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Indian Blues

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7 Corporation St, Chesterfield S41 7TP United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Indian Blues

Indian Blues place, as described by the comments, seems to have a mix of strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis, we will explore the positive and negative aspects in detail.
Starting with the strengths, one of the comments highlights that the food was full of flavor and had generous portion sizes. This suggests that Indian Blues place knows how to create flavorful dishes and cater to individuals who appreciate good value for money. The fact that the food arrived quickly after ordering and the waiters were nice and attentive also speaks positively about the level of service provided by the staff.
Another positive aspect mentioned is the extensive menu and the friendly and helpful staff. This suggests that Indian Blues place offers a wide variety of options for customers to choose from and that the staff is dedicated to providing a pleasant dining experience. The comment that the restaurant is "small enough for romance, large enough for a party" indicates that Indian Blues place can accommodate different occasions and group sizes, making it a versatile venue for customers.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses highlighted by the negative comments. One recurring issue is the tastelessness of the food. Multiple comments mention that the dishes lacked flavor and were overall disappointing in terms of taste. This is a significant weakness for any restaurant, especially one that specializes in Indian cuisine known for its bold and vibrant flavors.
Another weakness pointed out is the quality of certain dishes. For example, the comment mentions greasy and tasteless onion bhaji and dry garlic naan bread. This suggests that Indian Blues place may have inconsistencies in the preparation and execution of their dishes, leading to lower quality and lack of finesse. Additionally, the comment about the Peshawari naan only having coconut suggests a potential inconsistency in menu accuracy and the fulfillment of customers' expectations.
The price of beer is also criticized as being expensive, and the limited choice of beer options is mentioned as a negative aspect. This indicates that Indian Blues place may not offer competitive pricing and a wide variety of beverage options, which could be a drawback for customers looking for a complete dining experience.
Furthermore, there are reports of issues with order accuracy and customer service. One comment mentions that the food order was confused, although it was quickly fixed. However, another comment highlights that the customer had to run back to the restaurant as their order was incomplete. This suggests potential flaws in the restaurant's order management process and attention to detail.
Additionally, there is a significant complaint about the hygiene standards of Indian Blues place. The comment mentions hair cooked into a poppadom and a watered-down chicken tikka masala. This not only reflects poorly on the restaurant's cleanliness and food preparation practices but also on their response to customer complaints. The fact that the customer was called a liar suggests that Indian Blues place may not handle customer criticisms and concerns well, which can be detrimental to their reputation.
In conclusion, Indian Blues place has several strengths and weaknesses. While they are praised for their flavorful dishes, generous portions, extensive menu, and friendly staff, they also face criticism for tasteless food, low quality in certain dishes, expensive beer prices, limited beverage options, order inaccuracies, and hygiene issues. These weaknesses need to be addressed and improved upon in order for Indian Blues place to provide a consistently positive dining experience for their customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Tasteless. Literally every thing that went in my mouth was tasteless. The curry you can see in the picture was a lamb Ceylon and you can see how much water is sat there. It was hot with zero taste. I actually spat the onion bhaji out it was so greasy and tasteless. Visiting family so I hadn’t eaten here before.
I make my own British Indian restaurant style curries and this place is the reason I don’t eat curries from restaurants very often. Could make a better curry with my eyes closed.
Wonderful food! My dishes were full of flavour and big portions. The food arrived quickly after ordering and the waiters were nice and attentive.
Only customers in the place to start with at around 8 mid week. Food rather average, lacking some of the finesse which you might hope for. Beer is expensive ~£4 for a small bottle, almost no choice and 1664 on tap....????
Got the food order confused and fixed it almost too fast.
Peshawari naan only had coconut....
On the positive portion sizes were good.
The food is absolutely spot on. It's very tasty and the portion sizes are good too. It's my second but definitely not my last time here. Thank you for the delicious food.
Very Disappointing, the onion bhaji’s were dripping in oil, the garlic naan bread was was very thin & dry, the lamb jalfezi was tasty, what bit of lamb I found in it, about 5 bits was very tender, but the onions had been obviously separated into individual rings & just cut into bits,which were very tough. I love onions but couldn’t eat them. Spoiled the whole curry for me. + only selling bottled larger, which I don’t drink, at massively inflated prices finished it for me !!
A few years ago it was the best curry place in town. Not anymore !!!!
Will not be calling again anytime soon.
This is a gem of a restaurant, they have an extensive menu and staff are friendly and helpful, small enough for romance, large enough for a party ????
Ate here in December and the food was far better than my recent experience on the weekend. Won't be rushing back!
Used this place for around 15 year. My latest experience is my last. Firstly missed all pickle tray, but charged me. Had to run back in, still didn't get any salad although had 3 starter. Got home plated up start eating, then in a poppadoms have a black hair cooked into it. Then comes the chicken tikka massala. Think photo shows watered down!! Rang and complained got called a liar so pics are now on way to health and hygiene. Worst experience ever!

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