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JD's Cafe

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Winnington Ave, Winnington, Northwich CW8 4NT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About JD's Cafe

JD's Cafe has several strengths that are highlighted in the comments provided. Firstly, the cafe is praised for its excellent, freshly made food. Customers appreciate the quality of the food and recognize it as value for money. The breakfast dishes are particularly mentioned as being delicious and the portions are described as generous.
Another strength of JD's Cafe is its ability to provide good-quality takeaway options. Customers appreciate the freshly cooked food and mention the brilliant pies and breakfast dishes that are available. The value for money is emphasized once again, indicating that customers feel they are getting their money's worth for the quality of the food.
The friendly staff is also mentioned as a strength of JD's Cafe. Commenters highlight the great service and friendly atmosphere created by the team. This contributes to the overall positive experience for customers and encourages them to return.
The cafe is described as a "fab little place," indicating that it has a unique and charming ambiance. This can be seen as a strength as it sets JD's Cafe apart from larger chain restaurants and creates a cozy atmosphere for customers.
However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer raises concerns about hygiene practices in the cafe. They observed staff members not washing hands, handling food without gloves or aprons, and even sticking fingers in the cheese. These observations indicate poor hygiene standards, which can be a major drawback for any food establishment.
Additionally, it is mentioned that JD's Cafe shares space with a larger bargain warehouse. While this may not necessarily be a weakness, it does highlight the fact that the cafe is not the main focus of the establishment. Some customers may find the coexistence with the warehouse confusing or distracting if they are specifically looking for a traditional cafe experience.
Another comment suggests that the online presence of JD's Cafe is lacking, as the full menu is not available online. This can be seen as a weakness in today's digital age, as customers often rely on online menus to make informed decisions about where to dine.
In summary, JD's Cafe has several strengths including excellent, freshly made food, good value for money, friendly staff, and a cozy atmosphere. However, there are also weaknesses such as concerns about hygiene standards, the coexistence with a bargain warehouse, and the lack of a comprehensive online menu.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Excellent, freshly made food. Really food value for money.
Brilliant breakfast absoultly delicious. Thankyou very much.x
For takeaways its fantastic. Good quality freshly cooked food. Brilliant pies and breakfast dishes. Great value for money. I must remember to take a photo, of the menu next time I'm in there. Then I will know what else is available because there is not a full menu on line. If I remember, I will add it to this site. They do great sandwiches and wraps plus lovely cakes for pud
really enjoyed a take away sunday dinner and apple pie and custard. generous portions, fresh vegetables, beautiful succulent slices of meat and to top it all real meaty juice gravy. wow wow wow, also had a cheese and onion pie which was equally fabulous. john and his team are very friendly lovely people, will definately be back. thanks to you all.
Great cafe Great friendly staff Great food perfect ????????
Real food at great value. While the cafe area is a little casual, the chef is brilliant. Best pies I know of, 4 of your 5 a day with a meal, and the lumps in my gravy were pieces of steak!
Fab little place.
Myself and colleague went in for 2 rounds of cheese and toast, 3 people were touching the cheese before being put on the bread, not one person had washed hands. No aprons or gloves worn, members of staff coming in and out of kitchen and not washing hands. To check was food was ready, employee stuck finger in the cheese, after seeing all this food went straight in the bin, hygiene zilch.
There is a café here but it shares the space with a much larger bargain warehouse. It was the warehouse I was visiting.
This has a range of household goods, toys and other items to be sold at low cost. And from what I saw, the prices are LOW! It's a bit out of the way but if you're after a bargain, this might be the place to find them.

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