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Harperley Hall Plant Centre

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V7FG+F3X Hall Plant Centre, Harperley Ln, Harperley, Tantobie, Stanley DH9 9UB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Harperley Hall Plant Centre

Harperley Hall Plant Centre receives overwhelmingly positive comments, highlighting its strengths as a local family-run business with helpful and friendly staff. The plants are well looked after, there is a good variety available, and prices are reasonable. The coffee shop is noted for its lovely setting and the gift shop is also described as being good. Overall, visitors recommend a visit to Harperley Hall Plant Centre.
One of the strengths mentioned is the availability of unique plants, such as the Primula viallii ‘ALISON HOLLAND, a white flowered form discovered in a Northumberland garden and sold at the nursery. This suggests that the plant centre offers a diverse selection of plants, including ones that may be hard to find elsewhere.
The reasonable prices are also highlighted as a strength. While one visitor mentions that garden centres are generally not cheap, they still note that the food at Harperley Hall Plant Centre is good and the portions are generous. This suggests that the prices at the coffee shop are reasonable for the quality and quantity of food provided.
The setting of Harperley Hall Plant Centre is repeatedly described as lovely and tranquil. Visitors appreciate the outdoor seating area, suggesting that it adds to the overall ambiance and enjoyment of their visit. The calm setting is also mentioned as a positive aspect when having a cup of coffee or enjoying a meal.
The staff are consistently praised for being helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Visitors mention receiving advice on choosing plants, with one commenter particularly noting that a staff member took the time to remove incompatible plants from their trolley. The staff also provide informative advice on planting and feeding, without making visitors feel embarrassed or stupid for not knowing. These comments indicate that the staff at Harperley Hall Plant Centre are dedicated to customer satisfaction and are willing to go above and beyond to assist visitors.
The gift shop at the plant centre is described as good, with visitors appreciating the variety of items available. While specific details about the gift shop are not provided, its inclusion in the positive comments suggests that it is a valuable addition to the overall experience of visiting Harperley Hall Plant Centre.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are a few weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One visitor mentions that the tea pots are cheap, suggesting a lack of attention to detail in the choice of tea serving ware. Additionally, while one visitor notes that the food is good, they also mention that it is not cheap. This may suggest that some visitors find the prices at the coffee shop to be higher than expected.
In conclusion, Harperley Hall Plant Centre has numerous strengths, including its helpful and friendly staff, well-maintained plants, good variety, reasonable prices, lovely setting for the coffee shop, and a good gift shop. Visitors highly recommend a visit to Harperley Hall Plant Centre, highlighting the enjoyable experience they had and the overall positive impression of the establishment. Despite a couple of minor weaknesses mentioned, the overwhelmingly positive comments indicate that Harperley Hall Plant Centre is a highly regarded and recommended place to visit for plant enthusiasts and those looking for a relaxing experience.

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Little gem. We'll worth a visit. Local family run business, helpful friendly staff, plants well looked after, good variety, reasonable prices. Lovely setting for coffee shop and good gift shop. Recommended
A great nursery where I have bought plants of Primula viallii ‘ALISON HOLLAND, a white flowered form discovered in a Northumberland garden and sold here. It doesn’t come into leaf until the end of May and flowers in July.
I only live 5 mins away my first visit food was nice but like most of garden centres not cheap dont like cheap tea pots
As for food like I said good portions well cooked and place was clean
Lovely Cafe with great food, friendly staff and lovely views. All set in the grounds of a very well stocked garden center.
Had beautiful breakfast Monday....had takeaway peach melba (wow)...got my partner corned beef pie he loved it...lovely staff also...would recommend ... ????
This is a little treasure.
Coffee shop is fab - really lovely selection at very reasonable prices. The setting with outdoor seating is lovely too.
Plant nursery part is really good. We will definitely be back when ready to plant more stuff in the garden - nurseries are notorious for 'great if they have stuff you want' - this place had loads of stuff we actually would love in the garden
First time coming to Harperley Hall and defo won't be my last. Very helpful and knowledgeable lady advised best plants to buy, even taking some out of my trolley as they wouldn't be compatible with the others I'd bought. They advised what plants would do well with others, gave informative advice about planting and feeding without making me feel daft for not knowing. Prices are good and the surroundings are tranquil. Good parking. I highly recommend, Thanks!
Lovely calm setting to have a nice cup of coffee and a cheese scone with my special friend.
The garden centre and gift shop are a big bonus. I love it.

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