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Captain Hooks

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St John's Rd, Isleworth TW7 6NB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I ordered with Uber - spiced lamb koftas grilled with onions and peppers on a skewer served in pitta bread with salads. ——> I got bland lamb „cutlets” with lots of raw peppers and onions that supposed to be grilled? Salad was just big pieces of cucumber and tomato not diced, not sliced… everything was one big untasty mess and it costs £13.95?????? Totally not as described in the menu and not worth the price at all. This is a joke. Stay away from this place, that’s all I can advise.
Excellent Cod!!!! Best fish and chips in hounslow, tasty fish. Wouldn’t recommend the chicken burger, just a frozen patty.
The fish was fantastic and they cooked it for me freshly without hesitation. The staff were very polite and warm and the price was reasonable. Definitely will visit again????????
We had plaice, Rock and chips they done it fresh for us as usual very good quality.
The best fish & chips in town. Thank you ted for your lovely service. Top guys
I absolutely love the food here. Perfect fish and chips with large portions and their tender kebabs are delicious! People who work there are so lovely, I have been a customer for many years. I recommend it highly.
Local fish and chips shop. Bit on the pricey side but you definitely get your money's worth. Portions are huge, fish is very good quality. And it's an honest fish with a reasonable amount of batter. Cooked well fish is delicious and flaky. There also burgers and kebabs on the menu. They do delivery.
Would be 5 stars but unfortunately, the incompetent owner is dragging this place down if it was not for 2 of his polite staff this place would have closed a long time ago or worse.

Quick Facts About Captain Hooks

Captain Hook's place is a popular fish and chips shop in Hounslow, known for its excellent cod and large portions. However, there are mixed reviews about the quality of their other dishes, such as the lamb koftas and chicken burger. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Captain Hook's place, we will examine the comments left by customers below.
One customer had a disappointing experience with the lamb koftas, stating that they were bland and not as described in the menu. They also mentioned that the salad was not prepared properly, with large chunks of cucumber and tomato instead of diced or sliced. The customer felt that the dish was overpriced for the quality they received. This comment highlights a weakness in the restaurant's attention to detail and consistency in their menu offerings.
On the other hand, another customer praised the fish and chips, calling it the best in Hounslow. They appreciated the fact that the fish was cooked freshly for them and found the staff to be polite and warm. This positive feedback emphasizes the restaurant's strength in serving high-quality fish and providing attentive customer service.
A third customer also had a positive experience with their order of plaice, rock, and chips. They mentioned that the food was prepared fresh, which shows a strength in Captain Hook's commitment to serving quality dishes. This comment further solidifies the restaurant's reputation for good quality fish and chips.
Another satisfied customer claimed that Captain Hook's is the best fish and chips place in town. They specifically thanked Ted for his excellent service. This positive review demonstrates another strength of the restaurant - their friendly and attentive staff who contribute to a pleasant dining experience.
One loyal customer expressed their love for the food at Captain Hook's, praising the perfect fish and chips with large portions. They also mentioned enjoying their tender kebabs and have been a customer for many years. This loyal following speaks to the restaurant's strength in consistently delivering tasty food that keeps customers coming back.
While most comments are positive, there is one review that highlights a potential weakness in Captain Hook's place. The customer mentions that the owner is incompetent, and that the only reason the place is still afloat is due to the polite staff members. Although this comment is subjective, it indicates a weakness in the management or leadership of the restaurant, which could potentially impact the overall experience for customers.
In summary, Captain Hook's place has several strengths including their excellent cod, freshly prepared fish, large portions, and friendly staff. However, there are some weaknesses noted in the comments, such as inconsistencies in menu descriptions, the quality of certain dishes like the lamb koftas and chicken burger, and potential management issues. Despite these weaknesses, the overall consensus from the comments is that Captain Hook's place has a strong reputation for serving delicious fish and chips, which is the main attraction for many customers.


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