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Jung Mi Chang Hair Collection

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312 Thompson St # 1, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Jung Mi Chang Hair Collection

Jung Mi Chang Hair Collection is a salon that caters specifically to Asian hair, which is a strength in itself. Many customers express difficulty in finding hairdressers who are skilled in cutting and styling Asian hair, making Jung Mi Chang a go-to choice for many in the Ann Arbor area. The salon has built a reputation for being able to handle Asian hair and deliver satisfying results.
One of the strengths of Jung Mi Chang Hair Collection, as mentioned by multiple customers, is the friendliness and kindness of the owner, Jung Mi Chang. Customers appreciate her patience and welcoming demeanor, which helps create a comfortable environment for both regulars and newcomers. Customers mention feeling at ease during their haircuts, particularly when bringing in their children for their first haircut experience.
The skill and professionalism of Jung Mi Chang also receive consistent praise from customers. Many express satisfaction with the haircut results, describing them as amazing and personalized to their individual styles and preferences. Being able to personalize hairstyles based on each customer's specific needs is an important strength for a hairdresser, and it seems that Jung Mi Chang excels in this aspect.
Efficiency is another strength of Jung Mi Chang Hair Collection. Some customers mention that the owner can complete haircuts in a relatively short amount of time, around 20 minutes per customer. While this may be perceived as a weakness by some, particularly those who experienced uneven cuts or missed long pieces of hair, others appreciate the efficiency and quick service. This could be beneficial for customers who are short on time or prefer not to spend excessive amounts of time in a salon.
Additionally, customers praise the attention to detail that Jung Mi Chang displays in her work. She is said to strive for natural, realistic haircuts that make hair look good rather than simply replicating pictures found online. This attention to detail is appreciated by customers looking for a more personalized and authentic hairstyle.
Although most comments about Jung Mi Chang Hair Collection are positive, there are a few weak points mentioned by a small number of customers. One recurring issue is the possibility of scheduling difficulties due to the salon having just one hairdresser. Some customers mention the importance of making appointments in advance to ensure availability. While this is not a problem for everyone, it could be seen as a weakness for those who prefer more flexibility in scheduling their hair appointments.
In conclusion, Jung Mi Chang Hair Collection has several strengths that make it a popular choice for customers seeking haircuts for Asian hair in the Ann Arbor area. These strengths include the owner's friendliness, skill, attention to detail, and ability to create personalized hairstyles. The salon's efficiency is seen as an advantage by some, but may be perceived as a weakness by others who have experienced uneven cuts or missed pieces of hair. Additionally, scheduling difficulties due to having just one hairdresser could be a potential weakness for those seeking more flexible appointment options. Overall, the strengths of Jung Mi Chang Hair Collection outweigh the mentioned weaknesses, making it a reputable and popular salon choice.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

She seems like a nice person. And overall she did an okay job. But she is doing the haircut really fast (~20 mins per customer). After I arrived home, I realized my sides were not even. And there were long pieces of hair here and there.
Jung Mi Chang is very patient, friendly, and detailed about the haircut. She not only incorporated my style preferences but also professionally cut my hair in a realistic manner: to make my hair naturally look good rather than following beautiful model pictures online.
Go-to Asian haircut and please arrive on time for your appointment! ????
It's pretty hard to find people who are good at cutting Asian hair in Ann Arbor. I've been coming to Ms. Chang's since my freshman year at UMich after I heard about her from some friends. Besides being really skillful and efficient, she's extremely friendly and welcoming. I'm moving, but if I come back to Ann Arbor, will definitely visit her again!
I have tried several haircut shops near University of Michigan, and I found Jung Mi's is the best I can find.
Took my son here for his first haircut in America. He was a little nervous but soon at ease. Got a great cut from a caring lest. We will likely make the hour drive to get the next one.
Jung Mi Chang is very professional. I have only been getting a haircut from her for the last 7 months. As the only hairdresser, her schedule could be tight. So making an appointment beforehand would be the best option which is not a problem for me. Above all, I like how she always personalizes your hairstyle that fit best for you and make sure you leave with neat and fresh look.
The onwer is very kind and great. She remembers my hair style.I do not need to explain whenever I visit.
Highly skilled, amazing haircuts every time. She has lots of customers so text beforehand to make appointment.

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