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Eva 's nail spa

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4340 N Leavitt Rd J, Lorain, OH 44053 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

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4 of my nails BROKE IN A WEEK. I spent over $100 in there and when I went back they let me speak to a “manager” and he dismissed me and told me to sign in and wait. I waited over 15 minutes. I NEVER GOT MY NAILS FIXED. THEN when I left and called, all of a sudden a manager is on vacation and isn’t available until Monday. They treated me like I didn’t matter and I will never spend my money in this salon ever again.
I have been going to Eva’s for a long time and I had a wonderful visit today !! Christina is such a talented person and she is so kind. I will always come back to see her !! Even with the “hiccup” and “confusion “ between the manager and her I still got a pretty set of nails and she painted my daughters nails as well :) Thank you Christina ❤️As well as anyone who does the pedi’s you ladies and gentlemen are Amazing!!
Price is high you wait and wait and wait. Walk ins are welcome. Even with an appointment you are guaranteed to wait an hour because you are Infront of a nail technician. I will say Vincent is the best nail technician. He is worth every penny and definitely deserves his tip. My nails stay on and in good shape for 30 plus days.
I got Hannah. She is by far the most AMAZING nail technician I have ever been sat with. She got herself a lifetime customer. I have NEVER been so pleased with my final outcome. THANK YOU HANNAH!!!!!
My first experience at this place was the best and the nail tech was extremely nice. My second time I was told it was going to be between 40-45 to get a fill and I was fine with that, but I expected the cut down to be included in the price. This was the first time this has happened to me and I did not know it would be extra to have my nails trimmed. I just got a basic set, no design and was charged 55. Is that normal?
I went in this morning to get a pedicure. My second time giving this place a chance after the first time was a bad experience. I figured everybody has a bad day so I will give it another shot a year later. Went in at 10:25 AM , then 10 minutes later I got sat down in a chair. At 10:50 I finally walked out. There woman who walked in the door 5 minutes after myself, had already been being serviced with her pedicure, for 10 minutes at this point. There were two people standing at the desk, one man standing at a nail station with no customer and six total customers in the entire place. Not one person said a word to me the entire time. I also watched two women walk out before I did because of lack of customer service. The only reason I give it one star is because I had to in order to leave a review.
Just rude talking on the phone not paying attention to what I want horrible job at painting my fingernails in my own personal opinion for the price I paid
I have been going to Eva’s on and off for the last year and a half or so & everytime I’m there , the wait is out of control. Anytime I have a manager as my nail tech, they seem too busy to listen to my requests or pay very much attention to me. I understand customer service fully seeing as I have been in this industry from the age of 15 until present (at age 33) I have seen every side. Today will officially be the last time I attempt to give Eva’s another Chance. I’m not sure what the point is or even scheduling appointments when you’re too busy to pay much attention to them. I got my nails done a month ago at Eva’s and waited an hour and a half before a nail tech finally even sat me down at her station, just to stop to check on other clients she was finishing up, answering the phone & checking the door , I fully understand saturdays are busy days but the price of nail
Services have sky rocketed in the last few years with inflation. It’s hard to want to keep coming back when I’m spending almost 3 hours in a facility on a Saturday. When the process was finally completed, the work was less than I expected & I was disappointed, but I also understand it was busy & everyone has bad days. I tried ONE last time today. I made an appointment for 12:30 only to come into a very busy salon & waited 45 minutes without being acknowledged before I decided to walk out & make an appointment with a different salon. I am extremely disappointed & don’t see myself coming back. My suggestion would be to either accept appointments only or walk ins only. Eva’s is a popular & busy enough spot to facilitate either.

Quick Facts About Eva 's nail spa

Eva's nail spa place is a popular salon that has received mixed reviews from customers. In order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, let's analyze the comments provided.
One of the main strengths mentioned by customers is the talent and kindness of the nail technicians. Multiple customers praised specific technicians, such as Christina and Hannah, for providing excellent service and delivering pleasing results. This suggests that Eva's nail spa has skilled employees who can provide high-quality nail services.
Another strength is the longevity of the nails. One customer mentioned that their nails stayed in good shape for over 30 days after a visit to Eva's. This indicates that the salon uses quality products or techniques that result in long-lasting manicures.
Additionally, the availability of walk-in appointments is considered a positive aspect by some customers. Being able to visit the salon without a scheduled appointment can be convenient for those who have sudden free time or are in urgent need of nail services.
However, there are several weaknesses raised by customers that need to be addressed. One recurring issue is related to customer service and wait times. Multiple customers complained about long waits, even with an appointment. This indicates a lack of efficiency in managing appointments and suggests that the salon might be understaffed or poorly organized. Additionally, one customer mentioned experiencing poor customer service and feeling ignored during their visit. These comments suggest a lack of attentiveness and professionalism on the part of the staff.
Another common weakness mentioned by customers is the high price of services. Customers have indicated that the prices at Eva's nail spa are relatively high compared to other salons. This may deter potential customers who are looking for more affordable options.
Moreover, there have been instances where customers felt overcharged or confused about the pricing. Some customers were surprised to be charged extra for trimming their nails, as they were not aware that it would be an additional cost. This lack of clarity in pricing can lead to dissatisfaction and a sense of unfairness among customers.
In terms of management, there have been negative experiences reported as well. One customer mentioned being dismissed by a manager when they requested to have their nails fixed. This indicates a lack of empathy and professionalism on the part of the manager. Another customer mentioned that the manager seemed too busy to pay attention to their requests during their appointment. These instances suggest a lack of effective management and customer service training.
Based on the comments, it is evident that Eva's nail spa place has both strengths and weaknesses. The salon has talented technicians and provides long-lasting manicures. However, there are issues with customer service, long wait times, high prices, and unclear pricing structures. Improvements in these areas would greatly enhance the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.

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