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Glamour Nails - Green Bay Nail Care Salon and Pedi Spa

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2280-300 E Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54302 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Glamour Nails - Green Bay Nail Care Salon and Pedi Spa

1. Friendly and nice staff: One reviewer mentioned that the staff at Glamour Nails - Green Bay Nail Care Salon and Pedi Spa were very nice and friendly. This positive customer service can contribute to a pleasant salon experience.
2. Skillful nail technician: One customer expressed satisfaction with the way their nails were done on their first visit. They mentioned that the technician did a great job and delivered nails that were perfect and exactly what they asked for.
3. Good company and conversation: Another positive comment mentioned that the nail technician named Carrie provided great company and was a pleasure to talk to. This indicates that the staff at Glamour Nails can create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for customers.
1. Poor quality of gel nail polish: Multiple reviewers complained about the durability and chipping issues with their gel polish. Some customers mentioned that their gel polish started to peel within a short period of time, which indicates a lack of quality in the products or application technique.
2. Rushed service: Several comments pointed out that the technicians at Glamour Nails seemed to rush through the services. Customers felt that their nails were done quickly, resulting in poor quality, crooked shapes, and amateu-looking finishes. This suggests that the salon might prioritize speed over attention to detail and precision.
3. Inconsistent experience: Some customers had mixed experiences at Glamour Nails. One reviewer mentioned that their first visit was satisfactory, while their second visit resulted in poorly done nails. Inconsistency in service delivery can create uncertainty and make customers hesitant to return.
4. Lack of responsibility and professionalism: A customer had an issue with their previous nail appointment and left a negative review. However, when they returned for another appointment, the salon's manager demanded that they remove the negative post before receiving their services. This lack of professionalism and attempt to manipulate the customer's feedback is a clear weakness of the salon.
5. Unpleasant odor: One reviewer mentioned that the salon had a nauseating smell, which could create discomfort for customers during their visit. Unpleasant odors can negatively impact the overall salon experience and deter potential customers.
6. Pricing and overcharging: A customer mentioned that they were overcharged and felt that the workers could have been more respectful. This suggests a lack of transparency and fair pricing practices, which can lead to customers feeling taken advantage of and dissatisfied with their experience.
In conclusion, Glamour Nails - Green Bay Nail Care Salon and Pedi Spa has strengths in terms of friendly staff and skillful nail technicians. However, there are significant weaknesses in the quality of gel polish, rushed services, inconsistency, lack of responsibility, unpleasant odor, and pricing issues. These weaknesses can impact the overall customer satisfaction and may deter potential customers from choosing this salon.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

My gel nail polish had issues from the start. The lady rushed. They chipped within 2 days. I had them redone by her 5 days later and she used the nail sander to take the old gel polish off...not acetone. I am sure she took off some natural nail. I have had the new gel polish for only 10 days and they are already peeling. I went 2 months before with a different lady and those lasted over 2 weeks. Also, when I was getting them redone, she was acting like it was my fault. I guess I will stick to doing my own nails.
So I had an UNBELIEVABLE experience today - Lisa, the Manager, stopped me at the door and demanded I take down my negative post from two weeks ago before I could have my appointment services completed today! I told her it was an honest review about “her” but she thought it affected other employees.
Now that my services are completed, I want the public to know what happened to me so you can make your own choices.
2 weeks ago I called the salon after my $100+ gel mani/pedi was totally discoloring and chipping horribly after 5 days. It was the same color so I thought perhaps it was a defective product. Lisa told me to come in. After driving 45 minutes to the salon thinking someone would re-do them, she told me I would have to come back because my tech was on vacation. I reminded her she had just told me to come in to the salon and I had driven 45 minutes! She said a lot of people drive that distance to come here. She said no one would re-do my toes and nails because they all work on commission and no one would do it for free!!!! I told her I couldn’t go to my weekend events with my toes and nails looking like this. She said she wouldn’t do anything. I asked her to have the Manager call me which of course, she never did.
I left very upset so I went to see my 13 year old grand-daughter whom I knew had a little gel kit - she re/did my nails for me because I couldn’t afford to pay another $100+ just 5 days later!!
Lisa is a Terrible Manager who doesn’t care about her employee’s customers! Unfortunately because of Lisa, my tech and his family are affected because I would NEVER go back there.
They did my nails to thick and they did it in a rush. I had to redeem them on myself bc the painting of gel was completely done wrong and horrible. I had to by my own machine so Incan take them off. Horrible never going there again.
Horribly done nails. Paid $55 for the nail set and they are all bumpy and not coffin shape at all, cut my nail while removing my previous set, they already feel like they are going to fall off 2 hours after getting them done. Never again
I've been to this salon twice. The first time I was so pleased with the way my nails were done. They were perfect and everything I asked for and the staff is very nice and friendly. That was around May 2021. The last time I went was 10/1/21 and they were my nails for my wedding. I asked for squoval nail shape. I received oval. Which is fine because they were more dramatic and I've had them before and I did not mind. First, the lady was very quick but as soon as she said she was finished I had her add more glitter to the tips because I could see through the glitter. After further looking at my nails I had noticed the acrylic was all over my skin on the sides and they were not smooth. Also, more than half of my nails were crooked and looked like when my 11 year old cousin would do them. This was on Friday and by Sunday/Monday my nails were already peeling and falling off. My friend was there with me and her nail tech did an amazing job with her nails. However, she was sitting in the pedicure chair for about an hour while her nail tech had taken someone else to do her acrylic nails before attending to hers.
I had not been to this nail salon for quite some time, but decided to stop on a whim today to treat myself to a pedicure. I am SO glad that I did! My techs name was Carrie and I could not have been more pleased! She was friendly, great company to talk to, super careful, patient, and made sure that I was getting exactly what I wanted. I am super happy and will definitely be back again!
This is the second time where they did my nails horrible. I shouldn’t have came back here again that was my own fault. But the polish looks poorly done and the lady did the shape horrible. My regular nails looked better than this. Literally looks like a 5 year old did my nails. She was also trying to over charge me. The workers there also could’ve been a lot more respectful and nice.
The smell is nauseating in the salon. I was there for about two hours before I could get my nails done. I wanted dip nails and got talked into doing gel for the first time. I chose colors and was never told the polish I chose doesn't work for gel nails. After for a caused saying I refused to change my colors to work with gel nails. I got them done September 1st. Sept 3rd the polish is peeling off already. The design doesn't look anywhere near what I wanted. It looks like a child drew it. When I complained about the gray being too light I was told she already put the setting polish o and there was nothing she could do. I was told I could get them re done, but I live am hour and a half away. They won't do anything more then that. No refunds. The white isn't even at all on my nails. It's all lumpy and my nails are different shapes. When I messaged their Facebook page I asked if she would pay 70 dollars for this and she ignored it. When I told her she ignored me she got super rude to me and said she would have charged me more for the nails. I should add my daughter got a pefi ure as well and the polish was layered good at all

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