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Euphoria Nails Lounge

+1 210-969-4479
11911 Culebra Rd Ste 105, San Antonio, TX 78253 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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I absolutely love it here at Euphoria Nails Lounge! I have been coming for over a year now, and I get treated amazing every time I come. Their complimentary drinks are tasty and the service is exceptional. The nail tech Ivy did my most recent set of nails and I’m in love with them. I’ve attached pictures for people to see her amazing work. She is so creative, and she adds her own special touch to designs that I bring her.
I really enjoyed myself and had a very relaxing and pleasant experience! IVY did AMAZING on my nails!! She was a perfectionist and really took the time to make sure everything about my nails were perfect! The environment was very clean and organized, and the complimentary drinks ???????? were very nice!! I would DEFINITELY return, thank you so much! ????
This was my first time there. Everyone was so nice and very professional. I ❤️ ???? love my nails. And omg!! I had ice coffee.. wow! The best ever. I found a home at Euphoria Nails ???? ???? ????
This will be the ABSOLUTE LAST TIME I come here. I got a basic pedicure, a set with chrome and after being left with my nails not chrome on my fingers but my toes were. The mail te h redoing nails again, and then left me with chrome stuck all over my fingers. I then washed my hands 4 times , scrubbed my nails with nail brush and had the nail tech while standing try and take it off for 20 min. Telling me it won’t stay like this on a few days. I asked if someone else could take it off and just repolish them better she said it won’t help. I then said I don’t have time for this cause we’re in a wedding and I have to leave and I’m not paying full price for this! She gave me 10% off and IT WAS STILL $150.00! Now mind you, this odd after 1 polish redo, 4 scrubbed hand washes and 20 min of her trying to get polish off! NEVER AGAIN!
I had heard good reviews about this place so decided to give it a try. it went wrong from the beginning. I waited more than an hour to get my nails/pedicure done and when i was finally seated for my pedi the lady didn't take into consideration to ask me if the water was to hot, so when i put my feet in i felt like i had burned them, i let her know the water was too hot and she gave me a smug look, kind of as if she was annoyed. when she was cutting the excess cuticle around my toes she cut me and continued to put product on me when i told her she cut me! i tried not to let the pedicure get to me so i decided to do a simple mani on my nails because i wanted a matching set, well the lady failed to file my nails when i told her i didn't want them cut i just wanted them evened out and when she painted my nails she missed the edges on three of my fingers. once she was done she didn't offer me a fan for my polish to dry. Despite the place looking clean and elegant it is not what you think it would be. worst experience i have had in San Antonio. and to top it off the polish didn't even last!
1st time trying this place... it's really nice inside & pretty big compared to most salons. Nice drink options. Trinity did my nails, I love them! Trinity was really nice and we had a good conversation the entire time.
My only complaint is when I got there I was told it would be a 10 min wait ... I waited almost an hr before she started. They had me soaking off my nails literally 40 mins... I timed it.... I just sat there waiting ..
One more thing .... they are more pricey than other places in the area ... I paid $15 more than I do at other places w/o the tip... so keep that in mind.
Overall, minus the wait time ... it was a great.
Terrible job for $50! I had the nail tech Irene and she was very nice but the job she did was terrible. I didn’t even get a manicure just the acrylic and paint. Took her 30 minutes to do my nails. The nails are too bubbly and very sloppy. Definitely not going back.
vannie did such an amazing job!!! she’s the only one i trust to do my nails. also thank you andrew for my drinks! they’re always so good!!

Quick Facts About Euphoria Nails Lounge

1. Exceptional service: Multiple comments mention the amazing treatment and service received at Euphoria Nails Lounge. Customers feel welcomed and valued, which creates a positive atmosphere and enhances the overall experience.
2. Complimentary drinks: The availability of complimentary drinks adds value to the customer experience. People appreciate the tasty drinks and see them as a nice extra touch provided by the salon.
3. Nail technician skills: Several comments specifically mention the skill and creativity of the nail technicians at Euphoria Nails Lounge. Customers are impressed with the work done on their nails, especially mentioning Ivy and Vannie as talented nail technicians who go above and beyond to create beautiful designs.
4. Clean and organized environment: Customers appreciate the cleanliness and organization of the salon. A clean environment is crucial in a nail salon to ensure hygiene and make customers feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit.
5. Friendly and professional staff: The staff at Euphoria Nails Lounge receive positive comments for being nice, professional, and friendly. A welcoming and courteous staff contributes to a pleasant customer experience.
1. Inconsistent quality: One customer had a negative experience and expressed disappointment with the quality of the service received. The nails were not done properly, and the polish did not last. This suggests a potential inconsistency in the quality of the services provided, which might result in customers feeling unsatisfied.
2. Long wait times: A couple of comments mention long wait times before getting service. Waiting for an extended period can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction among customers, especially when they were given an estimated wait time that was not accurate.
3. Pricing: One customer expresses dissatisfaction with the prices at Euphoria Nails Lounge, stating that they paid $15 more than they would at other places in the area. This suggests that the salon might be relatively more expensive compared to its competitors, which could deter price-sensitive customers.
4. Rushed service: One customer mentions that their nails were done in a short amount of time, resulting in a poor-quality finish. This indicates that some nail technicians might prioritize speed over quality, potentially leading to dissatisfaction among customers who expect a meticulous and thorough service.
Overall, Euphoria Nails Lounge has several strengths, such as exceptional service, skilled nail technicians, a clean environment, and friendly staff. However, there are also areas for improvement, including addressing inconsistencies in service quality, reducing wait times, pricing competitively, and ensuring that services are not rushed to maintain a high standard of work.

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Monday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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