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Excelsior Nails Spa

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Went in today. Just wanted a fill and a beautiful ombre coffin job. I could til the lady was new at doing nails. Very clumpy and gets frustrated alot. Never been here before. Worst nail job ever tbh. She is barely experienced and it shows. I paid $48, waste of money. Won't be back.
Went in for first time and when the lady found out it was my first visit with the discount she started rushing to get my nails done and did a terrible job. Edges were all very uneven and in many places were filed down past my real nails so when they grow out they will be very uneven. I showed her a picture of a set that were previously done there and she sort of matched them but again she rushed a lot so they were not done to match. Just not a good experience.
I've found my new nail salon. I was seated promptly and even though it was close to closing time they were happy to do a manicure and pedicure. It's under new ownership and he's implementing new services like a cocktail bar and protocols to ensure every customer receives the same great service. Can't wait to return.
The new owner of the place is super sweet and super friendly. He made sure he wasn't hurting me at all and made conversation with my son so he didn't feel left out of the conversations. My nails turned out better then I ever expected. I would definitely recommend going to them.
I came in on a whim to get my nails done on a weekend away. I wasn’t familiar with the salon, but thought the reviews seemed decent. After my experience, I had to leave a review.
Not good! Apparently a dip is different than a dip manicure, because as I checked out, I was charged $15 extra than what was listed on the sheet because my nail tech clipped my cuticles which is apparently the difference between dip and dip manicure.
Not only that, but the nail tech didn’t seem to understand that the dremel tool hurts when it nicks your cuticles because I left the salon with almost all of my cuticles in tatters. So much for the $15 trim. I would not recommend this salon!!
I had never been to this salon before and needed a fill. I was greeted and seated promptly without an appointment. Amy did my nails better than I could have asked for so I got a pedicure as well and I have to say it was the best pedicure I think I have ever had in my life. So relaxing and my legs and feet feel like silk. I will definitely be going back here again.
Went in with my mother and got a dip service, the lady doing my nails had no clue what she was doing and had to redo 3 nails due to lifting while she was filing, my nails are extremely thick and poorly done. I'm so happy I could spend $48 for her to practice on me. Won't be back
Love, love, LOVE Excelsior Nail Spa! Always polite and professional while offering up some good laughs in a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Been coming here for a few years now and I’ve never been turned away, had to wait a long time, or left disappointed. The technicians are all wonderful and are current with the trends. Their products are top notch and offer a wide variety of colors to choose from. Prices are fair and the quality of their work definitely has me coming back time and time again!

Quick Facts About Excelsior Nails Spa

Excelsior Nails Spa is a nail salon that has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers have had negative experiences, while others have had positive experiences. In this analysis, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of Excelsior Nails Spa based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned in the comments is the prompt seating and willingness to accommodate customers, even close to closing time. This shows that Excelsior Nails Spa values customer satisfaction and is willing to go the extra mile to provide service. Additionally, the implementation of new services like a cocktail bar and protocols to ensure consistent service demonstrates that the new owner is dedicated to improving the salon and providing a unique experience for customers.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the friendliness and attentiveness of the new owner. Customers appreciate his efforts to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience, both through engaging in conversation and minimizing discomfort during the nail service. This personal touch creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere that customers appreciate.
Customers who had positive experiences also praised the skill and quality of the nail technicians at Excelsior Nails Spa. They mention that their nails turned out better than expected and that the manicures and pedicures were of high quality. This indicates that there are experienced and talented nail technicians employed at the salon, capable of delivering excellent results.
In terms of weaknesses, several negative comments mention the lack of experience and skill of certain nail technicians. Customers complained about uneven edges, clumpy application, and poor nail jobs that resulted in dissatisfaction. These comments indicate a lack of consistency in the skill levels of the nail technicians, which can be a weakness for Excelsior Nails Spa.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of understanding or miscommunication between the salon and customers regarding services and pricing. Customers were surprised to be charged extra for certain services or felt that they were not informed about the differences between services. This lack of clarity can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction.
It is also worth noting that one of the comments mentioned that the salon left the customer's cuticles in poor condition. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and potential negligence in the nail care process. This can be seen as a weakness, as it may result in discomfort and dissatisfaction for customers.
Overall, Excelsior Nails Spa has strengths in terms of prompt seating, accommodating customers, the friendliness of the new owner, and the skill and quality of some of their nail technicians. However, weaknesses include inconsistency in the skill levels of the technicians, miscommunication regarding services and pricing, and potential negligence in nail care. These strengths and weaknesses should be taken into consideration by potential customers when deciding whether to visit Excelsior Nails Spa.


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