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Quick Facts About L'amour Nails

L'amour Nails Place, as evidenced by the comments, has both strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide an analysis of these strengths and weaknesses, we will break it down into different areas such as customer service, quality of service, pricing, and cleanliness.
One of the clear strengths of L'amour Nails Place is their customer service. Multiple comments mention how gentle, kind, and comfortable the staff made them feel. This indicates that the staff is attentive and ensures the comfort and satisfaction of their clients. Additionally, the positive comment about the nail artist taking careful time and ensuring perfect lines highlights their attention to detail.
Another strength is the water temperature used during the pedicure, which was described as perfect. This attention to detail in providing a comfortable experience for their clients is commendable.
In terms of quality of service, there are mixed reviews. While the first comment states that both the manicure and pedicure came out beautiful, other comments mention issues with lifting acrylics, cuticles not being cleaned properly, nails being uneven and shaped unevenly, and designs not being executed as requested. These comments indicate that the nail technicians at L'amour Nails Place may not consistently deliver high-quality service. It is important to note that one of the comments mentions that the previous owner always did amazing work, suggesting a decline in quality under new management.
The pricing at L'amour Nails Place is another area of concern. One comment mentions being charged $45 for short acrylics with no polish, which is considered expensive. Additionally, another customer complains about being overcharged for gel products they did not request, and also being harassed for a tip. These pricing discrepancies and the push for tips can create a negative experience for customers and may deter them from returning or recommending the salon to others.
Cleanliness is another aspect that is mentioned in the comments. While one comment praises L'amour Nails Place for being clean and thorough in cleaning up extra polish, another comment mentions the lack of hygiene, including no handwashing and dirty tools. Inconsistencies in cleanliness can be a major deterrent for customers and can affect their overall experience at the salon.
In terms of reputation, one comment mentions that L'amour Nails Place is lesser known compared to other salons in the area. However, they mention that L'amour Nails Place provides a cleaner job than the more popular salons. This could be seen as a strength, indicating that the salon focuses on delivering quality service rather than relying solely on reputation.
Despite the weaknesses mentioned, there are still positive comments about the salon. One person describes their experience as wonderful, praising the knowledgeable, friendly, and professional staff, as well as the variety of options available. This indicates that there are some customers who have had a positive experience at L'amour Nails Place.
In conclusion, L'amour Nails Place has strengths in terms of customer service, such as creating a comfortable environment and attention to detail. The water temperature during pedicures and the cleanliness mentioned in one of the comments are also strengths. However, there are clear weaknesses in terms of consistency in delivering high-quality service, issues with pricing, and concerns about hygiene. It is important for L'amour Nails Place to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and overall reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Absolutely AMAZING!! Everyone was so gentle and kind. During my manicure I was so comfortable! My pedicure came out beautiful. the water temperature was perfect, and my feet are so soft! My nail artist took careful time and he made sure my lines were perfect! This is my favorite nail place, I won’t go anywhere else! Thank you so much :)
I have gone here many times, the old owner always did amazing! I went LESS THAN 24 HOURS AGO, and this is what i left with. i paid $45 for no polish, short acrylics. I wouldnt mind the price if they werent already lifting, and if i wasnt cut up in so many spots, and if the acrylic went close to the cuticle. I am a nail technician and this is APPALLING!! He didnt even clean my cuticles first!!! I tried to call for a refund but NO ONE will answer…
honestly the worst my nails have ever looked. i asked for an almond shape nail with the green polished i picked. the polish had very small chunks in it and made my polish have bumps on my nails. My nails are uneven and shaped all funky. He cut me using the nail file which happens but was very hard on my hands. Getting nails done here are a hit or miss honestly. I asked him to fix my middle finger nail but when he tried it didn’t really work.
I went to this salon to get a simple acrylic set. I asked for a design on one nail which they assured me they could do. I didn't realize until half way through the service that they were using gel acrylic and gel polish (I'm assuming this was so they could charge me more money, even though I specifically asked for a regular acrylics set, no gel) When it got to the design portion, the nail tech simply couldn't do the design. It was just some simple lines and they were thick and uneven and looked nothing like the picture I showed. My nails are also completely crooked and uneven. The acrylic was applied poorly and you can see half of my regular nail in spots. It was so bad that I immediately went home and tried to redo the nails (but I couldn't take the polish off because it's gel, another reason I didn't want gel and ended up just painting over them.) I was completely overcharged. Their sign says $35 for acrylic full set and I'm assuming a few dollars for the design, and I was charged $55 because he scammed me with the gel I didn't ask for. I have to go get my nails redone somewhere else. At the end of the service the nail tech kept asking me for a tip after knowingly charging me for things i didnt want. Go anywhere else in Destin to get your nails done.
Wanted a simple set of square round acrylic nails. I wanted a baby blue colored French tip very simple. All of my nails are different shapes,sizes, lengths and nothing at all what I wanted. I had to keep telling him my nails were crooked and gave up because he would just make them worse and didn’t care to fix his mistake. Gave up on my idea of what I wanted and left with nothing I wanted and very disappointed and embarrassed to be seen with these nails. If you have something you want or want your nails to be the same don’t go here. Also the tips you glue on to your nails to begin the process he barely put any glue, they kept falling off before he even started, and he left glue on my fingers under my fingernails. I was trying to trust the process but don’t trust this very bad.
Absolutely the WORST nail experience ever! Please do yourself a favor and DON’T GO! I’m not one to be rude but I asked for a specific nail design and it was beyond atrocious and this is what I got. Not even close to the coco swirl brown, black and cream design I asked for and pictures I showed. They are chunky, splotchy, not even, absolutely disgusted and going to pay to get these removed and fixed tomorrow at Destin Nail and spend more than double to have this taken off and redone. Also, when I stated I was not happy he let the customers waiting know it was my fault that they were waiting. Also the hygiene is nonexistent, no washing hands, no clean tools, nada, I should’ve walked out but I didn’t want to be rude until I had to be. I am absolutely appalled that I paid $62 for Anh Nguyen “Andy” to do such a poor job. Photos don’t even do this justice.
One of the lesser known nail salons in the area, yet does a cleaner job than the more popular ones such as Lee’s in grand boulevard. Unlike Lee’s, L’amour was clean with the French tip, and made sure to clean up the extra polish on my skin which was not done at Lee’s. L’amour also made sure to file the backs of the nails too for a polished look and was far more thorough with shaping my nails into sharp almonds. Skip the wait at Lee’s and head to L’amour for a quality set of trending French tips.
Wonderful experience - knowledgable, friendly and professional staff - clean tools/area and proficient technicians. There are a variety of options available from regular manicure/pedicures to SNS dip nails etc. If you're looking for a new place to get your nails done once or regularly, L'amour Nails is the place to go!

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