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Exit 13 Tattoo

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1110 Shelton Beach Rd, Saraland, AL 36571 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Exit 13 Tattoo

Exit 13 Tattoo place, located in Saraland, Alabama, has received a mix of positive and negative feedback. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the tattoo shop, we will analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the positive feedback, multiple clients have praised the talent and professionalism of the artists. The first comment highlights the team's talent, specifically mentioning Jeff, Nate, and Zena. This suggests that the artists at Exit 13 Tattoo place have a high degree of skill and are capable of delivering satisfactory tattoo work.
Another customer complimented Arson, who performed a bridge piercing. The customer mentioned that Arson was sweet, professional, and thorough. This indicates that the piercers at Exit 13 Tattoo place prioritize customer satisfaction and provide a comfortable and safe environment for piercings.
The comments also mention the pleasant atmosphere at the shop. The customer who had their bridge piercing done by Arson specifically mentioned the great tunes playing during the procedure. This detail suggests that Exit 13 Tattoo place pays attention to creating a positive and enjoyable experience for their clients.
On the other hand, there are some negative aspects that need to be addressed. One customer expressed disappointment with their recent visit. They reported waiting for an hour without being served, despite arriving before other customers. The unprofessional behavior of the new piercing staff member was also mentioned, with the customer highlighting their lack of consideration and the need for better management. This suggests that the customer service at Exit 13 Tattoo place may be inconsistent and lacking proper communication.
In addition, there was an accusation of racism made by a customer. They claimed that they were not served due to their race and expressed disappointment with the lack of clarity regarding the shop's policies. This comment raises concerns about potential discrimination within the establishment. If these allegations are true, it greatly impacts the reputation and trustworthiness of Exit 13 Tattoo place.
Despite the negative feedback, there is still praise for a piercer named Arson. Another customer commended their sweet demeanor, ability to make the process comfortable, and provided words of encouragement. This positive comment suggests that Arson has great customer service skills and creates a welcoming environment for their clients.
In conclusion, Exit 13 Tattoo place has strengths in terms of talented artists, a pleasant atmosphere, and a piercer named Arson who excels at customer service. However, there are weaknesses in terms of inconsistent customer service and potential issues related to racism and unclear policies. These negative aspects need to be addressed and improved in order to provide a better overall experience for customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Since coming to the Saraland area, I was referred to Jeff and team to finally get the work I've been wanting done. I am extremely pleased with how my tattoos have come out. A very talented team, big thanks to Jeff, Nate, and Zena!
Arson was incredible! They did an amazing job on my bridge piercing, were so sweet the whole time, very professional and thorough, and even had some great tunes playing. Already can't wait to go back for another stab wound soon!
If i could give 0 starts i would!! I visited this location more than once in the past & had good experience i got my first belly ring done here. I went a few days ago to get my second belly piercing & the new piercing lady at the front desk was horrible!! I called to see if they had a wait time the lady responded no, When i got there i waited an hour without being serviced. She clearly had me sitting there an hour & was going to serve two cus that came in after me before me. I addressed her in a polite manner & she looked at me crazy after the customer stated that i was there waiting before them. Very unprofessional!! I'll never be going to them again! They need Sky back in there Asap she was amazing!!
Arson was an amazing piercer! They definitely made me feel comfortable and confident in my choice and made the whole process easy and light hearted. They also offer free jewelry changes once it heals.
If you come to Mobile AL and you want a tattoo and you ask around, you will most likely hear of exit 13, and that's for a good reason they are professional in the way they do their business. I recommend going here. My tattoo was done by Ajay they're a good artist, and I recommend them. Also fwy if you want an anime tattoo, they also do good anime tattoos
Arson did my septum they were really sweet and made me feel comfortable not very painful just sore and it looks great
We called and spoke to the piercer, she said that she didn’t have any customers she had just finished with one & no one was in her chair…make it to the shop just for them to not acknowledge us for atleast 6 minutes even tho they looked at us when we walked thru the door….anyways the employees continued their conversation before one of them asked if we had been helped then goes on to say they’re not piercing after 9:30 she then asks if we called before we came….once we told her we spoke to the piercer she changed her cut off time to 9. I guess she forgot she had just said 9:30 even tho we called at 8:54. The piercer NEVER said it was a cut off time over the phone. So at this point the place is giving RACIST vibes. POINT BLANK PERIOD ! If this is not the impression you would like to leave your customers then you should be very clear of your policy when your customer call and speak to you over the phone !!! I made it very clear that we were on the way over the phone she never said anything about a cut off time for piercing .
I’ve had multiple piercings but Arson just set the bar SO HIGH. She’s the sweetest, and guided me through the whole process with her angel voice AND words of encouragement. Can’t wait to come back and see her for more piercings in the future!

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