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California Nails

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4700 Millhaven Rd, Monroe, LA 71203 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About California Nails

California Nails has both strengths and weaknesses according to the comments provided. These comments reveal important aspects of the salon's services, customer service, and overall experience for customers.
One of the strengths mentioned in the comments is the skill and patience of the nail technicians. Ms.Kim is specifically praised for her technical skills and interpersonal skills. She was able to do an amazing job on one customer's daughter's nails and was kind and patient throughout the process. This indicates that California Nails has skilled and talented technicians who can deliver high-quality nail services.
Another strength mentioned by one customer is the great job done by Helen, although it is mentioned that she is always busy. This suggests that Helen is in-demand due to her exceptional skills, which reflects positively on the salon overall.
However, there are also a number of weaknesses that were pointed out in the comments. One common weakness appears to be long wait times. One customer mentioned waiting outside the mall after signing in, and three customers were called before her. Another comment expressed frustration with waiting for 30 minutes for service without any assistance.
Additionally, some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the nail services provided. One customer was unsatisfied with the acrylic nails she received as they were not what she requested and had to be filed by herself to fix them. Another customer complained that her nails were done poorly and looked like they were done by a five-year-old. Furthermore, there were issues with the acrylic being lumpy and not smooth, as well as nail polish being left all over the customer's hands.
Customer service was also mentioned as a weakness in some comments. One customer complained about poor customer service skills, stating that others were allowed to walk in and be served before those who had been waiting. Another customer mentioned leaving after 30 minutes due to an employee's attitude when asked to fix mistakes.
In summary, while California Nails demonstrates strengths in terms of skilled and patient technicians, as well as positive customer experiences mentioned by some customers, there are several weaknesses that need to be addressed. These weaknesses include long wait times, poor quality of nail services, and issues with customer service. Addressing these weaknesses could greatly improve the overall experience and reputation of California Nails.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Ms.Kim did my daughter's nails, not only did she do an amazing job on her nails, she was very kind and patient with her. She made suggestions per request, and was able to copy a nail design request perfectly. Thank you Ms.Kim for both your technical skills and interpersonal skills! Will definitely return to California Nails to see Ms.Kim soon.
We are on vacation and I wanted to get my nails done, we were already at Pecanland Mall anyway. I signed I and had to wait outside in the mall. 3 customers walked out before they called me in. I asked for American Acrylic nails, with no color except clear. The lady said I have done American nails in colored tops one years! She put silverish pearl tips on. She then filed my nails at an angle, I had to file them myself to square them up. Very unsatisfied will not go back or recommend!
Helen did a great job. Wish they’d allow her to take appointments bc she’s always super busy
I am not one to complain but this is ridiculous! It looks like a five year old did my nails! I would have been better off going to the dollar store and doing them myself! I went back in after I left to try and get them fixed and they tried to give me the same lady that did them the first time to fix them so I left!
I asked for a coffin shape. And got this. He wouldn’t fix them. The acrylic is lumpy and not smooth at all. There was nail polish all over my hands and I had to go home and take it off.
Sy can never do my nails again! I refuse to even go back! Had to leave after 30 min of him having an attitude because he had to fix what he messed up.
Yall timing sucks I have been to you all 3 days straight waited for 30 mins Noone I mean no-one came to help. Yall let people just walk in and get seen before you help the people on the list. Yall have poor customer service skills that I have ever seen
They were absolutely amazing, they were sweet, gentle,and listened to everything I asked couldn't have had a better experience

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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