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Ci Ci's nail salon

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478 Keene Rd, Richland, WA 99352 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Ci Ci's nail salon

Ci Ci's nail salon has a mix of positive and negative reviews, which provides insight into its strengths and weaknesses. To summarize the comments:
Strengths: 1. Nice workers: Multiple customers mentioned that the employees at Ci Ci's nail salon were friendly and kind. 2. Reasonable prices: Some customers expressed satisfaction with the salon's pricing, considering it to be reasonable for the services provided. 3. Good work and long-lasting results: One customer stated that their gel-filled nails lasted for more than two weeks each time, indicating that the salon provides quality service. 4. Accommodating for walk-ins: A customer mentioned that despite not having an appointment, the salon was able to fit them in, demonstrating their willingness to accommodate walk-in customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistency in service: One customer mentioned that their nails were not even and their thumbs were too short, which suggests a lack of attention to detail by the technician. 2. Lack of communication: Another customer expressed frustration about not receiving what they asked for during their gel manicure, indicating that the salon did not effectively communicate with the customer or meet their expectations. 3. Issues with billing and potential overcharging: A customer accused the salon of charging more on their card after they left, suggesting a lack of transparency and potentially dishonest practices. Although the salon eventually resolved the issue, the incident caused the customer to question the salon's integrity. 4. Language barrier and discomfort: A customer noted that the staff spoke among themselves in a different language, which led them to feel uncomfortable. This criticism highlights a potential communication barrier and a lack of inclusivity for non-Chinese-speaking customers. 5. Poor quality service: One customer had a negative experience with a pedicure, stating that it was poorly done and that the staff seemed judgmental when they requested a redo.
Based on these comments, Ci Ci's nail salon has several strengths. The employees are friendly, the prices are reasonable, and some customers have had positive experiences related to the quality and longevity of the services. However, the salon also has weaknesses, including inconsistency in service, issues with communication and billing, discomfort caused by a language barrier, and instances of poor-quality service.
To improve, Ci Ci's nail salon should address these weaknesses. They should focus on training their technicians to ensure consistency and attention to detail in their services. Clear communication with customers about the requested services should be a priority. Additionally, the salon should address the billing issue and work on enhancing transparency and customer trust. Improving inclusivity and making all customers feel comfortable by minimizing potential language barriers is another important area of improvement.
In conclusion, while Ci Ci's nail salon has some strengths, it also has areas that require attention and improvement. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can work towards providing consistent, high-quality service and establishing a strong reputation within the community.

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I noticed he was going too hard on my nails and my fingers started to bleed.. but I wasn’t trying to say much. Honestly when I was there I LOVEED my nails.
But once I came home I realized how my nails aren’t even and my thumbs are super short.. I’m surprised I paid $60 for this. But I wish I said something when I was there. But other then that, really nice workers!
I have been here twice now since I moved to the neighborhood, and I love this place. Very reasonable prices, kind employees, and they do good work! I have gotten two fills with gel polish so far and they've lasted more than 2 weeks each time. My pedicure didn't feel rushed, and the massage was excellent. :) I will certainly be back.
First off I want to say that the service was good and everyone there was nice. I went in for a pedicure and a manicure. I decided to splurge and get the "Dip Ombre" on my hands ($55). The lady who was helping me with the pedicure also did my manicure. She got the dip powder out and started doing it. After working on it for a while, she started over. I didn't mind the time taken to restart, I was ok with her making sure it turned out ok. Before I go on, I want to say that I'm not unhappy with how they turned out nor am I trying to make any of the employees look bad or anything. This is a great shop and I think they do their best in everything they do. I am writing this only because of what I got and what I was charged for. I'm not fully experienced with nails and this is the first time I've ever gotten anything fancier than gel nail polish. But after the second try of doing the dip powder, I was told to wash my hands and go sit at a different table. There, a different lady did a little more prep on my nails and they got gel nail polish out and painted my nails with gel, then used a spraying tool to spray on white tips, creating a beautiful ombre effect. But that's not dipping powder. They charged me the $55 dollars for the dip ombre, and I didn't question it at the time because it was my first time and I thought maybe that was normal? But then I went home and did some google researching and, and maybe I'm wrong, but what I ended up getting wasn't a dip ombre but a gel one? If an employee sees this, could you explain what happened? I understand we used some dip powder, but that was all drilled off, and the ombre effect came from the gel polish, not the dip? I'm not mad about being overcharged if that was the case, just in the future would like to pay for what I asked for. Thank you all for your time and service.
The first time I went there, it was ok I did a full set they charge me $60. Yesterday I had an appointment at 11 , they made me wait 45 minutes, they didn’t even apologize for the long wait then they did my nails in the same chair that they do your pedi, they did it so quickly and charged me for a regular mani and pedi $60 and today my nails are all cracked. I’m really disappointed! I’ll never going back there.
Definitely do not recommend! They are sneaky and will charge your card more money behind your back after you leave their salon. On 12/02/21 at 10:34 am They originally charged me 40.00 for a full set with gel color, i didn’t get anything fancy no designs, nothing other than upgraded polish. I gave a 10.00 tip and the receipt I have from them shows a charge for 50.00. I check my account the next day (12/03/21) and it shows a charge for 60.00 and that it had been adjusted BY THEM at 12:06 pm AFTER I HAD LEFT THEIR SALON. I went in to ask Tom and Cici about it and I got told it was my bank and not them . BUT THAT CLEARLY IS NOT THE CASE AS BANKS DO NOT HAVE ANY REASON TO ADJUST IT. I’ve called my bank and they assured me that Cicis nails as the merchant were the ones who adjusted it as it was originally charged at 10:34 am on 12/02/21 and it had been adjusted at 12:06 pm on 12/02/21. The only people benefiting from the adjustment is them! I know it’s only a 10.00 difference BUT ITS THE PRINCIPLE. THESE PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY FROM YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK. So be careful! These people are shady and will charge your card more money after you leave their salon!
EDIT: they have officially corrected the amount that was originally swiped when I left their salon and it has now posted on my account. NOTICE IT DOESNT SAY ADJUSTED AMOUNT ANYMORE? It was only pending due to someone at Cicis nails trying to adjust the original amount for more money. Go ahead and look at the time stamps in the screenshots, it shows it all. Oh and due note that cici did say If it was fixed, I owed them an apology posted to their page, when in fact they were the ones trying to take extra money that didn’t belong to them to begin with hoping no one would catch on to it! THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED TO BEGIN WITH IF SOMEONE IN THEIR SALON HAD NOT CHANGED THE AMOUNT I AUTHORIZED MY CARD TO BE SWIPED FOR AND IF THEY WERE OPEN UPFRONT AND HONEST HARD WORKING INDIVIDUALS WITH MORALS AND VALUES.
While I do appreciate them making it right, the fact that this happened to begin with just shows the kind of people they are and the kind of business they are running. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING BUISNESS ELSE WHERE, just to simply save yourself the grief of dealing with people like this.
Very nice and friendly staff. Reasonable prices. I didn't have an appointment and they still fit me in. Location is close to my home so I'll be back again
I went in to get a gel manicure, and they completely ignored what I wanted and messed up my nails will not be returning back ever.
Очень плохо. Не рекомендую. Педикюр сделали отвратительный. Когда попросила переделать, увидела на себе осуждающий взгляд. И за второй раз всё же это не было на отлично. Персонал говорит между собой на китайском и ты от этого чувствуешь себя некомфортно. Увы((( больше меня здесь не будет.

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