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Hong Kong Diner

+44 1237 477661
34 Nelson Rd, Westward Ho!, Bideford EX39 1LQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Got takeaway with friends while we were staying in the area. Decent range of options for vegetarians, and prices were very reasonable. I got mushroom chow mein and a side of mixed vegetables and my food probably came to about £9 at most, and it was enough for two meals. Food was tasty and decent quality and was ready about 10 mins after ordering (for 3 people). Can't comment on quality of meat dishes, but my friends went back again in the week so presumably they were happy with it.
Had a meal ordered for mother’s day. Food arrived within the hour, everything tasted fresh and had quality ingredients. The sweet and sour chicken balls were particularly delicious and the batter was crispy on all the orders not soggy or greasy.Generous portion sizes, reasonably priced. Delivery driver was lovely and a credit to you. I would really recommend it to anyone in the area.
Very nice food. The prawn crackers taste a bit different to ones we've had before (but in a good way!). Quite large portions which is never a bad thing.
Only thing to be aware of is on a Saturday we couldn't get a collection slot until 8.20 when we called at about 5.45, so if you're wanting to pickup at a more reasonable time, best of be on the phone when they open. Never had that before but must relate to how they're setup for cooking. Wasn't a problem though, as the food was very nice!
Overall food was good, spoke to us in depth regarding gluten free options which is a bonus. We ate all food. Didnt like the curry sauce as was more sweet then spicy but thats just my opinion
Great Chinese takeaway, always treat ourselves when in Westward Ho.
Can be busy at times so phone ahead of time.
Disappointed is a understatement. From the service to the food temperature to the quality of food. A lady who would rather look at her phone then serve in the resturant was the greeting received and when we got the food home (2 min drive away) it was luke warm. The portion sizes were a joke, such little food in each dish. And all dishes apart the seaweed were really bland and not very nice. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.
Order over 1hr 30 min late and chow mein like processed noodles, generally a poor experience.
Simply fresh great tasting , great value food .

Quick Facts About Hong Kong Diner

The Hong Kong Diner has several strengths as mentioned in the comments. Firstly, the restaurant offers a decent range of options for vegetarians. This is a positive aspect as it caters to a specific dietary preference and ensures that there are ample choices for vegetarians. Additionally, the prices at the Hong Kong Diner are said to be very reasonable. This is beneficial to customers as it allows them to enjoy a tasty meal at an affordable price. One customer mentions that they paid around £9 for their meal, which included enough food for two meals. This demonstrates that the portion sizes are generous for the price. The quality of the food is also described as decent and tasty, indicating that the restaurant maintains a good standard of food preparation. Overall, the Hong Kong Diner seems to provide good value for money and a satisfying dining experience.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the efficiency of the service. The food was ready in approximately 10 minutes after ordering, which is quite fast. This quick service can be appealing to customers who are looking for a convenient and timely meal, especially for takeaway orders. Additionally, one comment mentions that the delivery driver was lovely and provided a positive experience. This contributes to the overall customer satisfaction with the service.
Positive feedback is given about the quality of the ingredients used in the dishes. One customer mentions that the food tasted fresh and had quality ingredients. Specifically, the sweet and sour chicken balls were highlighted as being particularly delicious, with a crispy batter that was not soggy or greasy. This indicates that the restaurant pays attention to the quality of ingredients and ensures that they are cooked well.
The portion sizes at the Hong Kong Diner are described as quite large. This is seen as a positive aspect by customers because it means they are receiving a good amount of food for their money. Having larger portions can leave customers feeling satisfied and content with their choice.
One extra strength that is mentioned is the restaurant's willingness to accommodate dietary restrictions. Specifically, the staff were noted as being knowledgeable about gluten-free options and provided in-depth information regarding those choices. This attention to detail and consideration for customers with specific dietary needs can be seen as a positive attribute.
Despite these strengths, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer mentions that they had difficulty getting a collection slot at a more reasonable time on a Saturday. This may suggest that the restaurant has limited availability for collection orders during peak hours. Although it did not impact the customer negatively, it is still worth noting as a potential weakness for customers who want to pick up their orders at convenient times.
Another customer expresses disappointment with the service, food temperature, and food quality. They mention that the service was lacking, with a staff member being more interested in their phone than serving customers. Additionally, the food arrived lukewarm, indicating a potential issue with food handling or delivery. The portion sizes were also deemed unsatisfactory, and the overall taste of the dishes was described as bland. This negative feedback highlights specific areas where the restaurant may need to improve.
Another negative mention is the delay in order delivery, with a customer experiencing a wait of over 1 hour 30 minutes. This lengthy delay can be frustrating for customers, especially when they are hungry and expecting a timely delivery. Furthermore, one customer comments on the chow mein, describing it as processed noodles and expressing their disappointment with the overall experience.
In conclusion, the Hong Kong Diner has several strengths including a decent range of vegetarian options, reasonable prices, tasty and decent-quality food, quick service, generous portion sizes, and accommodation of dietary restrictions. However, there are weaknesses in terms of availability for collection slots, service quality, food temperature and quality, portion sizes, and delivery delays. These weaknesses suggest areas where the restaurant can improve to provide a better overall experience for its customers.

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