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Fly Fadez Barbershop

+1 863-937-3211
3117 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33805 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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A simple, quick, clean and enjoyable place! All I did was schedule an appointment over the phone, got there at said time and place, showed the style I wanted, and the barber replicated it perfectly! 10/10, recommended to anyone who needs a $25 style!
Very clean and professional. Great modern looking barbershop. Owner and staff are there to keep customers satisfied. I would highly recommend
I had a guy who didn't even know how to cut hair give me a hair cut I asked for a trim at the top and a mid taper and bear shape and trim and he had me in the chair for a full hour barely cutting my hair just clueless. Do not recommend this place I left and didnt let him finish my hair cut and the staff is very rude as they were laughing when they saw the barber mess up my hair. Will definitely not be returning here and dont recommend it either to anyone.
Went in signed in the book and sat down. No one acknowledges you and as you wait people walk in straight to a chair. I asked one barber what’s the book for and told him I signed in. He went to the back and got some guy to cut my hair that clearly didn’t want to do it and it showed in my cut. Never again coming back.
Epic barbershop all barbers here are on their a game, this is one stop you won’t regret
Best shop in Lakeland hands down. Berto is a master with the clippers. See y'all soon ATL.
Been coming here since they open always a great experience and timely service in and out
Jean came through for me. Fixed my hair. Thanks bro! See you in a few weeks.

Quick Facts About Fly Fadez Barbershop

1. Quick and efficient service: Many customers appreciate the speed and efficiency of the barbers at Fly Fadez Barbershop. They mention that the entire process, from scheduling an appointment to getting the desired style, is simple and quick.
2. Clean and professional atmosphere: Customers consistently comment on the cleanliness and professionalism of the barbershop. The modern and well-maintained appearance of the shop contributes to a positive experience for customers.
3. Skilled barbers: Several customers express their satisfaction with the barbers' ability to replicate the desired haircuts perfectly. They mention receiving great results and are impressed with the skills of the barbers, especially Berto and Jean.
4. Timely service: Many customers appreciate the timely service provided by Fly Fadez Barbershop. They mention being able to get in and out of the barbershop quickly, without having to wait for extended periods.
5. Positive customer experiences: A significant number of customers express their satisfaction with their overall experience at Fly Fadez Barbershop. They mention enjoying their time at the shop and appreciate the efforts made by the owner and staff to keep customers satisfied.
1. Inconsistent quality: One customer had a negative experience with a barber who lacked skills and seemed clueless. The customer claims that the barber took an excessive amount of time to complete a simple haircut and left the customer dissatisfied. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the quality of service provided.
2. Lack of acknowledgment and communication: A customer complained about not being acknowledged and feeling ignored while waiting for their turn. They also mentioned that there was confusion regarding the purpose of the sign-in book, indicating a lack of effective communication.
3. Rude staff: One customer had a negative encounter with the staff, claiming that they laughed when seeing the barber's mistake with their hair. This suggests unprofessional behavior and poor customer service.
4. Disappointing haircut: Another customer mentioned receiving a subpar haircut from a barber who didn't seem interested in doing a good job. This highlights the possibility of receiving below-standard haircuts from certain barbers at the shop.
5. Lack of customer service: Some customers felt that the customer service at Fly Fadez Barbershop was lacking. They mention feeling unwelcome and not receiving the level of service they expected.
In conclusion, Fly Fadez Barbershop has several strengths, such as quick and efficient service, a clean and professional atmosphere, skilled barbers, timely service, and positive overall customer experiences. However, there are weaknesses to consider, including inconsistent quality, lack of acknowledgment and communication, rude staff, disappointing haircuts, and a perceived lack of customer service. It is important to take into account both the positive and negative experiences of customers when evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of Fly Fadez Barbershop.

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