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Lamp & Whistle

+44 1736 361449
12 Leskinnick Pl, Penzance TR18 2EZ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I decided to try this very small pub as I walked past it lots of times and was intrigued by its quirkiness. However, I was a bit disappointed when entering the property.

I am more used to traditional-style pubs. However, as I entered the pub, I quickly noticed that it was not the traditional pub that I am used to.

The first thing that I noticed was that it seemed rather cluttered with signs on the walls and paintings on the ceiling. This is not my sort of thing, but I am sure that it would appeal to some people. I decided to place my judgement aside and carry on entering the pub to give it a try.

On approaching the bar, there were plenty of drinks on draught. However, I am not aware of many. This means I struggled to choose one.

I was asked by the landlord if I was on my own, and when I replied with a yes, I was asked to sit at a table. This surprised me since I normally stand up to the bar. Quite obviously, the landlord does not like anyone standing at the bar.

The landlord brought my drink to the table, and then I paid at the table, which I found odd.

All the time I was trying to enjoy my drink, I felt uncomfortable. I believe there is an uncomfortable feeling about this pub. I certainly was not impressed. I just felt that I wanted to finish my drink and leave and never come back.

I decided to use the toilets, and so I left a bit of beer in my glass with the intention of finishing it when I returned. However, when I returned, the landlord had cleared my glass away and thrown out the rest of my beer. I was so angry, I walked out.

I did not like the attitude of the landlord and felt that he could have been rather confrontational.

I also noticed that, despite numerous websites stating that the pub opens at 12 p.m., in fact that is not true. The landlord tends to open when he feels like it.

I had a bad experience in this pub, and I would never return. Horrible place.

Small but lovely pub in the heart of Penzance - bar tender was very nice and welcoming.

The pub aesthetic and atmosphere is excellent, with music and lots of interesting trinkets and decorations. Local beers and spirits available, as well as some interesting other choices that would not be usually available in British pubs (one example was some stronger Belgian beers available even on tap, that are mostly not even found in supermarkets). Not a particularly cheap pub but definitely worth visiting and supporting locals such as this one.

Wheelchair accessible as everything is on the ground floor.

One of the best bars you'll ever drink in. Chatty owner, amazing decor and the beer I tried was 10/10
Go there! It's special.

We really enjoyed our pint here on Saturday! Fun quirky little pub, enjoyed the psych rock playlist and great selections on draft

Quirky decor nice selection of beers. One of most misrarble landlords ever. You wonder why some people in hospitality. Not alone....check out numerous trip advisor negative reviews. If you not from Penzance do not enter here. Just put a note on door saying locals only. I'd hate to be that miserable ????

Ok. I see from the reviews that in general people have a problem with barman attitude ;) . Well , I just been here , ordered 2 beers and had a pleasure to interact with the guy . I did not get impression he is rude I just think that he is very reserved person to the point that it seems strange ;) Sure I was little surprised the minute I went in and thought maybe he has problems with foreigners but nope ;) he was polite , directed me where I needed to go and I had really pleasant customer service ;) Just accept the fact that not everyone is going to put red carpets Infront of you ;) Good and unique beer selection . It was good to try something new or different ;)

Miejsce drogie, a we wnętrzu wygląda jak speluna. W Penzance jest więcej miejsc tańszych i z dobrym piwem oraz przytulnym wystrojem wnętrz.

The place is expensive and the interior looks like a dive. There are more places cheaper in Penzance and with good beer and cozy interior design.

It's quirky but with covid restrictions still pointlessly enforced in this small pub (this review is October 2021) all atmosphere is lost. The moment we walked through the door we were ordered to sit down as no standing or ordering at the bar. We were approached by the bartender who put on a mask to ask for our order. When the drinks arrived he removed his mask when safely away from us. The pub is tiny and this was pointless especially as he was touching our glasses after touching his mask so actually putting us more at risk. Also we noticed that if you were a local than standing and ordering at the bar was totally OK because they can't have covid if locals. The virus is very intelligent. Every pub in Penzance had the same rule. No standing or ordering at the bar unless you were a local. Weird.


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