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Bow Wow Bath House

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29800 Bradley Rd STE 122, Menifee, CA 92586 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Bow Wow Bath House

Bow Wow Bath House is a local grooming salon that has received both positive and negative reviews from customers. By analyzing the comments, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of this establishment.
Strengths: 1. Good customer service: One customer expressed their satisfaction with the service, mentioning that the staff was on time and did an amazing job on their German Shepherd. The owner, Monica, was praised for her love of animals and willingness to go above and beyond to calm down anxious pets during nail trims.
2. Quality grooming: Another customer commented that their two Scotties looked great after being bathed and groomed at Bow Wow Bath House. This indicates that the salon has skilled groomers who can deliver satisfactory results.
3. Walk-in availability: A reviewer appreciated the fact that Bow Wow Bath House allows customers to walk in without an appointment. This convenience sets them apart from other groomers that require advance scheduling.
4. Affordable pricing: One customer mentioned that Bow Wow Bath House was less expensive than other grooming services they had used. This affordability may attract price-conscious pet owners.
5. Self-wash service: Another customer mentioned that they had utilized the self-wash service at Bow Wow Bath House and were happy with the provided supplies and facilities. This indicates that the salon offers a range of services to cater to different customer preferences.
Weaknesses: 1. Long wait times: One disgruntled customer complained about the long wait time for their dog's grooming appointment, despite having been given a specific timeframe. They expressed their frustration with the delay, which caused stress to their pet. This suggests that the salon may struggle with managing their schedule efficiently.
2. Poor attention to detail: The same customer who experienced the long wait time also expressed disappointment with the quality of the grooming. They mentioned that the cut was subpar, with uneven lengths and obvious mistakes, such as an abrasion on their dog's skin. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and suggests that the groomers may rush through their work.
3. Communication issues: Another dissatisfied customer shared their negative experience of their dog's visit to Bow Wow Bath House. They encountered problems with the staff, who allegedly forgot to trim their dog's nails and rushed through the bath and haircut. The customer also mentioned that the staff was rude. This indicates poor communication and customer service, which can greatly impact the overall experience.
4. Hygiene concerns: The same unhappy customer criticized the cleanliness of the salon, describing it as dirty. This raises concerns about the salon's hygiene practices and may deter potential customers.
5. Questionable treatment of animals: A highly negative review accused Bow Wow Bath House of mistreating their customer's German Shepherd, resulting in physical injuries and emotional distress. This allegation reflects extremely poor treatment of animals and would be a significant concern for any pet owner.
In conclusion, Bow Wow Bath House has strengths in terms of customer service, quality grooming, affordability, walk-in availability, and self-wash services. However, they have weaknesses in managing wait times, attention to detail, communication, hygiene standards, and alleged mistreatment of animals. These factors should be taken into consideration by potential customers when deciding whether or not to patronize this establishment.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

They did an amazing job on my 7year old German Shepherd, said would be ready in 3 hours and were on time! I got the de shedding bath for him and he came out so fresh and clean! He feels so soft and no hair flying off his body. Yay! Thanks so much,will be returning.
I tried out this local groomer because they were less expensive than the mobile groomer I've been using. They're nice people but I can't recommend them because of two main problems.
1. They kept my dog for 5 hours even though I had an appointment. She was stressed out because of the wait or the hurried job (she was last of the day). She drools when she's stressed and she was drooling. She never does that with the mobile groomer.
2. Quality of the cut was poor. Ears and tail were simply cut straight across with no sense of shape or style. Hard to describe but she never comes out looking like the proverbial bowl cut with our other groomer. Also, and this was the bad part, she had several places where the fur was just hacked off even though I said "not too short." part of the area between the eyes was so short that it made her face look like a gouged hollowed out spot was cut out by the right eye. Very off balance looking... Another spot behind one ear was an obvious slip of the cutting tool because it left an abraision on her skin turning it red like a shallow cut, although it didn't bleed. These are the signs to me that her cut was very hurried and careless mistakes were made.
Luke and Phoebe aproved!
These two Scotties look great when Bow Wow Bath House finishes bath and grooming! We will be regular customers! ????
Took my dog 1/7/23 I thought being under new ownership they would do an amazing job, I was totally wrong I dropped off my dog at 12:20pm they told me he would be done in 3 hours. My dog was not done until 7:30pm, right at closing time I went there at 7:15 pm I had to tell them what going on with my dog. They went to go get him and started working on him nothing was done with him. They did his haircut and bath in like 10 minutes. I had to tell they forgot to trim his nails it was horrible patches and he smelled like a wet dog. The place dirty and the staff is rude!
Love the fact that you can just walk in without an appointment. I went to pet smart first, and was told they weren't sure they would even groom my dog. The people at Bow Wow Bath House said no problem. It's a family owned business, and they make you feel like you're family too. They did a beautiful job on my maltese. I was given an estimate of 40 dollars on the phone, but it was 45 dollars when I picked him up. But I did realize an estimate is just that," AN ESTIMATE" my dog is not friendly, and larger than most malteses.
After two weeks I thought I would use the self wash service. I was supplies with a nice large wash tub, apron, shampoo, towels and hair drier. Looking forward to being a regular customer.
If I could rate 0 stars I would. A friend recommended this place because it was cheap, they quoted me 3 hours for a bath & de-shed treatment for my dog, they called me 40 minutes later saying she was ready for pick up, which is odd to get that timing so messed up, especially because my dog is a German shepherd. I picked her up and she was super antsy, something was wrong with her neck because she was whining in pain when moving it, and she didn’t eat for 3-4 days after. Eventually I looked through her fur and found huge scabs behind both her ears, so big I thought they were ticks. I called and asked for a refund and they delayed all their responses to me and kept saying the workers family members were passing away, etc, and then called me to argue that if they did cut my dog, it’s because her hair was matted. My shepherded is a short hair, and has never had matted hair in her life, but finally after 2 months I got my refund. I just took my dog back to our regular groomer and my groomer said she was super anxious compared to usual and wouldn’t even get on the blow dry table, so Don’t take your pets here unless you want your animals to be abused & mistreated.
Omg. I took a very matted Malti which my family adopted from a senior who could no longer care for her. The two girls who took over ownership were amazing. The had a consult with me to let me know it was going to be a challenge and they were ready to give her the best care. When I picked up the little doggie. She was beautiful. Thank you so much Monica. Can’t wait to bring her back next month.
The owner is such an animal person. She literally laid on the floor with my pug to help him try to calm down during a nail trim. She has such a love for the animals and that to me is one of the biggest wants when finding a groomer. Petco almost let my dog run into the street. I would much rather support a local ran ma & pa business 100%!

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