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Kiney's African Braid

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I haven't been to a braiding salon in over 25 years. Always keeping my hair natural and free of extensions of any kind, I needed the convenience of cornrows, a simple upsweep with a bun. Kiney gave me exactly as I requested. She did a great job and they looked beautiful. I enjoyed the look so much that I had them done again. She is very kind, considerate and professional. When I need this style again, I will not hesitate to make another appointment with her.
Stopped by on Friday. Text owner a pic of what I wanted. Said $120 and to come back on Sunday @ 1pm. Showed up still braiding someone’s hair. Asked me to come back @ 4pm. Show up at 4 braiding a new person’s hair. 3rd style is what I wanted vs what she did. Told her I wasn’t paying $120 for that shoddy work. Asked her if she thought the parts were straight she had the audacity to say yes. I’m damn near blind but I could tell them parts were not straight ????
I loved my experience !! They did a wonderful job on my hair, i will be coming back ????????????????????
Kiney never disappoints, best to make an appointment. Love my hair every time….only place I go. I used to go to the city but why pay tolls and parking when her work is even better and more cost effective!
It was my first time here and I am glad I found this place! I was right on time and I was started off immediately!! I had a great experience! It also gave me African saloon vibes nostalgia.
The workers in the shop are very unprofessional they get an attitude when you tell them that they mess up on your hair and your paying for it I will not be returning to this shop ever again I don't do business that way. And I'm writing this review while my braid is being finished idc don't be like that when we are here to keep them here and paying their way to live. Just not kind at all
They are very unprofessional. They complained about how short my hair was when they could’ve easily declined if they couldn’t do it. They continuously talked bad about me in their native language. Overall this place is very unprofessional. I don’t recommend anyone going here.
I am very unhappy with my hair, 6 hours and over $200 including purchased hair, I can never get back. Tempted to take my hair out of the extensions and let it go even though it's only been 2 days. So disappointing. I wouldn't go back even if the service was free. My hair looks nothing like the picture I provided.

Quick Facts About Kiney's African Braid

Kiney's African Braid place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating both strengths and weaknesses in their services. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses, let's break down the comments provided.
Starting with the positive comments, one customer mentions that they visited after 25 years and requested a simple cornrow style with a bun. Kiney was able to deliver exactly what the customer asked for, demonstrating her ability to meet specific client requests. This indicates that Kiney's African Braid place is capable of catering to individual preferences and providing desired hairstyles.
Another positive comment praises Kiney's professionalism, kindness, and considerate nature. This suggests that Kiney values good customer service and creates a welcoming atmosphere for her clients. Additionally, the commenter mentions that they would not hesitate to make another appointment with Kiney for the same style, indicating satisfaction and trust in her work.
Another customer expresses their love for their hair after visiting Kiney's African Braid place, stating that they did a wonderful job. This positive feedback suggests that Kiney's salon has skilled stylists who can produce high-quality results. The customer also mentions their intention to return, indicating a positive overall experience.
A comment suggests that Kiney's African Braid place is more cost-effective compared to salons in the city, as the quality of work is even better. This implies that Kiney's salon provides good value for money and delivers exceptional results, making it a preferred choice for the commenter.
Moving on to the negative comments, there are several critiques about the professionalism of the workers. One customer mentions that they were braiding someone else's hair during their scheduled appointment time, causing them to come back multiple times before getting their own hair done. This reflects poor time management and a lack of consideration for the customer's schedule. Another customer comments on the unprofessional behavior of the workers, specifically mentioning their attitude and complaining about the length of the customer's hair. This highlights a lack of professionalism and customer satisfaction in their interactions.
Furthermore, there are complaints about the final results. One customer expresses extreme disappointment with their hair, mentioning that it looks nothing like the picture they provided and regretting spending over $200 on the service. This suggests a lack of skill and attention to detail in delivering the desired style.
In conclusion, Kiney's African Braid place has several strengths, such as the ability to fulfill specific client requests, good customer service, and the production of high-quality results. These strengths are evident in the positive comments received. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, including poor time management, unprofessional behavior, and a lack of attention to detail, as pointed out in the negative comments. Kiney's African Braid place should focus on improving these weaknesses in order to provide a consistent and satisfactory experience for all customers.


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