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La Unica #1

+1 404-608-9991
4234 Jonesboro Rd, Forest Park, GA 30297 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM


Service options
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Great produce
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Quick visit

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

They've cleaned this place up a bit! Great job! Tacos can still improve, a little. They are good but lack all the ingredients that come with an authentic taco
Los baños están súper sucios, que clase de de gente es la que piensan que vienen que no puedes tomarse el tiempo de limpiarlo, una botella de cloro sale a $2 dólares y dura bastante. Muestren un poco de respeto por sus clientes. Gracias
This place has a store and a taco place inside of it. Their tacos and burritos are the best on the Southside
La atencion al cliente definitivamente el una m!erd@ en esta tienda y en el restaurant te atienden con cara de c#lo. Casi casi te tiran la comida no te la dan
lugar muy sucio , el pan con moscas y viejo, en general muy descuidado el lugar , ojala que no se enferme la gente cuando coma aqui.
Cashier makes up different Prices then what's on the menu
Great place to shop to make wonderful recipes!!!!
We placed an order for the side where they sell street corn and ice cream, the entire experience as well as the food was horrible. They had nothing prepared, the ice cream had freezer burn and the lady couldn't scoop it. The corn was absolutely awful, tasted straight out of can. Horrible.

Quick Facts About La Unica #1

La Unica #1 place has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one of the comments mentions that the place has been cleaned up, which is a positive improvement. This shows that the management and staff are taking steps to maintain a clean environment for their customers. Additionally, another comment praises the tacos and burritos, stating that they are the best on the Southside. This is a strong endorsement for the food quality and taste at La Unica #1 place. Another strength mentioned is that the place has a store inside, which allows customers to shop for ingredients and make wonderful recipes. This adds convenience and diversity to the overall experience for customers.
However, there are also several weaknesses that need to be addressed. One of the most concerning comments mentions that the bathrooms are dirty, indicating a lack of cleanliness and hygiene standards. This not only reflects poorly on the establishment, but also poses health risks to the customers. Another weakness highlighted is the lack of authenticity in the tacos. Although the comment mentions that the tacos are good, they lack the ingredients that typically come with an authentic taco. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and possibly a compromise in the overall taste experience.
Furthermore, there are complaints about the customer service at both the store and the restaurant. One comment describes the service as disrespectful, with employees having a bad attitude and almost throwing the food at customers. This type of behavior can create a negative and unwelcoming atmosphere, which can deter customers from returning. Another comment reinforces this negative perception by calling out the cashier for charging different prices than what is listed on the menu. Inconsistent pricing practices can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a sense of mistrust.
In terms of cleanliness, there are further complaints about the overall condition of the place. One comment mentions that the place is very dirty, with old bread containing flies. This raises concerns about the food safety and hygiene practices within the establishment. Additionally, another comment mentions a negative experience with the street corn and ice cream side of the business. The comment describes the ice cream as having freezer burn and the corn tasting awful, suggesting a lack of freshness and quality control.
In conclusion, La Unica #1 place has strengths in terms of cleanliness improvements, positive food reviews, and the convenience of having a store inside. However, there are notable weaknesses in regards to cleanliness standards, lack of authenticity in the tacos, poor customer service, inconsistent pricing, and negative experiences with certain food items. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation of La Unica #1 place.


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