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Jnk Beauty Supply

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101 S 25th St, Harrisburg, PA 17104 United States of America
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Most racist store I ever been too in my entire life I advise no people who even have a hint of color to visit hear
Michelle Mado hair braiding salon on 2125 herr st Harrisburg
I've gotten hair spray that didn't have the spray cap, I've gotten lipstick that didn't work; lipstick wouldn't come out. Don't like this store. I go to the one on 6th and McCray Streets. They are more friendly.
I would give this place zero stars if I could. When I visited, at 9:30AM on June 1st, I was rushing to meet a hair appointment that I was already late for and I chose to visit the closest beauty supply store to the location of my appointment (which just so happened to be Jnk Beauty Supply or should I say Junk beauty supply ™️) I rushed in, approached the store attendant at the cash register, intending to ask him to point me in the direction of pre-stretched hair, when I saw what I thought was a small bundle of prestretched hair. I was not paying attention to the price as I was in a franctic frenzy. Upon getting to the appointment, I realized, to my dismay, that I had gotten the wrong thing. Then I called to ask about their return policy. This call would later turn into a heated back and forth with me telling them I had gotten the wrong thing and them replying that they didn't care, I could not get refunded and could only get "store credit". I returned in person less than an hour later and attempted to return the unopened packs of hair I bought. They insisted that this was against policy and I was left with no other option but to agree to their "store credit" policy. I want my money back. This is plain stealing. I used the store credit to buy the prestretched hair I originally meant to buy. But I would like my money back. They are forcing me to keep coming back to that godforsaken place. I would like my money back. But if I cannot get my money back, then I can only warn others not to visit this wretched place. They are scammers.
The owners are very nice and their daughter is extremely helpful. I have called her whenever I know I'm coming to Hbg and she orders my favorite hard to find hair products. She doesn't add any ordering or shipping fees. My only complaint is that they don't always open on time.
The store has decent products here a lil expensive but ok, they sell more hair than anything. The owners/ workers are a lil rude when dealing with customers
The wig prices are awesome, they're so friendly, respectful and helpful. They answer the phone nicely, and they know about their products. I frequent there often and they're just ALWAYS a pleasure to deal with.
I must look like I steal because I was being watched and followed by one of the workers. He was trying to be sneaky about it but I knew exactly what he was doing.

Quick Facts About Jnk Beauty Supply

Jnk Beauty Supply has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the store. It is important to consider both aspects when evaluating the overall quality of the store.
Starting with the strengths, one commenter mentioned that the owners and their daughter are very nice and helpful. This reflects positively on the customer service provided by the store. Another commenter praised the store for their extensive knowledge about their products, responsiveness over the phone, and friendly and respectful attitude. This shows that the staff is well-informed and dedicated to assisting customers. Additionally, several comments acknowledge the store's wide variety of wig options and the appealing prices of their wigs. This indicates that the store caters well to customers looking for affordable wig options.
However, negative comments highlight several weaknesses of Jnk Beauty Supply. One major concern raised multiple times is the alleged racism and rudeness of the store's workers. A comment mentions that it is the "most racist store" the person has ever been to, warning people of color against visiting the store. Another comment states that the owners and workers are "a little rude when dealing with customers." These instances of poor customer service and alleged racism can deter customers and harm the store's reputation. Addressing these issues should be a priority for the store.
Another common complaint is the quality of the products sold at Jnk Beauty Supply. One commenter mentioned receiving defective items, such as hair spray without a spray cap and malfunctioning lipstick. These incidents of poor product quality can create a negative experience for customers and reduce their trust in the store. Additionally, a customer expressed disappointment with their return policy. The customer had bought the wrong product due to rushing, and despite wanting a refund, they were only offered store credit. This inflexible policy and the ensuing argument with the staff left the customer dissatisfied, feeling like they had been treated unfairly. Improving the return policy and allowing for more flexibility in exceptional cases could enhance customer satisfaction.
Some customers also mentioned issues with the store's timeliness. One comment pointed out that Jnk Beauty Supply doesn't always open on time. This lack of punctuality can be frustrating for customers who rely on the store's opening hours and may disrupt their plans. Ensuring consistent and timely opening hours can be beneficial for maintaining customer satisfaction.
Lastly, one comment mentioned a worker who appeared to be following them and watching them suspiciously. This type of behavior can make customers feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. It is essential for the store to address any behavior that can be perceived as discriminatory or invasive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all customers.
In conclusion, Jnk Beauty Supply possesses some strengths, such as helpful and knowledgeable staff, a wide variety of wig options, and competitive prices. However, there are notable weaknesses, including allegations of racism, poor customer service, issues with product quality and return policy, lack of punctuality, and concerns about employees' behavior. Addressing these weaknesses will be crucial in improving the store's overall quality and customer satisfaction.

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