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Fig's Barber Shop

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9820 W Lower Buckeye Rd Suite D-105, Tolleson, AZ 85353 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Fig's Barber Shop

Fig's Barber Shop has several strengths that are highlighted in the positive comments. Firstly, many customers appreciate the cleanliness of the shop. The comment states that the shop is "nice and clean," which shows that Fig's Barber Shop takes hygiene seriously. This cleanliness creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for customers.
Secondly, the professional skills of the barbers are praised in multiple comments. Customers describe the haircuts as "on point" and highlight the expertise of the barbers. This suggests that the barbers at Fig's Barber Shop are highly skilled and capable of delivering quality haircuts. The comment "Any one of these guys will hook you up nicely" further emphasizes the talent of the barbers.
Additionally, Fig's Barber Shop is commended for being welcoming to customers. The comment states that the shop has "professional barbers" and is "very welcoming when you walk in." This indicates that the staff at Fig's Barber Shop prioritizes creating a friendly and inclusive environment for customers. This welcoming atmosphere can contribute to a positive overall experience for customers.
Furthermore, the positive comments emphasize the efficiency and speed of service at Fig's Barber Shop. One customer mentions that they were the first walk-in and did not have to wait. Another comment mentions that the shop is "worth the wait" and advises customers to add their names to the waitlist. This suggests that while there may be waiting times, the barbers work efficiently to minimize customer waiting and ensure a smooth experience.
In terms of weaknesses, some negative comments highlight issues with customer service and wait times. One customer expressed frustration at waiting for two hours while others who arrived later received their haircuts sooner. This indicates a lack of consistency and fairness in the scheduling or appointment system. Another negative comment mentions that appointments are no longer accepted, which can be inconvenient for customers who prefer to have a set time for their haircut.
Another weakness mentioned is the departure of certain barbers, leading to a decline in service quality. One comment states that since the barbers from the past left, the service has become terrible. This suggests that Fig's Barber Shop may have experienced a loss of experienced or skilled barbers, potentially impacting the overall quality of the haircuts and customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, Fig's Barber Shop has several strengths such as cleanliness, skilled barbers, a welcoming atmosphere, and efficient service. However, weaknesses include inconsistent service quality and wait times, as well as the lack of appointment options. Addressing these weaknesses could further improve the overall customer experience at Fig's Barber Shop.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Unless your family or a friend you don't get the homie hook up. I waited 2 hours to get my boys haircuts. While we waited several individuals show up after we did. Wait 10 minutes and they get their haircut. I was told they don't do appointments anymore. I'm done with this place. Terrible service since they let barbers from the past go. The only barber that is good here is Christian.
I'm not sure why this place has so many negative reviews. We are early risers and usually roll in just after open. This place was open ready to work. We walked in and my son hopped right up in the chair. They gave him a great cut. Just a couple pieces of advise I could give them is to stock the nice water refrigerator that was empty and have some kind of uniform, it adds a certain professional look. They have a killer logo that would look good on a polo.
In my opinion figs barber shop is the BEST barber shop in my area I highly recommend. my friend jadon recommended to go to jose and I am highly pleased please show respect because after all they are making you look really clean and good. :)
Nice clean shop, professional barbers and very welcoming when you walk in. Definitely would be bringing my boys back here.
Ac and Eric cuts are on point at the best place in town...figs barbershop is the place to be...cone see them for a clean cut ...smooth fade ...and the best line up on beards....they are no joke..l found a new home for the weekly clean up ....plagiarism
My husband came in after he got a terrible cut at Sports Clips. He was the first walk in, so no wait. He loved the experience and the cut, said the guy really took care of him, and he absolutely fixed his hair! You're his favorite shop now, he'll be back :) TY!
The cleanest barber around. Not only will Any one of these guys will hook you up nicely but the shop is super clean and nicely set up. One of the few shops that's actually worth the wait. Make sure you add your name to the wait list so you don't miss your spot.
Great barber shop. The haircuts are on point! All barbers are experts. I have searched for a place like this. Will definitely come back.

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Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Gender-neutral restroom
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