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The guy doing my pedicure didn't speak English and wasn't friendly enough to adjust for the missing communication element of this service.
He also didn't do a scrub for excess skin on the bottom of my feet so they weren't smooth and soft like they should be when this SERVICE is normally completed.
I believe I got one of the owners, I wish I got his name. He did an AMAZING job on my nails, I showed him a simple design with the heart tip nails, and he said "I'll do better than that". It was so awesome the confidence he radiated, the knowledge, and it all shows in his work. He added my ring finger nail design ( unicorn nail with glow in the dark powder and holographic on top), the glitter in the inner of the heart. He is SO creative ( as pretty much my whole set besides the heart tip was his idea) , and I've received dozens of compliments already and it's been not even a week! The price was incredible at $20/ a fill for acrylic, with the heart design it went to $30, and with 8 gel colors it ended up being $38 + $2 for debit ( AMAZING!) He did my ring nails complimentary, so I tipped him $20 extra and it was worth every. penny. I would recommend this place to anyone and I plan to go back every time for my nails from now on. I couldn't be happier with my nails!! Literally made me cry after I left, this is the best set. This isn't sponsored or anything like that, I'm genuinely a very satisfied customer! ???????? thanks again!
On Saturday I did my gel nails ???????? and yesterday they started to peel off today I was going to fix them and they closed at 5:30 and I leave work at 6 ????????
Very nice the woman with brown hair did mines and she did great and the man who sits next by the cashier did my sister and he did Awesome! We was very pleased!!
Wait wasn't too long. But overall it wasn't worth the $95 we paid. We were charged for 2 mani,pedis, 1 with no chip polish. I actually only got a pedicure and polish because that was NOT a manicure. He filed my nails and told me to go wash my hands, then polished my nails. And polished is already chipped a day later... the lady that did my bfs pedicure scraped skin off his ankle and his toe. We were definitely overcharged.
The last three times I went in for service and got the gel polish, the polish peels by the next day. I don't have time to run back for them to correct it that's why I get to gel.
I loved their nail shop they always keep me satisfied
They did okay. But it wasn’t a luxury service. They let a child play tiktoks on the loudest settings with repetitive cuss words for over 30 minutes. Place needs a good clean as well.

Quick Facts About City Nails

City Nails has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis, we will examine these comments to provide a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of City Nails.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that one of the owners did an amazing job on their nails. They were impressed by the owner's confidence, knowledge, and creativity. The customer received numerous compliments on their nails and felt that the price was incredible for the quality of service they received. This positive experience demonstrates that City Nails has skilled and talented staff who can deliver exceptional results.
Furthermore, some customers expressed their satisfaction with the nail technicians who attended to them. One person mentioned that a woman with brown hair did a great job, while another stated that the man sitting next to the cashier did an awesome job on their sister's nails. These positive comments reflect that some of the staff members at City Nails are capable of providing excellent service and meeting customer expectations.
In terms of pricing, one customer was happy with the price they paid for their acrylic fill, especially considering the additional designs and gel colors. They found the price to be incredible, which indicates that City Nails offers competitive pricing for their services.
However, City Nails also has several weaknesses that have been highlighted by customers. One major concern raised by multiple customers was the issue of language barriers. One customer mentioned that the person performing their pedicure did not speak English, which resulted in miscommunication and an unsatisfactory experience. Another customer implied that communication was a challenge with the staff, as they had trouble getting their gel polish corrected after it peeled off.
Another weakness pointed out by customers was the lack of attention to detail in certain services. One customer complained that their pedicure did not include a scrub for the excess skin on their feet, leaving them feeling disappointed. Additionally, another customer felt overcharged for their service and expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the manicure, stating that it was not properly done as the nail technician only filed their nails and quickly applied polish.
Another weakness highlighted by a customer was the durability of the gel polish. They mentioned that it peeled off by the next day and expressed frustration at not having enough time to return to the salon for a correction. This suggests that City Nails may need to improve the longevity and quality of their gel polish applications.
Furthermore, some customers pointed out cleanliness issues within the salon. One customer mentioned that the salon needed a good clean, indicating that the cleanliness standards of City Nails may not be up to par.
Lastly, a customer reported that they had a negative experience due to a disruptive child playing loud TikTok videos with repetitive curse words for over 30 minutes. This comment suggests that City Nails may need to enforce a more peaceful and professional atmosphere within the salon to ensure a better customer experience.
In conclusion, City Nails has several strengths and weaknesses based on customer comments. The strengths include the skill and creativity of the owner, satisfaction with specific nail technicians, and competitive pricing. However, the weaknesses include language barriers, lack of attention to detail in certain services, durability issues with the gel polish, cleanliness concerns, and a disruptive atmosphere caused by a child playing loud videos. Addressing these weaknesses could greatly improve the overall customer experience at City Nails.

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