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Blooming Nail & Spa

+1 510-669-9390
15501 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, CA 94806 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Blooming Nail & Spa

Blooming Nail & Spa place, according to the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, customers appreciate the convenience of the salon and the wide selection of colors. The service is also described as excellent, and the staff, particularly Susan and Tammy, received positive feedback for their work. Additionally, some customers have been coming to Blooming Nail & Spa for a while and are satisfied with the quality of their services.
However, there are several weaknesses that are highlighted by the comments. One major issue is the language barrier. Customers complain that some manicurists are disconnected and do not engage in proper English conversations, which can make communication difficult and lead to misunderstandings. This can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, especially for guests who do not speak the same language. It is seen as rude and unprofessional to speak in a foreign language in front of customers who do not understand it. This suggests a lack of customer service training or cultural sensitivity on the part of the staff.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of transparency in pricing. Customers report that it took multiple attempts and interactions with different manicurists just to obtain the price information. This indicates poor communication and inconsistent business practices. It is important for a salon to clearly communicate their prices to customers, as it helps build trust and allows customers to make informed decisions.
Sanitation practices also seem to be a concern. Customers mention that they did not see the tools being properly sanitized or opened in their sight. This raises questions about the hygiene standards of the salon. Proper sanitation is crucial in a nail salon to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. Not having tools displayed openly can make customers skeptical about the cleanliness of the salon, which can negatively impact their overall experience and sense of well-being.
The comments also mention issues with the quality of the manicures and pedicures. Some customers report uneven tips, sharp edges, and chipped polish shortly after the service. One customer even experienced cuts from the nail technician. These incidents highlight a lack of attention to detail and quality control. Customers expect their nails to be shaped and polished precisely, and any issues with the final result can lead to disappointment and frustration.
Furthermore, one customer mentioned that the gel manicure was done poorly, with gel everywhere and bubbles in the polish. Although the manager/owner offered to redo the nails, the entire experience took over two hours due to a delay in starting the service, which added to the frustration. This indicates poor time management and a lack of organization within the salon.
In addition, there are customers who had negative experiences in the past and chose to return to Blooming Nail & Spa, only to be disappointed once again. This suggests a lack of consistency in service quality and indicates that the salon might not have addressed previous issues or improved their practices.
Finally, one customer mentioned that their friend's acrylic nail fell off as soon as they left the salon. This indicates a lack of durability and proper application techniques. Losing a nail shortly after leaving the salon can be frustrating and a waste of money for customers.
In conclusion, while Blooming Nail & Spa has some strengths, such as convenience and a wide selection of colors, there are several weaknesses highlighted in the comments. These include a language barrier, lack of transparency in pricing, questionable sanitation practices, issues with the quality of manicures and pedicures, poor time management, and a lack of consistency. These weaknesses can significantly impact the overall customer experience and may deter potential customers from visiting the salon. It is important for Blooming Nail & Spa to address these issues and make the necessary improvements to provide a better and more satisfactory service to their customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Stopped by for a pedicure was helped by Holly being a out of town guest decided to check out Blooming nails based off reviews posted. Unfortunately it was never mentioned how disconnected manicurist are and having a simple English conversation is too much to ask. Being a bilingual female myself understand and know how rude it is to speak a foreign language in front of guest who don't speak the same language. Also asking prices took 5 different manicurist to receive a answer terrible business practices. Last tools are not opened in sight to show proper sanitation practices are being used. If your looking for a salon that looks outdated, over priced and disconnected this is the salon for you.
Hit or miss depending on the tech you get. I have small nails and I’ve gotten nicked before but the work comes out pretty good. My go to spot for convenience. Overall decent prices and wide selection of colors.
lovely nails, accurate to the reference i showed them. susan and tammy did my nails. very pleased.
I have been coming to blooming nails since they first opened in 2015. The service is excellent, the place is clean, and the owner Tammy is awesome! I would definitely recommend.
Went in for a basic manicure and pedicure. The pedicure was a really nice experience. But my manicure was just something else. Lol they sat me at a pullout table to rush me and my friend’s nails. I asked her to lightly shape my nails only to get left with sharp edges and uneven tips. Not only that but I asked for clear on my nails and not even 2 days later the clear chipped off in full pieces. Yes the place is clean but the work based off my experience doesn’t match the cleanliness of it.
Horrible service! Spent $85 on a pedicure and full set and they look an absolute mess! The paint job isn’t good & the nail tech cut me multiple times!!! Super mad I went to this place because I went there before a while back and the service was terrible but I just needed my nails done. I knew better than to come back. NEVER AGAIN!
Been coming here for a while they do amazing work!
Yikes- they had to redo my gel manicure after receiving probably the worst manicure I've ever had. There was gel everywhere and bubbles in the polish.
The manager/owner was kind and offered to have my nails redone, which I accepted, but we were there for over two hours because we got started 30 min late (they were running behind), so I was really frustrated.
My friend's acrylic nail fell off as soon as we left the salon. We will not be back.

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