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Hair Studio One

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7525 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Hair Studio One

Hair Studio One place has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. The strengths of the salon can be summarized as follows:
1. Highly efficient stylists: Customers commend the stylists for their efficiency and ability to handle a large number of customers without compromising on quality. This indicates that they have a well-organized system and are skilled in managing their time effectively.
2. Consistent and high-quality haircuts: Numerous customers have expressed their satisfaction with the haircuts they have received at Hair Studio One place. Those who have been going to the salon for many years highlight the fact that they have always received great cuts. This shows that the salon is consistent in delivering good results.
3. Friendly and welcoming staff: Customers appreciate the friendly and pleasant demeanor of the staff members at Hair Studio One place. The positive attitude and good customer service contribute to creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for clients.
4. Variety of services offered: Hair Studio One place offers a range of services, including haircuts, waxing, and eyebrow shaping. This allows customers to conveniently get multiple services done in one place and saves them time from going to different establishments.
5. Reasonable prices: Many customers mention that the prices at Hair Studio One place are very reasonable. With a men's cut costing as low as $14 and kids' bang cuts priced at $5, customers feel that they are receiving good value for their money.
6. Quick service: Several customers mention that they experienced minimal waiting times, even as walk-ins, indicating that the salon is efficient in managing appointments and ensuring that customers are attended to promptly.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are a few potential weaknesses that can be identified:
1. Limited range of services: While Hair Studio One place offers a decent range of services, it may not meet the needs of customers who have more complex or specific requirements. For example, customers seeking elaborate hair treatments or specialized styling options may need to look elsewhere.
2. Lack of hairstylist diversity: While there is positive feedback about certain stylists, specifically Jenny, it is unclear whether there are other stylists with similar skill levels. It is possible that the salon relies heavily on a few talented individuals, which could pose a risk if those stylists were to leave.
3. Limited customer feedback: Although the comments provided are generally positive, the number of comments available for analysis is relatively small. This makes it difficult to fully assess the consistency and reliability of the salon in meeting customer expectations.
4. Lack of information on hair products: While some customers appreciate that the staff does not push hair products on them, others may prefer to receive recommendations or have access to a range of products. The absence of such services may be a drawback for customers who value haircare products.
Overall, Hair Studio One place demonstrates several strengths, including efficient stylists, consistent and high-quality haircuts, a friendly staff, reasonable prices, and quick service. However, the salon may benefit from diversifying its services, gathering more customer feedback, ensuring stylist diversity, and considering offering a range of hair products.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Been here twice so far, each time I've been impressed with the stylists and how efficient they are with their customers. Haven't gotten anything more complicated than a trim to my waist length hair and some longer bangs, but all the same I'll keep coming back. Thanks for keeping my hair nice and tidy!
I love this place. I usually get a cut from Jenny, she always does a good job and is pretty fast. I've never had a long wait for a cut though I've ņever made an appointment beforehand.
Been going here for 15+ years now, great cut everytime, fast and hardly ever a wait !
Lady's there always nice... only place I go to get eyebrows waxed & hair cut...
Jenny was great. Very friendly, clean inside, cut my hair well, was scared to go to short so tried a size up before she went one lower.
$14 for men's cut.
I always get a great haircut from Jenny, with wash and style. They also do waxing if that's your thing. Prices are very reasonable. Kids' bang cuts are $5!
Ten dollars for men's cut and walk-ins welcome. Not a bad deal, the stylist knew what I wanted with very little info from me and was really fast. Shampoo and cut in fifteen minutes. And they don't waist time trying to sell you their hair products. That was nice.
I've been going here for about 15 years and have never had a bad cut!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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