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Tampa Truck Stop

+1 813-570-8336
6503 US-301, Tampa, FL 33610 United States of America
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Guess how much an overnight parking cost: $20? $30? $100?
When you come park your truck after sunset, I can assure you will miss one line on billboard " PAID PARKING"
First thing in the morning, you will notice your truck's wheels are locked. You will try to express your concerns, and the management will start rase overnight parking fee..
Pure management, horrible service.
Disgusting place. Overpriced truck parking. For a peice of garbage place. No hot food. Crackheads in the parking lot.
And nasty non functional bathrooms.
I found this stop to be a decent one. During our travels we have stopped here few times. They have showers for 10 bucks which are some what clean hot water is great. The staff is friendly and nice they have decent prices all though not consistent with prices. I'd stop again while traveling
One of the longest running Truckstop around not much there small but a do in a pinch.
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. ROMANS 10:13
Under New Management the manager's name is Eddie really nice guy has a crew of guys that work there that are very helpful just hard to explain you have to experience the place I've been to a lot of truck stops this truck stop carrie D E F at the pump makes it very convenient beats them all, you wouldn't think so by the way it looks but let me tell you, you will be so happy with your experience here the quality of merchandise the prices of the merchandise the restaurant I can go on and on but let me show you some pictures thank you Eddie for the good service that you give me I will always recommend you one hell of a truck stop I mean one god-given truck stop.
Nasty truck stop Men restroom is smell bad you don’t wanna stop here and only 1 of the toilet seat is open no toilet paper ???? no free parking worse thing is No Food! Don’t go this place unless you just need to fule!
No complaints. It's a truck with decent restrooms. The parking is like the rest. If you have problems backing you can easily park here.
Not very clean.
A truck with paid stay for a week had been hit several times and parts were laying in the road.
Didn't feel very safe, however was the only truck stop in the area that spaces to park.

Quick Facts About Tampa Truck Stop

1. Showers: One commenter mentioned that they have showers for $10, which are somewhat clean and have hot water. This suggests that the Tampa Truck Stop provides decent shower facilities for truckers.
2. Friendly staff: Another comment mentioned that the staff is friendly and nice. This is a strength as it creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere for truckers who stop at the Tampa Truck Stop.
3. Convenience: One comment mentioned that the Tampa Truck Stop offers DEF at the pump, which is very convenient for truckers. This suggests that the truck stop provides services and products that truckers need and find useful.
4. Decent prices: One commenter mentioned that the prices are decent, although not consistent. This implies that the Tampa Truck Stop offers reasonable prices for its services and products, which can be beneficial for truckers who are on a budget.
1. Overpriced parking: Multiple comments highlighted the issue of overpriced truck parking. This is a significant weakness as it can deter truckers from choosing the Tampa Truck Stop as their parking option.
2. Lack of food options: One comment mentioned that there is no hot food available at the truck stop. This is a weakness as truckers often rely on truck stops for food during their journeys.
3. Non-functional bathrooms: Another comment stated that the bathrooms are nasty and non-functional. This is a major weakness as clean and functional bathrooms are essential for truckers who need to use the restroom during their stops.
4. Safety concerns: One commenter expressed feeling unsafe at the Tampa Truck Stop, highlighting a weakness in terms of security measures or atmosphere at the truck stop. This can be a significant deterrent for truckers who prioritize safety.
5. Lack of cleanliness: Multiple comments mentioned that the Tampa Truck Stop is not very clean. This is a weakness as cleanliness is an important factor for truckers who spend extended periods of time at truck stops.
6. Damaged vehicles: One comment mentioned that a truck parked at the Tampa Truck Stop had been hit multiple times and parts were lying in the road. This indicates a weakness in terms of security or management practices, as it does not provide a safe environment for parked vehicles.
7. Limited parking options: One comment mentioned that the Tampa Truck Stop is the only truck stop in the area with parking spaces. Although this provides a benefit in terms of availability, it also suggests a weakness in terms of limited choices for truckers, potentially causing overcrowding or difficulty finding a parking spot.

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