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Katie's Nails & Spa

+1 386-717-9033
2851 Enterprise Rd #106b, DeBary, FL 32713 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Katie is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend that you check out her salon. My nails & feet came out perfect. She also did a great job on my eyebrows & my facial. Can’t wait to go back!
Katie is amazing. She did acrylic nails, gel pedicure and waxing. I couldn’t be happier. She takes her time and listens to what you want. She will now be my go to nail salon!! The salon is quiet and easy to get to. She communicates quickly and makes it easy to make appointment.
I am so lucky I found Katie! She is truly just a genuine and kind person. She’s beyond talented and will go out of her way to find you a product or do a design. I wanted the trending chrome nails so badly, she bought the product by the next time I saw her! If you have acrylics or are particular about shape, do yourself a favor and go see Katie.
Ive been coming to Katie for 5+ years. Her work is always amazing and so friendly I absolutely love coming to her and she has a customer for life!
I absolutely love my nails. I went to five other places before coming here and immediately I felt comfortable enough to decide to get my nails done. She did exactly what I wanted and a little more. I'm so so so happy and I think my nails look AWSOME.
It was my first time at Katie’s and I absolutely loved it. It was very clean and Katie makes sure that your nails look absolutely amazing. The dedication put towards your nails is unmatched and the pricing can not be beat! I would give more stars if possible!
Wonderful service!! Katie always amazes me with her work!! She did an excellent job with my homecoming nails this year and she did NOT disappoint!! Very satisfied by the nails she did and I will definitely plan on returning back to this nail salon!! :)
Absolutely amazing. Katie was nice enough to take me on turkey day. Got my eyebrows and a fill in and she was very personable. Would 10/10 come again.

Quick Facts About Katie's Nails & Spa

Katie's Nails & Spa place has received overwhelmingly positive comments from customers, highlighting the strengths of the salon. These strengths can be summarized as follows:
1. Exceptional Service: Numerous comments mention Katie's talent and dedication in providing excellent service. Katie's attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to meet customers' requests are highly appreciated. Customers express their satisfaction with both the final results and the overall experience at the salon.
2. Wide Range of Services: Customers are pleased with the variety of services offered at Katie's Nails & Spa place. From nails to pedicures, waxing, and even facials, Katie's salon provides a comprehensive range of services to cater to different beauty needs. This diversity attracts customers who can have multiple treatments done in one place, saving them time and effort.
3. Attention to Trending Styles: Customers praise Katie's awareness of current trends and her ability to provide the latest styles and techniques. Customers specifically mention wanting "chrome nails" and Katie promptly acquiring the specific product for them. This shows that Katie is up to date with the latest industry trends and aims to meet her customers' demands.
4. Long-Term Customer Relationships: Several customers express their loyalty to Katie, with one mentioning being a customer for over five years. This reflects the strong relationships Katie is capable of building with her clients through her excellent service, professionalism, and friendly demeanor. Building long-term customer relationships is a testament to the trust and satisfaction clients have in the salon.
5. Clean and Inviting Environment: Multiple comments touch on the cleanliness and inviting atmosphere of Katie's salon. A clean environment is crucial for creating a pleasant experience for customers and ensuring their comfort and safety. The inviting atmosphere contributes to a positive overall experience and encourages customers to return.
6. Excellent Communication and Appointment Management: Customers appreciate Katie's quick and efficient communication, making it easy to schedule appointments. This is a significant strength as it demonstrates professionalism and creates a seamless booking process for customers. Prompt communication also indicates that Katie values her customers' time and strives to provide a convenient experience.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, some weaknesses or areas of improvement can be inferred:
1. Limited Criticisms: The lack of critical comments or mentions of weaknesses suggests that either the salon truly provides exceptional service, or customers may be less inclined to openly share negative experiences.
2. Limited Information on Pricing: While pricing is mentioned positively in a few comments, there is limited information on pricing transparency or affordability. Providing more details about pricing could be beneficial to potential customers who want to compare prices before making a decision.
3. Streamline Availability: While there is one comment mentioning Katie accommodating a customer on a holiday, it would be helpful to understand if this is a consistent practice. If Katie's Nails & Spa place does not have regular holiday hours or limited availability, it would be important for customers to know this in advance.
In conclusion, Katie's Nails & Spa place demonstrates several strengths, including exceptional service, a wide range of services, attention to trending styles, long-term customer relationships, a clean environment, and excellent communication and appointment management. Nonetheless, the lack of critical feedback and limited information on pricing and availability could be considered areas for improvement.

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Tuesday 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM
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