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9645 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45251 United States of America
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I didn't make an appointment but they were able to squeeze me in at the last min to have my nails and toes looking amazing for my birthday. I showed them a photo of what I wanted and they did it with a twist to make it better. My mail tech was amazing. We had great conversation the whole time.
Love this nail place. Very professional and polite. Hannah always makes sure my nails are perfect every time and will go out her way to fix them if they're not. Prices are reasonable and fair. Will recommend this nail shop to anyone.
Me and my daughter signed in at 3:35 on 10/24/22, was told it was a 30–40-minute wait, no problem, I was called back first, after about 20 minutes my daughter come to me and told me that the lady up front told her that "no one wanted to do her nails, because it was going to take too long". This made my lip twitch, I was about ready to get up and some choice words with this lady, but the lady at booth #19 asked her why they say that, "because she wanted a full set", mine you it was only 4:20 and they close at 6:00 and there were about two techs doing nothing, so long story short, she got one of the techs to do my daughter nails, even she didn't understand why she was told that. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY TIME SERVICE HAS BEEN TURNED AWAY.... NEED BETTER FRONT DESK SERVICE....other than that incident.... I LOVE MY NAILS, THANK YOU...SASHA
I received the spa pedicure w/ gel polish. The water was perfect, I had Alex as my tech. He left a great first impression, from conversation, service(s), energy, price, and care. I’m not from Ohio, so coming here as a first-timer was well worth it! There was a 45 minute wait when I came (on a Saturday), but I was called before the time. Would definitely recommend!
The guy with the eyebrow piercing I didn’t get his name he did really good and made sure I liked everything.
My daughter worked really hard to pay to have her nails done for the first time. We chose this place which I highly DO NOT recommend. The nail tech was rude, rough and the end result had bubbles and cracks. Don’t waste your money or time.
i love coming here! Hannah is amazing and very professional. I show her the picture i want and she exceeds my expectations. Hannah is the only person i go to to get my nails done and i recommend her 1,000%. the few pedicures i get there are amazing too but i mainly go to get my nails by Hannah. when i am there getting serviced there has been clients coming in just to say hey to their nail technicians.
Had a very bad experience. Customer service is very very bad and so rude. And their price is very expensive. And not very good to be there for your nail. There was 1 lady she don’t understand what I’m trying to tell her and she mess up my mom nail and I try to explain her. She start screaming for no reason . And others employees from there they don’t say anything’s to her or help out . They were just setting there and smiling. Seriously this place have very bad customer service.

Quick Facts About Cincinnati Nails

Cincinnati Nails place has a mix of positive and negative comments, providing insights into its strengths and weaknesses. Analyzing these comments, we can identify several key points.
One of the major strengths of Cincinnati Nails place is its flexibility and ability to accommodate last-minute appointments. In one comment, a customer mentions that they were able to squeeze them in at the last minute for a special occasion. This shows that the salon values customer satisfaction and is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate their needs.
Another strength mentioned by multiple customers is the professionalism and politeness of the staff. Hannah, in particular, is praised for always ensuring that the customer's nails are perfect and for going out of her way to fix any issues. This indicates that the salon has well-trained staff who prioritize customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, the quality of service provided is also highlighted as a strength. Customers appreciate the skill and attention to detail demonstrated by the technicians at Cincinnati Nails place. Positive comments mention that the nail technicians listen to their preferences, provide great conversation, and deliver results that exceed expectations. This showcases the salon's ability to deliver high-quality services and create a pleasant experience for their customers.
In terms of weaknesses, customer service and front desk operations appear to be a major area for improvement. One customer shares a negative experience where their daughter was turned away for nail services due to the perceived length of time it would take. The customer also mentions that this was not an isolated incident. These comments suggest that the front desk staff may lack effective communication and customer service skills. Addressing this weakness would improve the overall experience for customers.
Another weakness that comes up in a comment is the lack of understanding and poor customer service exhibited by one of the nail technicians. The customer reports that the technician did not understand their instructions and lost their temper when the customer tried to explain. This indicates a lack of professionalism and empathy on the part of that technician. Ensuring consistent quality and professionalism among all staff members is important for the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.
Additionally, a negative comment mentions high prices at Cincinnati Nails place. Although not elaborated upon, this implies that the salon's pricing may be a weakness. Offering competitive and reasonable pricing could attract more customers and improve customer satisfaction in this aspect.
In conclusion, Cincinnati Nails place has several strengths, including its flexibility in accommodating last-minute appointments, professionalism of the staff, and the quality of service provided. However, there are also some areas that require improvement, such as front desk operations and customer service, consistent professionalism among all staff members, and pricing. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can enhance its overall customer experience and satisfaction.

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