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Forever Beauty Supply

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1701 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, North Chicago, IL 60064 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


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Human Hair Wig Sale‼️
45% - 50% OFF
Bellatique 100% Virgin Brazilian Remy❗️
- 19+ different styles ❗️
- Limited Stock❗️
- Length ranges | 18in - 30in |
Stop by today, before your fav wig style goes home with your bsf or neighbor ????✌????.
but remember no try ons❗️
Everything must go‼️
They have a great variety of hair and hair products, store employees are always kind and very helpful. Very friendly and upbeat staff. they also Have a nice rewards system that comes in handy when making purchases.
They are so rude , I promise they don't care for people of color
The people that work at forever beauty it's very helpful friendly considerate patient and funny I recommend anybody to go to forever beauty
Good customer service and a large variety of hair and hair care products
They are rude and very disrespectful. They have the absolute worse customer service.
Too much stuff in such small space. Not for a person who is claustrophobic. Coming into store is a safety hazard with cardboard and cloth on the floor. Understood that it was wet outside, but there are mats that can be used.
The gentle man who I believe to be the owner is rude and disrespectful. All of those products are extremely over priced. The owner ruined a $50 sale over $0.50. I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN EVER.
I shop at this place all the time and never had an issue until today. I went with my mother for hair dye. Got into the store and she decided she wanted a wig as well. First issue came when he stated that my mother would have to pay $.50 for the wig cap or buy the wig. I have never been charged for a wig cap at this place or any other hair store across the U.S. But its $.50 cent whatever we planned on buying a wig anyway. But then after my mom tried on 2 wigs he stated she can only try on three. Again I have never had a limit on wig try ons at this store or any other store. Well the first two were ugly and my mom didn't think she could pick another in one try so we said forget it. The gentleman then preceded to demand the $.50 by stating with an attitude "Give me $.50". My mom they asked if she could add it to her bill when she's done shopping because she only had a card. He need aggressively walks pass up telling us "we pay now" and ushers us to the front of the store to pay for the stocking cap. After giving them a piece of my mind I let him have his 50 cent and left the store.
I need my fellow African Americans to support each other and not deal with these stores that disrespectful us even though we make their money. I hope that 50 cent was worth it because that will be the last 50 cent this store will ever receive for me. Went to Sally's and the hair die was half the price.

Quick Facts About Forever Beauty Supply

Forever Beauty Supply place, based on the comments, has both strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, the store offers a great variety of hair and hair products, which is appreciated by customers. The store employees are described as kind, helpful, friendly, considerate, patient, and funny. This indicates that the staff provides good customer service and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the store has a rewards system, which is a positive feature as it can benefit customers when making purchases.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one major drawback mentioned by multiple commenters is the rude and disrespectful behavior of the store staff. This negative customer service experience can greatly impact the reputation of the store and deter customers from making repeat visits or recommending the store to others. The owner is specifically called out for being rude and disrespectful, which casts a negative light on the management of the store as well.
Another weakness highlighted is the small space and overcrowding of products. This makes the store uncomfortable for individuals who are claustrophobic, and the presence of cardboard and cloth on the floor creates a safety hazard. A well-organized and spacious store is an important aspect for customers to have a pleasant shopping experience.
Additionally, the pricing of products is mentioned as a weakness. One customer states that the products are overpriced, and another mentions finding a hair dye at a lower price in a different store. Price competitiveness is crucial for a beauty supply store to attract and retain customers, and if customers feel that the prices are too high, they may choose to shop elsewhere.
Furthermore, a specific incident is described where the store charged $0.50 for a wig cap, which the customer found unusual as they had never been charged for one before. Additionally, there was a limit placed on the number of wig try-ons, which was also seen as inconvenient and unusual by the customer. This can be perceived as poor customer service and may leave a negative impression on customers.
Lastly, there is a comment that suggests a lack of care or respect for people of color. It is important for a beauty supply store to cater to the diverse needs of its customers and ensure that everyone feels respected and valued.
In conclusion, Forever Beauty Supply place has strengths such as a variety of products, helpful staff, and a rewards system. However, it also has weaknesses including rude and disrespectful customer service, overcrowding of products, higher prices, unusual charges for certain items, and potential lack of inclusivity. These weaknesses can significantly impact the overall customer experience and may lead to dissatisfaction and loss of business. Therefore, the store should focus on addressing these weaknesses and improving in areas where they fall short to maintain and attract a loyal customer base.

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