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Furama Nails

+1 480-696-3167
2100 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Furama Nails

1. Clean and organized: The first comment mentions that Furama Nails is a very clean place with a quiet atmosphere. The fact that they are well-organized helps them attend to all their clients with appointments without making them wait for a long time. This indicates that the salon takes cleanliness and efficiency seriously.
2. Skilled and passionate staff: The first comment also mentions that the staff at Furama Nails work with passion. This indicates that they are dedicated to providing their clients with excellent services. Another comment mentions Lynn exceeding expectations, suggesting that the staff members are skilled and capable of delivering high-quality nail services.
3. Ability to accommodate last-minute appointments: One comment mentions that the salon was able to accommodate a last-minute pedicure appointment for two people on Presidents Day. This flexibility in scheduling and willingness to fit in clients, even on busy days, can be considered a strength.
4. Great job on pedicures and massages: The comment regarding the pedicures and massages highlights the expertise of the staff in these particular services. The fact that the clients had a great experience with these treatments shows that Furama Nails excels in providing relaxation and comfort to their customers.
5. Attention to detail: One comment mentions that the level of detail and care provided at Furama Nails was a fantastic bonus. This suggests that the salon pays attention to small details and ensures that their clients receive meticulous and personalized services.
6. Positive customer experiences: Multiple comments express satisfaction with the salon, recommending it to others and praising specific nail technicians. These positive customer experiences indicate that Furama Nails has a track record of delivering satisfactory services.
7. Friendly and accommodating service: Comments mention that the staff members at Furama Nails are friendly and accommodating. One comment describes how they treated a young girl like a princess, emphasizing the salon's ability to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all customers.
1. Communication issues: One negative comment highlights communication issues during a nail appointment. The customer felt that the nail technician did not understand their request and made mistakes during the service. This suggests a weakness in effective communication between staff and clients.
2. Inconsistent results: The same negative comment mentions that the customer was disappointed with the outcome of their nails after the service. The uneven shaping and thinning of the nails indicate a lack of consistency in the quality of services provided.
3. Lack of skill in certain services: Another comment mentions a negative experience with gel dip nails. The customer felt that the technician did not have the necessary skills and made mistakes during the service. This indicates a weakness in the salon's ability to consistently deliver certain types of nail treatments.
4. Breakage of nails: The negative comment also mentions that one of the customer's nails broke during the service. This suggests a weakness in nail care techniques or possible mishandling of the customer's nails during the appointment.
In conclusion, Furama Nails has several strengths such as a clean and organized environment, skilled and passionate staff, the ability to accommodate last-minute appointments, expertise in pedicures and massages, attention to detail, positive customer experiences, and friendly service. However, there are also weaknesses in terms of communication issues, inconsistent results, a lack of skill in certain services, and incidents of nail breakage. Overall, it is important for Furama Nails to address these weaknesses and continue building on their strengths to ensure that they provide consistently high-quality services to their clients.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love this place!! Very clean the atmosphere is quite and the best part is they very organized to attend all the clients with appt.
They don't make the clients with for a long time.
I know all the ladies and the gentleman working with passion.
My favorite girl is Queen she is the best to me, I was visited many many places and no body is been doing the best pedicure to me like Queen.
I really recommend this place.
I called for a last minute pedicure for 2 & full set of acrylics on Presidents Day and they were able to get us in. The pedicures were amazing & they did a great job on the massages too. They have 4 different levels and we each got a slightly different one ( I don't recall the name but he got level 2 & I did level 3 which included paraffin wax). Great conversation & cozy atmosphere even while being masked up!
I came in with an idea for my nails and Lynn exceeded my expectations especially after looking at the previously posted nails. If you are sceptical....give this place a chance. You won't be disappointed!
Most relaxing pedi I've had in a long time. Good job on my ingrown nails.
The level of detail and care was a fantastic bonus to trying out this nail salon. They have a regular customer now! Quality over quickness is how a salon should feel!
I love Vinn, she is the best!
Thank you from Beauty Elements Med SPA ????
Literally the worst experience. I had gel dip previously and I just wanted it shaved off and do a gel polish. The guy continues to think I have acrylics on and repeated to him that those are my real nails. He starts shaving the top off and then he starts cutting an I’m like woah why are you cutting. He said to get to your real nail. And I tell him these are my real nails for the 3rd time. So I’m a little annoyed at that point and he starts “shaping” my nail. One side is pointy and the other side is rounded so I get a little irritated and tell him if he can just do clear coat. Before he does so my nails are pretty thin and one brakes so I’m just like okay whatever just cut it. He does so and finishes up with my clear coat and I look at my nails afterwards and am so disappointed that I let myself walk out like that. Probably won’t be returning unfortunately. they were really nice and friendly but communication was lost somewhere. The picture is my two nails he started cutting and I was like woah hold up. Then the index finger is the one that was so thin it broke and left my (REAL NAIL) middle finger and thumb as is.
Just came here with my young daughter and the service was amazing! Our nails look flawless and they were so friendly and treated my daughter like a little princess. The place was clean and the pricing was great. We will definitely be back here and let my friends know about them!
The girl that did my nails, Quynh, was wonderful and took her time. Gel Dip turned out awesome!!! Got in right away.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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