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Kebab Ye

+44 1952 253300
27 Church St, Wellington, Telford TF1 1DG United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Quick Facts About Kebab Ye

Kebab Ye has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the taste of the grilled meat is highly praised, with comparisons to traditional shashlik. The availability of both lamb and chicken kebabs is appreciated, and the meat is said to be well-prepared and cooked. The inclusion of sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise, and garlic sauce, as well as the option to add salad, adds value to the kebab options. The addition of pizza to the menu in the near future is seen as a positive development.
The friendliness of the staff is repeatedly mentioned as a strength. The person leaving the comment specifically mentions that they dined at Kebab Ye late at night, but the staff remained welcoming and kind. The limited seating capacity is noted, but it is not seen as a negative aspect since the staff is accommodating and friendly.
The overall atmosphere and cleanliness of the establishment are seen as strengths. The Turkish-themed decor is mentioned, and the tidy appearance adds to the positive impression. The good portions and value for money are also highlighted.
However, there are a few weaknesses mentioned. One commenter feels that the prices are a bit too high for a takeaway, especially considering the £12.50 cost for a single order. Additionally, there is a negative experience mentioned regarding a phone call to inquire about the business hours. The owner or staff member on the phone was reportedly rude and dismissive, which resulted in the commenter deciding to never order from the shop again.
Despite these weaknesses, the strengths outweigh them. The consistently positive comments regarding the taste of the food, friendly service, and overall atmosphere indicate that Kebab Ye is a popular and well-regarded establishment. The long-standing customer loyalty and the anticipation of the shop's reopening after a break further demonstrate the positive reputation of Kebab Ye. Overall, it appears to be a beloved spot for kebabs and enjoy a loyal customer base in Telford.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Вкусное жареное мясо на гриле. Вкус как у шашлыка, есть баранина, есть курочка. Всё это упаковывается в лепёшку, и бесплатно добавляют на выбор соусы: кетчуп, майонез, чесночный соус. Так же добавляют салат по желанию. Так же в меню было указано, что скоро можно будет заказывать пиццу.
Персонал очень доброжелательный, даже учитывая, что ужинали мы ночью, примерно в 01:00. Есть 6 мест для еды в заведении - 2 столика, один на 4 человека и один на 2 человека. Еда очень вкусная. Кушал шиш кебаб, и попробовал куриный кебаб, оба великолепны. Заведение оформлено в турецком стиле, выглядит опрятно и чисто. Рекомендую посетить, а если ночью некуда заехать поесть, то вам сюда, если вы конечно не вегитарианец.
We've lived in Telford since 2007 and we visited Kebab Ye for the first time tonight!
Kebab Ye is the king of kebabs! Great kebab, the salad was sooo fresh. The chips were perfect!
The chap behind the counter said he'd see us tomorrow and he's probably right!!!
There are quite a few Kebab shops in Wellington, but this is one of the best. Fresh meat, well prepared and cooked. Very tasty chicken and lamb for a mixed kebab is a treat. The salad is always fresh and crisp. The guys offer a friendly service, good sized portions and value for money with a smile.
Back open after a little break for personal reasons.
Great to taste the food again.
Food tonite was 100% Spot On.
Another visit tonite and saved me from going to bed hungry!
Thanks guys. 100% Spot On
Very nice kebabs but one of for me as £12-50 ago. A bit over the top. For a takeaway.
Wow, such a lovely kind owner or member of staff answering the phone to me and giving me straight up attitude when I asked where they open until 3am which is stated on Google as open business hours. Me being me wanted to double check. I was told they are closing in 5 minutes (11.49pm), i then proceeded to inform him they had the hours on Google stating 3am and they need to change them. He then proceeded to tell me I do not need to tell him what the hours are and he already knows what it states on Google.
I had nothing more to say, so I hung up the phone.
Will never order from this shop.
Good food at an average price. Great tasting food I have been going for years. The wedges have been my favourite since they opened Chicken Ye. I have been coming here for the last 14+years now since college. Never fails to put a smile on my face. Great customer care with fun and banter with the staff. They always take care to try and remember your face and you regular orders. They have fun with customers whist your order is being prepared. Always a welcoming atmosphere in Kebab Ye / Chicken Ye wellington. Unfortunately no delivery available but I would for this take away atleast enjoy picking up my food because it is that friendly here which always makes each order a pleasent experiance. You can ring ahead to have you order ready for collection to reduce your waiting time. I wpuld recomend this without hesitation to anyone who likes Fried chicken and kebabs.
After along awaited 2 years due to covid and other obstacles, I am glad they are back and I'm ready for some long overdue delicious kebabs. Same fresh tasting quality as before. They are great local family business with great care and attention to their customers they don't forget your face always a friendly warm welcoming service.

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Monday 12:00 PM - 03:00 AM
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