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Quick Facts About Fancy Nails

Fancy Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses that can be analyzed. The strengths include positive feedback regarding certain nail technicians, reasonable pricing, satisfactory pedicure services, and long-lasting nails. On the other hand, weaknesses include inconsistency in quality, unprofessional behavior, issues with pricing, poor customer service, and subpar nail work.
Beginning with the strengths, the comment from the first customer praises the nail technician named Jenny. The customer mentions that their nails came out perfectly and that Jenny was professional, ensuring their satisfaction every step of the way. Additionally, the customer mentions that the full set was reasonably priced. This positive experience highlights the talent and affordability of certain nail technicians at Fancy Nails Place.
Another strength mentioned by a different customer is the satisfactory pedicure service. They express their contentment with the shape and design of their nails, specifically mentioning the dip, gel, and foil techniques. This feedback suggests that the salon provides a variety of options and techniques for manicures and pedicures, catering to different preferences.
The durability of the nails is also highlighted as a strength. One customer comments that their nails still looked cute after a week. This suggests that the salon uses quality products or techniques that result in long-lasting manicures.
Moving on to the weaknesses, several negative experiences are mentioned by dissatisfied customers. One customer expresses disappointment in the quality of their nails. They mention that the acrylic set they received was not up to standards, describing them as embarrassing and flawed from various angles. This suggests a lack of consistency and attention to detail in the nail work provided by some of the technicians.
Furthermore, another customer complains about poor customer service and unprofessional behavior. They explain that their nail technician left them waiting for their acrylic nails to dry so they could attend to another walk-in client who wanted a wax service. This shows a prioritization of profit over ensuring customer satisfaction and might indicate a lack of proper time management within the salon.
Pricing issues are also mentioned as a weakness. One customer claims that the salon quoted them a certain price over the phone, but charged them $30 more for a simple service. This inconsistency between the quoted price and the actual charge shows a lack of transparency and customer care, potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction.
Customer service concerns are further emphasized by one customer who recounts a negative experience where the staff made fun of a lady and her children next to them. This kind of behavior is highly unprofessional and creates a negative atmosphere within the salon, which can deter customers from returning.
Another dissatisfied customer mentions that their gel nail polish started coming off just four days after the application, adding that they had to go back to request proper application on the sides of their nails. This suggests lower quality products or poor application techniques, leading to dissatisfaction and a waste of money.
Despite these negative experiences, there are still positive comments about certain nail technicians and overall satisfaction. One customer mentions always having great service and treatment, specifically mentioning Vincent for their nails. Additionally, another customer expressed their satisfaction with the affordable pricing and good job done on their male friend's pedicure. These comments suggest that despite the inconsistencies, there are still talented and reliable technicians at Fancy Nails Place.
In conclusion, Fancy Nails Place has strengths such as talented nail technicians, reasonable pricing, satisfactory pedicure services, and long-lasting nails. However, there are weaknesses in terms of inconsistent quality, unprofessional behavior, pricing issues, poor customer service, and subpar nail work. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and work towards providing a consistent and satisfactory experience for all customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I came in today and my nails came out perfectly all thanks to Jenny!!!! This is the FIRST time that I’ve ever gotten my nails done and was 100%happy with how they turned out!!! Not to mention that Jenny stayed late to do my acrylic set and even though she must have been tired she was very professional and made sure I was happy with everything every step of the way. She did my nails flawlessly!!! I will be coming back to make an appointment with Jenny she is amazing if you want beautiful reasonable priced full set ask for Jenny!!! You will leave thrilled and feeling more beautiful then when you came in!!!!!
It pains me to give a review that isn't 5 stars. If you look through my profile you can see that I am generally generous and lenient with my ratings, but I simply cannot in good conscience recommend this salon, and I will explain why.
Simply put, for the price, the quality just is not there. I was a walk-in, so I had to wait, which is to be expected. However, my nail tech left me so that my acrylic could "dry" (and those of you who get your nails done regularly know that acrylic dries very quickly, waiting is not necessary) just so that she could take care of another walk-in who wanted a wax. I get it, they saw money signs, but come on.
Attached are photos of the final outcome of my nails. You read that correctly, the photos are of the *final* outcome, yep, no, not halfway through, FINAL. And if you have any standards at all, you know this isn't good work. I'm sorry, but it just isn't. Honestly, it's a little embarrassing. View them from above and they look... okay, but view them from literally any other angle and they're just not great at all.
Not pictured: really goopy, lumpy topcoat on one nail because it got bumped and the nail tech haphazardly brushed it on, and a white smudge on my thumb nail after the nail tech did the french tip and didn't wait for it to dry before sealing with top coat. They also made my cuticles bleed from cutting them with their tools. I felt rushed, no time was taken at all. Clearly, they care about quantity more than quality.
I do want to take a second to note that my pedicure was a very different story, and I am happy with that result, at the very least. But I will still not return, because I am not in the business of gambling. IMO, coming to this salon is like a game of Russian roulette, maybe you'll get something good? But you might also not. I wouldn't risk it. Go somewhere you know will always take the time and give you your moneys worth.
they gave me a price over the phone then i went and they charged me $30 more for something very simple i got charged $75 they started to making fun of the lady next ti me and her children it was a horrible experience never going there ever again.
I always have great service & treatment here. Vincent does an amazing job with shape and design of my nails. Dip, gel, foil
Horrible service! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. WASTE OF MONEY!! I told the lady how I wanted them & she would just stay quiet. The nail polish came off literally 4 days after getting them on some nails and it was GEL. This has never happened to me anywhere else. It was my first time going & my experience was terrible. I also had to go back & tell her to paint the side of my nail because you could see that it didn't have polish! Never going back here! ???????????????????????????? I got held & this is how they look!! So disappointed!
Everytime I come to do my manicure or eyebrows I don't have an issue I love this place so far haven't had no complains thank you vee and tina
Really goo affordable place this is my second time here. Don't have any problems with this place so far. I'm going to keep coming here. They did a great job on my male friend who also go a pedicure. And this guys feet were off the charts unmaintained.... But the girl that did his feet made him feel very comfortable .. I give this place an A+ .
My nails still look cute after a week...A+

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