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Craig's Barber Shop

+1 585-314-5176
109 Lake Ave Suite 106, Hilton, NY 14468 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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  • Appointment required
  • Appointments recommended

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It took my 16 month old toddler a couple of minutes to warm up to the clippers but Mitch was so patient and helped him feel comfortable. He also gave him a great haircut! So happy to have this place close by.
I always feel welcomed at this barber shop. I respect how they take the precautions necessary with today's problems. Craig is personable and very accommodating with scheduling needs! I would recommend to everyone and will be bringing my son here in the future
Reviews tell a lot about a business and the reviews for this location are very accurate. My first time in I was greeted by Craig and was asked if I had an appointment. I mentioned I had one with Mitch at 4:30. I didn't wait long at all, I was offered coffee, they had nice comfortable chairs with a TV to watch while you waited and they were both incredibly professional and did an exceptional job. I will absolutely continue to use them without a doubt.
Craig has been cutting my hair for a few years and he does a great job. When this place opened up, I was one of the first people to go and get a haircut. I even go and see Marisa when Craig is not there because she is a talented barber as well. I recommend Craig's rather than going to a lady Jane's or a supercuts
Craig's barbershop is awesome! He always does a fantastic job. Very meticulous and fair priced. Marisa is great also, she is very helpful and is knowledgeable about figuring out what works for you.
Great haircut for a great price. Probably best to make an appointment with Craig, as he can get pretty busy. But that’s a good thing... because he takes a lot of time to work on your hair. Craig does a great job!
I'm usually super picky about barbers, chalk it up to several botch jobs done by large chain barbershops, and those have lead to some anxiety when getting a cut. This place is great though, I took a chance on this place and definitely wasn't disappointed.
I was a walk in and they took me in right away, and Mitch did my cut just right. It was a very chill environment and everyone there was super friendly and welcoming, definitely going back.
Can't say enough good things about Craig's. I was going to a larger chain "barbershop" for years and always got different quality haircuts. When I go to Craig's, it always seems like it gets better and better and my first cut was amazing already. You can't go wrong with anybody in this shop either. Really a gem in Hilton.

Quick Facts About Craig's Barber Shop

Strengths: 1. Excellent customer service: Many reviews mention how welcoming and accommodating the staff at Craig's Barber Shop are. They make customers feel valued and go above and beyond to meet their needs. 2. Skilled barbers: Customers rave about the skills and expertise of the barbers at Craig's Barber Shop. They are praised for their attention to detail and ability to provide great haircuts. 3. Child-friendly: One comment specifically mentions how patient and understanding the barber, Mitch, was with their 16-month-old toddler. This indicates that the barbers at Craig's Barber Shop are capable of working with children and making them feel comfortable. 4. Comfortable waiting area: Multiple reviews mention the comfortable chairs and TV provided in the waiting area. This attention to creating a comfortable environment for customers shows a commitment to their overall experience. 5. Positive word-of-mouth: One review mentions that the reviews for Craig's Barber Shop accurately reflect the quality of the service. This indicates that the positive reputation of the salon is reflected in its online reviews. 6. Attention to safety precautions: One review mentions that the barber shop takes necessary precautions with regard to today's problems, likely referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. This shows that the business prioritizes the health and safety of both staff and customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Limited availability: One review suggests that it is best to make an appointment with Craig, as he can get busy. This indicates that scheduling availability may be limited, potentially inconveniencing customers who prefer walk-ins or have last-minute needs. 2. Lack of diversity: The comments only mention two barbers, Craig and Marisa, which might suggest a limited range of expertise and styles offered. This could be a weakness if customers are looking for specific styles or prefer a wider range of barbers to choose from. 3. Lack of information about pricing: Although some comments mention fair pricing, there is no specific information available regarding the cost of services. This lack of transparency may be a weakness for customers who prioritize pricing in their decision-making process. 4. Few comments about additional services: While the quality of haircuts is consistently praised, there is little mention of any additional services or special offerings provided by Craig's Barber Shop. This may be a missed opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors. 5. Limited customer testimonials: The comments provided in the prompt are positive, but they only represent a small sample of customer experiences. While they are highly positive, it would be beneficial to gather a larger number of testimonials to provide a more comprehensive and accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of Craig's Barber Shop.


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