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1517 N State St, Greenfield, IN 46140 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails place has a range of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to consider both the positive and negative experiences of customers to form a comprehensive understanding of the salon.
Starting with the strengths, several customers expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the service they received. One comment mentions that it was the best pedicure they have ever had and that their feet and legs felt amazing afterward. Similarly, another customer praises the outstanding work done on their nails, indicating that they found their new favorite nail salon. These positive reviews suggest that Galaxy Nails place has skilled technicians who are capable of delivering exceptional results. Additionally, one customer mentions that Ann, the owner, is amazing at doing nails and toes, particularly excelling at white tip acrylics. This indicates that the salon has at least one highly skilled and talented technician.
The kindness and understanding of the staff is another strength mentioned by multiple customers. They appreciate the friendly and accommodating nature of the technicians, indicating good customer service. This positive atmosphere can contribute to a pleasant experience for customers and increase their satisfaction with the salon.
Furthermore, the attentiveness to detail is highlighted by a customer who received a thorough gel fill. The technician took their time and was focused on ensuring a perfect result. This attention to detail is commendable and demonstrates a commitment to providing high-quality service.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses that need to be addressed. One of the major issues is the breakdown in communication, resulting in a customer only receiving one service instead of the intended two. This shows a lack of organization and clarity within the salon. Another customer had a negative experience where the technician stabbed them with the snippers, indicating the potential for safety issues at Galaxy Nails place.
There were also instances of mistakes being made, such as bringing the wrong color or leaving streaked polish and unpainted sides of a nail. These errors suggest a lack of attention to detail or proper training among some of the technicians. Additionally, there were complaints about the lack of cleanliness and clutter within the salon, as well as non-sterilized tools. This raises concerns about hygiene standards and could be off-putting for some customers.
Several customers mentioned negative experiences with the husband of the owners, including an incident where the customer requested a fix for an error and was met with anger and eventually told not to come back. This indicates poor customer service and an unethical attitude from the salon.
To sum up, Galaxy Nails place has strengths in terms of providing exceptional results, kindness, and attentiveness to detail. However, there are weaknesses that include breakdown in communication, mistakes made during services, cleanliness issues, and poor customer service experiences. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and improve upon them to ensure customer satisfaction and a positive reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Hands down the best pedicure I’ve ever gotten!! The guy went all out and now my feet and legs feel AMAZING
This is now my FAVORITE place in town
They are kind and understanding. And do outstanding work. I love my nails! I found my new favorite nail salon to get my nails done.
Oh my goodness. My pedicure is beautiful. I haven't had a pedicure so clean & precise in forever. This couple was very good at their skill.
> I wanted to procure 2 services, however there was a breakdown in communication and was only able to obtain 1
> The man stabbed me 2 times with the snippers
> The woman brought the wrong color
> The man had attitude when requesting a change in color by tossing the polish and angrily shoving it in the box
> He told me to go and pick another color, I slipped on the water he splashed on the floor
> After scraping my feet, he rinsed the tool and dead skin in the water my feet occupied
> A considerable amount of dried lotion was left on the back of both of legs
> During the service, I noticed in the corner what appeared to be some sort of worship idol with fruit (oranges), Christmas bulbs (red) and multiple cords dangling down
> It appeared to be Maury Povich on the TV
> There was a considerable amount of Hollywood gossip magazines
> My polish was streaked and sides of nail not painted
> I won't attempt to list the clutter and non-sterilization I noticed
> He was not cordial
> To top it all off, the chimes hanging on the door, as I opened to leave, swung back and smacked me in the head!
I had the very best gel fill ever here!!!! Brian took off my old color and was friendly and entertaining with some trivia stuff about brains and muscles!!!LOL... nice young man. The gentleman that did my nails did not rush - he was so attentive to detail. I’m serious these nails are perfect! This is my first time sharing a review anywhere and felt I owed it to them!!!
Ann is amazing at doing nails and toes. i have been coming to see her for 7 years. I’m OBSESSED with the way she does my white tip acrylics. I like them VERY short and A LOT of white on the tip. Ann does them PERFECT every single time. i have never been disappointed. I’ve tried to get my white tips at other places before in the instance that Ann is busy and i’ve always been disappointed. some other salons refuse to do a lot of white on the tip because they think it looks ugly. but i love a lot of white. so Ann is the ONLY person who can get my white tips right every time. she has also given me several pedicures and she does an amazing job. The other employees also do a fabulous job. Ann is the owner and sits at the very first chair when you walk in. you can always request her if she’s not busy!
Had my nails done for prom a little bit over a week ago and they looked okay, but the guy didn’t go all the way to cuticle and I’ve already lost three nails. For the amount I paid, I wanted them to at least last two weeks fill I could get my fill at my usual place, T.E.N Nails in Greenwood. So don’t waste your time or money and just go there!!!!
Both the owners choose not to hire any other workers and are not ethical people. I was tipping 30-40 % to the husband but when he made errors and I asked him to fix the errors he was very upset and told me they didn't want me back. I know this, bad news spreads faster than good news. I will never be back. Ever.

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