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Big Al's Barber Shop

+1 352-245-9976
11845 US-441, Belleview, FL 34420 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Best barber shop I've been to in decades.
Really cheap prices ($9) but did a job so good I paid her $20. Can't remember her name but it was the girl with the tattoos and piercings. She did an awesome job with my difficult hair. Highly recommend ????
I've been coming to Big Al's on and off about 15 years and I've never posted a review. Also in all the years I've been going there cannot remember having not one bad experience or haircut. I've had 5 different barbers in the last 6months and they've all done a good job. I believe Amber cut my hair yesterday and it's probably the best one yet. Keep doing what you guys are doing we appreciate you...
I never thought of getting a haircut as fun until I went to Big Al's. I got one of the best haircuts I've ever had for $8 and got a live comedy show at the same time. Every barber in there is funnier than the next one. All very friendly. You can tell they love their jobs and something like that shows in the work ethic. Whether a Fortune 500 Company of a small town barber show, happy employees have a better work ethic. A family was there with 3 very young boys and those barbers made these kids feel like they were the most important person on earth.
I've been here to get my last 6 hair cuts. Had a different stylist every time and loved every experience. Great atmosphere as well. Not to mention the prices. Feels great to leave a $12 tip without spending more than $20.
They don't charge an arm and a leg to cut your hair, most of the stylists are very friendly, I go here to get my haircut all the time. The wait is very fast, they have a friendly atmosphere too, it's a place you can take a lunch break and get a haircut.
Very nice people and quality service. Very clean They do alot of different styles and cuts. They actually do female haircuts and trims to. They are very efficient.
Get my son's hair done there alot. They do a good job for reasonable money! Well worth going there. Friendly staff! ????
I went to Big Al's today for a haircut. Mr. Jim Irving did a fantastic high & tight cut ! Great conversationalist as well. Highly recommend !!

Quick Facts About Big Al's Barber Shop

Big Al's Barber Shop has several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the key strengths is the quality of the haircuts. Multiple customers mentioned that they received the best haircuts they have had in years and that they have never had a bad experience or haircut at Big Al's. This consistency in delivering high-quality haircuts is a significant strength for the barbershop. Furthermore, the barbers are skilled in handling difficult hair and are able to provide excellent results.
Another strength of Big Al's is the affordable prices. Customers mentioned that the prices are really cheap, with haircuts starting at $9. This affordability is appreciated by customers and likely contributes to their loyalty to the barbershop. Additionally, some customers mentioned that the haircut was so good that they willingly paid more for it, showing that they perceive the value of the service to be greater than the price.
The atmosphere at Big Al's is mentioned as a positive aspect by multiple customers. One person described getting a haircut at Big Al's as a fun experience, highlighting the enjoyment they had during their visit. The barbers are described as funny and the barbershop is said to have a friendly atmosphere. This fun and friendly environment likely contribute to the overall positive experience for customers. Furthermore, the barbers' love for their jobs is evident, and this enthusiasm likely translates into a better work ethic, according to one customer's observation.
The efficiency and wait times at Big Al's are also mentioned as strengths. Customers commented on the fast wait times and how it is possible to take a lunch break and get a haircut at the same time. This efficiency is appreciated by customers who value their time and want to have a quick and seamless experience at the barbershop.
In addition to these strengths, there are a few weaknesses that can be identified based on the comments. First, the lack of consistency in the customer's knowledge of the barber's names could be considered a weakness. While one customer mentioned the name of the barber who cut their hair, others could not recall the names of the barbers. This lack of name recognition could make it difficult to build a personal connection and establish long-term customer relationships.
Although not explicitly mentioned in the comments, it is worth noting that the lack of information about the barbershop's location and operating hours could be a potential weakness. Customers did not provide any details about these aspects of the barbershop, which could make it challenging for new customers to find and visit Big Al's.
In conclusion, Big Al's Barber Shop has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These include the high quality of haircuts, affordable prices, enjoyable atmosphere, efficient service, and the skill and friendliness of the barbers. While weaknesses such as inconsistent knowledge of the barbers' names and the lack of information about the barbershop's location and operating hours can be identified, the overall strengths of Big Al's Barber Shop make it a highly recommended place for getting a haircut.

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