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Corner Cafe

315 Queen's Ter, Fleetwood FY7 6DL United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Glad this cafe is now open. Always good friendly service and good value home cooked food.
Wonderful and quaint, ordered a cappuccino with hazelnut and the big breakfast, coffee was surprisingly great, and they cooked the breakfast to perfection.
Great cafe friendly, superb food.
Excellent value food and very well presented. Staff are friendly and welcoming - an absolute must visit to eat in or out.
Other cafés have closed locally ....
Total shambles!!!! Ordered drinks and food (got drinks) waited over half an hour, still no food. Ended up walking out even though I’d paid. Only 2 staff, no tables cleared, too much on menu for 2 staff to sort out. A very disappointed customer. Spoilt my day!!!
I got some delicious homemade chocolate cake and coffee to take away - I recommend! It also looked lovely inside, and the breakfasts looked amazing.
Have seen this number of times whilst at Fleetwood but never been in. Went today and the food was freshly made and was delicious. Staff were very friendly too. Will definitely be going back.
Visited on Sunday was unusually busy due to closure of larger fish and chip restaurant opposite. Waited for ages for soup and a drink surly service when questioned about the delay and fridge door which fell off on my return from toilet ( dangerous for a child and not resolved) poor quality soup which came with the most awful margarine not at all recommended

Quick Facts About Corner Cafe

Strengths: 1. Friendly service: Many reviewers praised the friendly and welcoming nature of the staff at Corner Cafe. This is an important strength as it can contribute to a positive dining experience for customers. 2. Good value home-cooked food: Several customers mentioned that the food at Corner Cafe is reasonably priced and of good quality. This is a strength as it highlights that the cafe offers affordable and tasty options to customers. 3. Well-presented food: A couple of reviewers commented on the presentation of the food at Corner Cafe, noting that it was visually appealing. This is a strength as it indicates that the cafe takes pride in how their dishes are presented. 4. Delicious homemade chocolate cake: One customer specifically mentioned the deliciousness of the homemade chocolate cake. This is a strength as it showcases that the cafe has a standout item on their menu that is worth trying. 5. Quaint atmosphere: The cafe was described as "wonderful and quaint" by one reviewer. This is a strength as it implies that Corner Cafe has a unique and charming ambiance that adds to the overall dining experience.
Weaknesses: 1. Long wait times: One dissatisfied customer mentioned that they had to wait over half an hour for their food, which ultimately led them to leave the cafe. This is a weakness as it indicates that Corner Cafe may struggle with managing their order fulfillment in a timely manner. 2. Understaffed: The same customer who experienced long wait times also pointed out that there were only two staff members working. This is a weakness as it suggests that the cafe may be understaffed, leading to slower service and the inability to handle a busy period effectively. 3. Tables not cleared: The dissatisfied customer also mentioned that no tables were being cleared during their visit. This is a weakness as it suggests a lack of attentiveness to the overall cleanliness and organization of the cafe. 4. Large menu selection: The same customer who had a negative experience expressed that there was too much on the menu for the two staff members to handle. This is a weakness as it implies that the cafe may have difficulty managing a diverse menu selection, potentially leading to inconsistencies in quality or longer wait times. 5. Surly service and unresolved issue: Another customer mentioned experiencing surly service when questioning the delay in receiving their order and also pointed out a safety issue with a falling fridge door that was not resolved. This is a weakness as it indicates a lack of customer satisfaction and potential negligence in addressing safety concerns.
In conclusion, Corner Cafe has several strengths such as friendly service, good value home-cooked food, well-presented dishes, delicious homemade chocolate cake, and a quaint atmosphere. However, they also have weaknesses including long wait times, being understaffed, failure to clear tables, a large menu selection that may be difficult to manage, and instances of surly service and unresolved issues. Addressing these weaknesses could help the cafe improve the overall customer experience and reputation.

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