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Chan & Bay Nail Spa

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4550 Jonesboro Rd P, Union City, GA 30291 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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I came in because my nails from a nail tech I went to were falling & the overall shape was pretty bad. This is how I left, I will definitely be returning because they left my nails looking flawless! They’re smooth & sleek, simple but they paid attention to every detail!
I’ve been looking for a place to go to nearby and noticed this nail shop around last year. I finally tried it and I was pleased with how quick the service was. They also had plenty of color options. I miss the days when a fill-in was $30. Total was $73 (28 for toe gel color change and 45 for fill-in).
I came here 6 months ago and I was very, very disappointed about the service and everything. But I came again 3 weeks ago and this time I was really happy and surprised because the salon in under new manager, owner, technician. They are professional at what they are doing and do it good, the price is reasonable and they were friendly too.
I writing this comment because I see a lot of negative reviews about this nail salon. I have the same problems 6 months ago but now the salon have new owner, manager, and technician and they are wayyyyy better than the last ones so I suggest you guys to give it a try.
Terrible!! They over charge for no reason and the service was horrible and customer service is definitely not up to par. I only went because they were the only place opened in Labor Day. I will don’t make that mistake again. Less than 30 minutes from leaving the salon, at least 3 jewels fell off already.
I am very conflicted with my review. I gave 5 stars Bc every experience I have had here until today has been great but today. I felt like I came in for a relaxing experience and left with so much anxiety and embarrassment. I usually get color powder nails and gel on my toes every time I go. Well after seeing the studies from HARVARD about the negative affects on the YV lights used in salons I mentioned I didn’t want it used anymore. The feedback and backlash I got from that statement was so embarrassing and overwhelming. I was basically forced to use the UV light and was told “girl put your hand under that light”. After trying to insist that I only wanted color powder. I didn’t mind the cost (it was never about the money). So today I left with a gel manicure and regular polish pedicure (which both look great) it just isn’t what I wanted and I’m stressed about if I should go back or not. The quality is always a 10/10 and the service so I don’t want to take away from that but today was too much
Customer service here is very excellent. However I'm giving two stars because the woman that did my toes she did not clean her equipment to do my toes. After I asked her to spray it with alcohol when we were done she still did not clean her equipment she put it in the same water that she cleaned my feet in and put it in a box and put it up.
This place has made my nails extremely thin and damaged. I only get S&S powder on my nails and I have never had an issue with S&S. S&S makes the nails strong. I’m not sure if it’s the machines they are using or what, but I will not be returning.
I paid $53 for short acrylic nails. I was charged an extra four dollars for length when the nails are short! I had to constantly tell my nail tech which nails to file and fix it was a horrible experience and I wasted my money. I could’ve went else where and got a better experience for cheaper even after giving them a tip.

Quick Facts About Chan & Bay Nail Spa

Chan & Bay Nail Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the salon. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, it is important to consider each comment and its implications.
Starting with the positive feedback, customers have expressed satisfaction with the overall appearance of their nails after visiting Chan & Bay Nail Spa. One customer mentioned that their nails looked flawless, with attention to detail and a smooth finish. This suggests that the nail technicians at the salon are skilled and capable of delivering a high-quality service. Another positive aspect highlighted by a customer is the quick service. Prompt service can be a strength for a nail salon, as it indicates efficiency and respects the customer's time. Additionally, customers appreciate the variety of color options available, indicating that the salon provides a wide range of choices to meet different preferences.
Another comment emphasizes the positive changes that have taken place at the salon, specifically the new owner, manager, and technicians. This suggests that the salon may have undergone improvements in terms of professionalism, quality of service, and friendliness. These positive changes not only reflect positively on the current management but also indicate the potential for continuous improvement.
However, there are also several negative comments that shed light on the weaknesses of Chan & Bay Nail Spa. One customer expresses disappointment with the service received, mentioning overcharging and poor customer service. Overcharging for services can be perceived as a weakness, as it may deter potential customers. Additionally, the customer's experience of having jewels fall off shortly after leaving the salon raises concerns about the durability and quality of the nail enhancements provided.
An aspect of concern highlighted by another customer is the lack of hygiene in the salon. The customer mentioned that the technician did not clean her equipment properly, possibly compromising the cleanliness and safety of the service. Cleanliness and hygiene are vital in a nail salon to ensure customer satisfaction and prevent the spread of infections.
Furthermore, an alarming comment suggests that the salon may be causing damage to customers' nails. The customer mentions that their nails became extremely thin and damaged after visiting the salon. This raises concerns about the techniques or products being used, possibly indicating a lack of expertise or improper application. Such an issue can severely impact the salon's reputation and deter repeat customers.
Lastly, one customer had a negative experience due to a miscommunication regarding the use of UV lights during the service. The customer wanted to avoid the UV light due to potential negative effects, but felt compelled to use it against their wishes. This indicates a breakdown in communication and a lack of sensitivity towards the customer's preferences and concerns. Providing a relaxing and personalized experience is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In summary, Chan & Bay Nail Spa has strengths in terms of delivering flawless and detailed nail services, providing quick service, offering a wide color selection, and improving under new management. However, the salon struggles with issues of overcharging, poor customer service, hygiene concerns, potential damage to nails, and miscommunication. These weaknesses can significantly impact the salon's reputation and hinder customer satisfaction. It is important for Chan & Bay Nail Spa to address these weaknesses in order to improve and attract a wider clientele.

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