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Quick Facts About Fashion Nail Spa

Fashion Nail Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to analyze these factors in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the salon.
Starting with the strengths, one comment mentions that the salon is clean and provides a nice environment for getting nails done. This indicates that Fashion Nail Spa prioritizes cleanliness and creates a pleasant atmosphere for its customers. Additionally, the comment highlights that the salon accepts walk-ins, which can be convenient for those who prefer spontaneity or have busy schedules. Furthermore, the salon seems to have at least one talented nail technician named Michael, as a customer claims to have been consistently satisfied with his work.
However, the comments also reveal several weaknesses of Fashion Nail Spa. Multiple customers complained about the poor customer service they experienced. From being yelled at upon entering the salon to being rushed through appointments and treated rudely, these incidents suggest a lack of professionalism and courtesy from the salon staff. This can greatly affect the overall experience and satisfaction of customers.
Another weakness mentioned is the limited selection of nail colors available. Customers reported that there were only a few colors to choose from, which can be restricting and frustrating for those wanting a wider range of choices. Additionally, one customer mentioned that the staff did not inform them of the sign-in process, leading to confusion and frustration upon arrival. This lack of communication and organization can negatively impact the customer experience.
In terms of the quality of services, there are mixed reviews. While some customers were satisfied with their nails, others experienced issues such as peeling and crooked acrylic nails. These incidents indicate a potential inconsistency in the skills of the nail technicians, which can be a cause for concern for customers seeking reliable and high-quality services.
Furthermore, there were complaints about the lack of hygiene practices observed at Fashion Nail Spa. Customers mentioned that they never witnessed the staff cleaning or sanitizing any equipment or surfaces, which raises concerns regarding the salon's commitment to maintaining a hygienic environment. This can be a major deterrent for potential customers who prioritize cleanliness and safety.
Additionally, the salon's response to customer complaints is another area of weakness. One customer mentioned that their nail polish changed color overnight, and despite requesting reimbursement or compensation, the salon staff did not take responsibility or offer any resolution. This lack of accountability and customer care can result in dissatisfaction and disappointment.
In conclusion, Fashion Nail Spa has both strengths and weaknesses. While the salon is praised for its cleanliness and some customers have had positive experiences with specific technicians, there are significant issues with customer service, limited color selection, inconsistency in nail quality, lack of hygiene practices, and poor problem resolution. These weaknesses can greatly impact the overall perception and reputation of the salon, potentially leading to decreased customer satisfaction and patronage. It is important for Fashion Nail Spa to address these concerns in order to improve its services and retain a loyal customer base.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

First time going into this salon, got yelled at when I came in because I never signed in (wasn’t informed i had too). Only had a select few colors that were available to see. I have had my nails done for a week, and I have to go get them done again. My nails are PEELING!! I have never had this happen before. 2 of my nails have fell off. Not happy.
This was the worst place I have ever been! The dude was very rude. I told him I would like 3 different colors and 3 lines on one nail. Soon as he saw the picture, he walked away from the counter and proceeded to tell me he is only doing regular nail because he was the only one there to do them. There were no cars in the parking lot, so I thought they were closed and one lady getting her nails done by another employer. Was no evidence of him being so busy. How do people stay in business when they treat customers like this. Thank God he said no after reading some of these reviews! Trust me, the only reason you get a 1 star is because I have no choice to go lower! I went to Gaylord and was treated like a queen! This is not my first rodeo.
I have been to at least 8 different nail salons around the area and this one is by FAR the best. I’ve walked in along with scheduled appointments, and they have always done an amazing job on my acrylics. I usually go to one special guy and that is Michael and I have NEVER and I mean NEVER walked out unsatisfied with my nails out of the 20+ times I’ve had them done. Very friendly for the most part and clean place as well. Highly recommend.
If I could give it zero stars I would.. Very bad attitudes as soon as I walked in..elderly lady after me was treated unkindly...I had a manicure...that took all of 5 minutes lmao...did nothing but paint my nails...I've been getting my nails done for YEARS. and this is the worst place I've ever been!.
Nice clean place to get your nails done. They accept walk in only. They are usually on a wait so the earlier the arrival the better.
Got acrylic nails and 3 of them are crooked. Rushed through the whole process and then didn’t want to fix them instead blamed them on my fingers being crooked. Don’t recommend.
I was initially happy with my nail polish when I got a shellac manicure, the techs were very friendly and enjoyable to be around. However the next morning I woke up and my nails were a completely different color. Before going to a wedding I had to get them fixed or they would not match my dress which was the intended purpose. I called them and went back in for them to fix my nail polish. I requested some type of compensation or reimbursement for my troubles due to having to drive 30 minutes each way from where we were staying to get my nails fixed and then spent an hour on them fixing them and missing quality time with family, however they said they would not do any type of reimbursement for my time. They basically laughed at me when I requested a refund of some sort, and when I asked to speak to the manager they only said, "he will just tell you the same thing" and would not go get him/her. I think this is a very poor practice considering that people use them for things such as weddings. I would not recommend them for this reason alone as they are not treating their customers as they would wish to be treated
i took my mom here to get our nails done. my mom got shellac and i got acrylics. the manager did our nails and he was very rude the whole time. he rushed through the whole thing, then yelled at my mom. the girl who does pedicures painted my nails and they look absolutely horrible. it’s also super unsanitary. i’ve never seen them wipe down a single thing. i’ve gotten my nails done by these people a few times over the years and i’ve been disappointed nearly every time ): the younger guy seems to do a nice job though and is much nicer than everyone else there.

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