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Kim's Nails & Spa

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4763 Wilson Ave SW # C, Grandville, MI 49418 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Wasn’t every impressed with the lady I received to do my nails. She seemed very rushed to have her down time left my nails uneven/ messed up on edges. By the time I got back to my seat to wait for someone she had her phone and air pods in :( I do want to say Kim herself does do an amazing job.
I've been going here for years they do great work. But last time we went owners husband and your lady doing my moms laughed and talked the whole time. Got alkward the laughing. This time owners husband said I didn't need to change my polish. Than said I should buff my own feet before coming. They thought I had waited to long to come. So which is it you don't need new polish or I should do the work myself?
Kim's nails added sunflowers to my toes and redid my 3D nail flower for my wedding. I am thrilled with the designs; they are perfect. I will definitely come back.
Been going here for years won't go nowhere else. Always accomodating.
I had dipped acrylic nails, walked in and asked for a fill. A man grabbed the drill bits and had to go ask another technician which one he should use. Then after roughing them up he had me soak my nails in acetone. THEY TOOK MY NAILS OFF. That is NOT what I wanted!!! A woman took over and asked if I wanted new nails on and I said no bc I didn’t have time for all that. I couldn’t believe it. So she painted my natural nails with gel and my bill was $30. It was the worst experience I have ever had. I will never go there again. Ever!
Staff is always very nice and they acknowledge you immediately upon walking in. I get the dip everytime I go and my nails will always last along time. They will do any design you ask for and my nails always turn out great.
Absolutely the best place in Byron Center/Grandville area. Excellent and fast service, lots of colors to choose from and affordable.
Walkings are taken care of quickly.
One of the best nail salons I’ve ever been to. The workers we’re very welcoming and I would 100% recommend Kim’s to any of my friends!

Quick Facts About Kim's Nails & Spa

Kim's Nails & Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's analyze them to understand the overall perception of the business.
Starting with the strengths, Kim, the owner herself, is praised for doing an amazing job. This indicates that Kim has expertise in nail services and delivers high-quality work. Additionally, the staff is commended for being very nice and attentive, immediately acknowledging customers upon walking in. This suggests that the salon has a friendly and welcoming environment, which is appreciated by customers.
Another strength mentioned is the variety of colors available for nail services. Having a wide range of options allows customers to choose their preferred colors and designs, catering to their individual preferences. This shows that the salon values customer satisfaction and offers a diverse selection to accommodate different tastes.
The salon is also noted for its fast and efficient service. Customers mention that their nails last a long time when getting the dip manicure, indicating that the technicians at Kim's Nails & Spa perform their services well and ensure good durability.
Moreover, the salon is described as affordable, which is a significant advantage for customers. Offering competitive prices enables the salon to attract a larger customer base, as affordability is a key factor for many people when choosing a nail salon.
Moving on to the weaknesses, there are a few concerns mentioned by customers. One common critique is related to rushed service and lack of attention to detail. Some customers complain about uneven or messed up nails due to the technician's apparent hurry. This suggests a lack of thoroughness and attentiveness in the nail application process.
Another complaint is about the behavior of certain staff members. In one incident, a technician was seen wearing air pods and using her phone while working, which is unprofessional and disrespectful to the customer. In another situation, owners' husband and a technician were reportedly talking and laughing extensively during a customer's appointment, making her feel uncomfortable. These instances highlight a lack of professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction within the staff.
Furthermore, poor communication is a weakness of Kim's Nails & Spa. One customer was given conflicting advice about whether she needed a new polish or should prepare her own feet before coming in. Such inconsistency can lead to confusion and frustration among customers, as they expect clear and accurate guidance from the salon's employees.
One highly concerning complaint involves a technician mistakenly removing a customer's nails instead of performing a fill service. This indicates a lack of competency and attention to customer preferences. The customer's dissatisfaction, coupled with the technician's suggestion of new nails despite her time constraints, showcases a failure in understanding and meeting the customer's needs.
In conclusion, Kim's Nails & Spa has several strengths, including Kim's exceptional work, friendly staff, wide color selection, efficient service, and affordability. However, the salon also has weaknesses, such as rushed service, lack of attention to detail, unprofessional behavior by some staff members, poor communication, and instances of not meeting customer expectations. To improve, the salon should address these weaknesses by focusing on delivering consistent, attentive, and professional service to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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