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Quick Facts About China Chef

China Chef place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
1. Quick service: Multiple comments mention that the food arrived very quickly, indicating that China Chef place is efficient in delivering orders promptly.
2. Warm welcome and friendly service: The lady behind the counter is commended for her great welcome and friendly service. This shows that China Chef place prioritizes excellent customer service.
3. Portion sizes and value for money: Several reviewers mention that the portion sizes at China Chef place are good and that they received plenty of food. This indicates that customers can enjoy a satisfying meal with value for money.
4. Fresh ingredients: One comment states that the food is always fresh, suggesting that China Chef place uses quality ingredients in their dishes.
5. Non-greasy food: Another reviewer notes that the food is not greasy, implying that China Chef place prepares healthier Chinese cuisine.
6. Repeat customers: It is mentioned that China Chef place has gained the loyalty of some customers who consider it their go-to place for Chinese food. This demonstrates that there are patrons who appreciate the establishment's offerings.
1. Bland and poor quality food: One comment describes the food as awful and bland, stating that it was unappetizing after just two mouthfuls. This suggests that China Chef place may lack flavor and quality in their dishes.
2. Expensive for the quality: The same reviewer deems the food overpriced considering its poor quality, indicating that China Chef place may not provide good value for money.
3. Tomato usage: A customer complains about the inclusion of tomatoes in their chop suey and other dishes, stating that it is not authentic. This criticism suggests that China Chef place may deviate from traditional Chinese cooking methods, potentially disappointing those seeking an authentic experience.
4. Chilli sauce preparation: One reviewer mentions that the chili in their food seemed to be sprinkled on rather than being a part of the sauce. This implies that China Chef place may not pay proper attention to the flavor profiles and preparation techniques required for certain dishes.
5. Parking availability: A customer states that there is no parking directly outside the shop, which may inconvenience some customers who wish to pick up their orders.
In conclusion, China Chef place has strengths in terms of quick service, friendly staff, good portion sizes, fresh ingredients, non-greasy food, and repeat customers. However, it also has weaknesses relating to bland and poor quality food, pricing, deviation from authentic recipes, chili sauce preparation, and limited parking options.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Food arrived very quickly but that is where the good review ends. Really awful bland food. Will never order from here again. Two mouthfuls and we had to stop eating. Expensive for such poor quality food.
Great welcome from the lady behind the counter..... makes such a great impression!!
Had Sing fried noodle, chicken HK style and egg fried rice - really lovely and plenty for 2 adults
Has my custom now!
Portion size was good, but I suppose that made up for the cost, and seriously, who puts tomatoes in chop suey?!! In fact tomato seemed to be added to other dishes too. I’ve eaten Chinese food the world over and never had tomato thrown in like this!
I shall not be ordering from them again. I do not recommend them. Definitely not anything anywhere near being authentic.
My go-to place for Chinese food. The food is always fresh and the portions are great size. Highly recommend!!
Always have a good meal from here, the food is always really good, staff are really friendly, food is not greasy. Good quality ingredients used.
Great friendly service
Big portion sizes and the best barbecue spare ribs and salt and chilli chicken ever.
We come from kenley to get our takeaway here
Didn't really enjoy the food, seemed as if chilli sprinkled on rather than made as part of the sauce.
Service OK, no parking directly outside the shop

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