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brooklyn barber & Tattoo Studio

+353 83 101 5537
73 N Strand Rd, North Strand, Dublin, D03 E942 Ireland
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 05:30 PM


  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

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I've been going to this barber for over 4 years. Khan is a great man who knows what he is doing. The prices are great within North Dublin standards.
He is quite fast and efficient, which allows people not to wait long times but at the same time he delivers a good cut.
Terrible. I thought that the fact it's usually busy was a good sign. Went in for a number 1 all over, the razor started with a clang and a loud buzzing. Seemed like he couldn't cut my hair fast enough, literally 3-5 mins. 12 euros and one nick that I felt. However, when I got home and after I had a shower my daughter said you've got cuts on your head, looked in the mirror, 4 cuts altogether, the one I felt on top was bad and scabby. Went back in couple days later to complain and show him, it's like he didn't care, I would advise against this place
Today was my second time in this barbers and third time hearing complaints while waiting to get my hair cut. The main barber is on holidays it seems and has left the most incompetent man who barely speaks English running the shop. It took him over an hour to do a dry cut once the next person was in the chair the boy who got his hair cut before was dragged in by his mother screaming look what you've done to my sons hair ( you could clearly see the huge chunk of miss hair from his head). After 15 mins of sitting listing to this woman screaming and this barber trying to defend himself with the little English he has the next person was in the chair he told him exactly what he wanted and about 20 mins into the cut he stops to and backs away and say what do you think the man turned to him and said what ? your not done what about all the rest and the sides ? the barber just goes ok ok i fix. At this point i decided it wasn't worth it and got up to leave this was followed by the barber shouting at me where you go where you go i get to you, i just kept walking . Ill never use this business again and wouldn't recommend anyone else to. The main barber on holidays is good at what he does but to leave someone running his business with no real experience wasnt smart ill never be going back and im sure there will be plenty more before he gets back from holidays.
Usually great but the regular guy isn’t there at the moment and two untrained boys have been left in charge; not a good cut (didn’t do neck, uneven cut etc) even at this price point... will try again in a few weeks when the main guys back
Very nice man from Pakistan great haircut you can tell he has done this for a while knows what he is doing.
Very good staff. They know what they are doing. Friendly and attentive.
Good barber. Cheaper rate of 10 euro for dry cut on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Brilliant barber!! ????

Quick Facts About brooklyn barber & Tattoo Studio

Brooklyn Barber & Tattoo Studio's strengths can be seen in the positive comments left by customers. One customer mentioned going to this barber for over 4 years, which indicates that they have established a loyal customer base. This could be seen as a strength because it shows that the barber has built trust and credibility with their customers. The comment also mentions that Khan is a great man who knows what he is doing, indicating that he is skilled and experienced in his craft. This is another strength because customers are likely to trust someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in their profession.
The comment also mentions that the prices are great within North Dublin standards. This can be seen as a strength because it suggests that the barber offers competitive pricing, making their services more accessible to a wider range of customers. Price is often an important factor for customers when choosing a barber, so offering affordable rates can be a competitive advantage.
Another strength mentioned by a customer is that the barber is fast and efficient. This is a positive attribute because it allows customers to get their hair cut quickly and not have to wait for long periods of time. Fast service can be appealing to customers who are on a tight schedule or prefer to spend less time at the barber.
However, there are also several weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer had a terrible experience where they received a poor haircut and ended up with cuts on their head. This is a significant weakness because it shows a lack of attention to detail and potentially a lack of skill or proper technique. Additionally, the customer mentioned that when they went back to complain, the barber did not seem to care. This is a weakness because it indicates poor customer service and a lack of responsiveness to customer concerns.
Another weakness mentioned is that there have been complaints while waiting for a haircut, suggesting that there may be issues with the overall management or organization of the shop. This can lead to a negative customer experience and potentially deter customers from returning. Furthermore, the comment mentions that the main barber is on holiday and has left someone who is inexperienced and barely speaks English in charge. This is a weakness because it suggests a lack of proper staffing and training, which can result in subpar service and customer dissatisfaction.
Overall, while Brooklyn Barber & Tattoo Studio has some strengths such as a loyal customer base, skilled barbers, and competitive pricing, there are significant weaknesses in terms of poor haircuts, lack of attention to detail, and inadequate customer service. These weaknesses can negatively impact the reputation and future success of the business.


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