time and Perfect nail shape. Reasonable prices. Will be back
Love Lees Nails! Her daughter and Lee do an amazing job with my nails. They are also detailed and make sure you like it. I’ve been using for some time now and am a repeat customer! No one does my nails better than Lees Nails!
I love Ms Lee. She’s a sweet lady and does the best to make everyone feel welcome and satisfied. She and her helper are excellent, patient and kind and do fantastic work. Recommended any day!
FIRST Time being serviced there....I had an appointment....was on time....Ms. Sue began servicing me as soon as I walked n the door.....I had 2 get a soak off and I LOVE the way she did it.....I didn't have 2 soak my fingers n 2 bowls of acetone(such waste)...She placed soaked cotton balls of acetone on each finger and wrapped them in aluminum foil...FIRST time having that done and I Loved it....tip...use the restroom first ????????????????????
She shared what she PROFESSIONALLY thought would b the Best 4 My nails and I Love her suggestion...my nails we're dipped in this powdery substance....I'm in Love....This is the most Natural I've seen my nails without the weight of acrylic and other substances which weigh u down.....She and her son Thomas were very hospitable and receptive....She works 7 days a week....if u give her a try (u won't b disappointed) however schedule an appointment....I learned that through reviews I viewed before making the decision 2 go and I seen her appointment book myself and she's booked....I'm rescheduled 4 an appointment the end of February, that's how much she's booked.....Oh? And she did an EXCELLENT job on my Feet....In my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice "I'll b back"....I don't think my picts do any justice bcuz of my lighting....
Awesome place, clean and quiet. The owner is very friendly and listens to you. Takes her sweet time, so if you like being pampered, definitely would recommend this place. Reasonable pricing. My nails turned out great. I will definitely stop by again when I am in your neck of the woods!
Moved up in the neighborhood a year or so ago, and needed a place to get my nails done, and I found lee’s nail salon. I decided to go to get my nails done by her for my bridal shower, and let me tell you I was 100% satisfied. She took her time to make sure my nails was nothing less than perfect. Every since then this is my go to place. ????????????

Quick Facts About Lee's Nails

Lee's Nails place seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, many customers praise the quality of the nail services provided. Customers report that the nail polish does not come off easily, the gel does not peel off, and the nails do not break. This indicates that Lee's Nails place uses high-quality products and techniques, ensuring long-lasting and durable results. Customers particularly appreciate this as it saves them time and money in the long run.
Customers also mention the convenience of Lee's Nails place. The salon only takes appointments, which eliminates the need for waiting time. This is highly valued by customers who appreciate being able to schedule their nail appointments and arrive at the salon without having to wait. This also suggests that the salon is well-organized and efficient in managing client appointments.
In addition to the quality of service and convenience, customers consistently mention the professionalism of the staff at Lee's Nails place. They describe the salon as being very professional and the staff as being skilled and experienced. This highlights the expertise of the manicurists and their ability to provide excellent service to customers. The comments also indicate that the staff members take their time and pay attention to detail, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their nails.
Another strength indicated by the comments is the customer service provided by Lee's Nails place. Customers mention the friendly and welcoming attitude of the owner, Ms. Lee. They appreciate her efforts to make everyone feel satisfied and comfortable during their visit. The salon is described as clean and quiet, which contributes to a pleasant and relaxing environment for customers. Lee's Nails place is also commended for its reasonable prices, suggesting that customers feel they are getting value for their money.
From the comments, it is clear that Lee's Nails place has built a loyal customer base. Many customers mention being repeat customers and express their intention to continue using the salon in the future. This loyalty is likely due to the consistent high-quality service, professional staff, and good customer service provided by Lee's Nails place.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are a few potential weaknesses that can be derived from the comments. One customer mentions that it can be difficult to secure an appointment with Ms. Lee due to her busy schedule. This suggests that the salon may be in high demand, which can make it challenging for new customers to book appointments.
Additionally, one comment mentions that the lighting in the salon may not do justice to the final results. Although this may be a minor issue, it highlights the importance of providing proper lighting in the salon to showcase the manicure and pedicure results accurately.
In conclusion, Lee's Nails place strengths lie in its high-quality service, convenience, professionalism, customer service, and loyal customer base. The salon is commended for its long-lasting and durable nail services, appointment-only system, skilled and experienced staff, and friendly and welcoming environment. However, potential weaknesses include the difficulty in securing appointments and potential issues with lighting. Overall, Lee's Nails place seems to be a reputable and reliable salon that attracts customers with its excellent nail services and customer-focused approach.

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