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Quick Facts About L a Nails

L a Nails place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. It is important to consider these factors when evaluating the overall quality and reputation of the establishment.
One of the strengths of L a Nails is its affordability compared to other nail salons in the area. Multiple commenters mention that the prices are lower than average, making it an attractive option for individuals who are looking for budget-friendly services.
Another strength of L a Nails is the positive experiences mentioned by some customers. A few commenters express satisfaction with their nails and pedicures, highlighting specific technicians who provided excellent service. This suggests that there are skilled and capable technicians working at L a Nails, as evidenced by their ability to recreate requested designs or provide relaxing massages during pedicures.
However, L a Nails also has several weaknesses that are worth considering. One recurring complaint is the poor customer service and unfriendly staff. Multiple commenters mention feeling rushed, uncomfortable, or neglected during their visits. This can significantly impact the overall experience and customer satisfaction.
Additionally, there are multiple instances of technicians not properly executing requested nail designs or providing subpar services. Commenters mention issues such as nails being positioned incorrectly, not matching the desired design, or even causing harm such as bleeding. These instances demonstrate a lack of attention to detail and competence, which can be major weaknesses for any nail salon.
Furthermore, cleanliness and hygiene are concerns mentioned in some comments. One commenter mentions the use of a dirty and used-up file, indicating a lack of proper sanitation practices. This can raise health and safety concerns for customers, as proper hygiene is crucial in a nail salon setting.
Another weakness of L a Nails is the difficulty in scheduling appointments with specific technicians. One commenter mentions that it is impossible to make an appointment with a preferred technician, leading to frustration and inconvenience. This lack of organization and flexibility in scheduling creates a negative experience for customers who prefer a particular technician.
Overall, L a Nails place has strengths such as affordability and positive experiences provided by some technicians. However, it also has several weaknesses such as poor customer service, inconsistencies in service quality, hygiene concerns, and difficulties in scheduling appointments. It is important for potential customers to weigh these factors before deciding whether to choose L a Nails for their nail care needs.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This place is Cheaper than most places in the area but there are many reasons why. Horrible customer service and very unfriendly staff. I went for a full set and pedi, they did my nails as I was getting my pedi. Everything was done in a rush. I could not enjoy or relax during my pedicure. She poked my nail and made me bleed and didn't even say sorry. The price they give you on the phone is different from what the charge you ayer services. I will never go there again. Pay the extra few bucks and go somewhere else.
First time there,experience was good loved it and all.Today I went in and I regretted it????????????went in for this(1st picture)and this is what I got(2nd picture)????????????I had them done by an older man,don’t know the name.Grandpa done drilled into my skin(last picture)bleeding and all but the man kept going.I was freaking tf out,felt uncomfortable as’f.Not well coated.Don’t think you’ll be seeing me here again.
Never Again Going Back !
She Didn’t Do My Eyebrows Right! Still Have Some Left && She Cut My Right EYELID !!!
Like What The Heck !!! She Didn’t Even Warn Me !!!!!
Worst Area To Be At !!
I showed Leanne a picture of my nails on how I want them to be. Ombré White & blue and she does dark blue with a light blue when I showed her three times what I wanted and she said okay I got you! And 2 of my nails are bent where they look like they aren’t positioned correctly. Will never go back for the quality and they wanted to charge me $50 when it wasn’t correctly done.
I walked in and stood there waiting to be noticed, took a good few minutes, the girls were busy on their phones. When she finally noticed me she said "What do you want?" I said a simple basic manicure. She told me to pick a color. I did, then stood there some more. She clearly didn't want to do my nails. All of a sudden a guy comes out and tells me to sit down. Doesn't tell me where or indicate where, so I guessed, guessed right I guess. He started filing without saying a word to me. I told him i wanted them all the same length and rounded. He didn't care clearly because he made them square and didn't bother with the length. Took about 15 to 20 mins for him to finish. My nails have never looked worse. I went home and redid them myself. Thank god I know how to do nails and now they look good. He also used a dirty used up file. I won't be going back or recommending anyone to go there. Sucks because I live right up the street and it would have been a regular stop for me if it had gone well.
Aiesh is the best technician in the place! Show her any picture and she will make it happen! I bring my daughter and wait as long as I have to, she is worth the wait!! I've had my nails done by other techs and will never let anyone but her do my nails! When you call to try to make an appointment with her you are told just come in, it is impossible to make an appointment with her.The guy that answers the phone is rude and short with me Everytime I try to call and make an appointment it is extremely frustrating! I only go for Aish, she's, AMAZING friendly, attentive and I always leave with a smile on my face!!! Ask for her, she is worth the wait and then some!!!!
I've been looking for a good nail place around my neighborhood. Short length full set and pedicure was $45. Adam did my feet, he took his time with the pedicure and the massage was pretty nice as well. Every time I get a pedicure somewhere else, the nail tech usually just slap my legs as a massage but he really had me relaxed. Only bad thing I have to say is that they wanted to charge me an extra dollar to get my ring fingers painted another color. I just declined and happily went on my way.
Update: second time I go, Adam did an amazing job again. But Leanne :-( not so much. I told her to please fix my nail and she just brushed me off. I posted a pic of where she messes up badly.
The worst experience of my life!! I took my whole wedding party there. After talking about how much I love this shop I was so embarrassed. Years ago I went there and loved the work but not sure what happened but omg Never Ever Again! My polish was off before I left on my honeymoon 2 days after getting them done!! Everyone of my girls nails were a mess the day of the wedding! Oh and my eye lashes were a hot mess the lasy who put them on was on the phone while putting them on watching a movie and talking! I told her good before I left. I told her here in America that is rude to be on your phone while doing a service for someone who is paying you. I seriously could have done a better job myself then this place!!

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