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111 Colony Crossing Way # 310, Madison, MS 39110 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Best Nails

Best Nails place has received mostly positive comments, indicating several strengths. The first strength of Best Nails is the high level of customer satisfaction and the quality of service provided by the nail technicians. Multiple customers mention that Stanley, Kimmy, and their team are fabulous, kind, attentive, and ensure that customers are happy with their experience. This positive feedback demonstrates that the salon has a strong team of staff who are skilled in their craft and prioritize customer satisfaction.
Another strength of Best Nails is the cleanliness of the salon. One customer specifically mentions that the salon is clean, indicating that the staff prioritize hygiene and maintaining a clean and safe environment for customers. This is an important factor for customers looking for a nail salon due to the potential risk of infections or other health issues in unclean environments.
Additionally, fair prices are mentioned as a strength of Best Nails. One customer specifically mentions that the salon has great prices, which is likely to be an attractive factor for potential customers. Fair pricing can make the salon more accessible and appealing to a wider range of customers, especially in a competitive market.
Prompt and exceptional customer service is another strength mentioned by customers. It is noted that the staff provides quick service without making customers feel rushed. This demonstrates the salon's ability to efficiently manage appointments and ensure customers are satisfied with their experience. Excellent customer service is crucial for retaining customers and gaining positive word-of-mouth referrals.
Furthermore, Best Nails is praised for the longevity and experience of its staff. One customer mentions that they have been going to the salon for 16 years and have always been pleased with the service. This indicates that the salon has built a loyal customer base, which speaks to the quality of their work and customer relations. Having experienced staff can also contribute to the overall expertise and professionalism of the salon.
However, there are a few weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One customer mentions that the salon is a little pricey. While this is subjective and may vary depending on the customer's budget, it suggests that the salon may not be the most affordable option for some individuals. Price sensitivity can impact the salon's ability to attract a broader range of customers.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of a service menu with prices and the absence of optional services such as cocktails or designs. This can be seen as a missed opportunity, as providing a clear list of services and prices can help customers make informed decisions and manage their expectations. Additionally, offering optional services like cocktails or designs can enhance the overall experience and attract customers looking for a more luxurious or unique experience.
In conclusion, Best Nails place has several strengths, including high customer satisfaction, a clean environment, fair pricing, exceptional customer service, and experienced staff. These strengths contribute to the salon's positive reputation and customer loyalty. However, there are a few weaknesses, such as being perceived as expensive and the lack of a comprehensive service menu and optional services. Addressing these weaknesses could help the salon appeal to a wider range of customers and improve the overall customer experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Stanley and Kimmy are the best! Their team of nail technicians are fabulous- everyone is kind, attentive, and makes certain you are satisfied with their experience. I tell anyone looking to get their nails done in Madison to go to Best Nail!
This is the best local nail salon! It is clean, has fair prices, and has friendly, knowledgeable staff! My pedicures and gel manicures are always PERFECT! Do yourself a favor and try this spot out; you won’t be disappointed!
Quick (but never rushed), exceptional customer service, great prices! Stanley, Kimmy, and staff always go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy! This nail salon stands far above the rest—a must try for locals or out-of-towners!
I have had my nails done for 16 years in this nail salon. I will not go anywhere else! Kimmie and Stanley and all the girls are wonderful. I’m always pleased with their service.
$30 for a mediocre eye brow wax and a polish change?! That is highway robbery! Then I asked for a book that gives different services and prices, they don’t have one. I will NEVER come here again! What?!?! They don’t even offer cocktails or designs. But you’re charging this much for basic service???
I love them. They are so sweet and professional. A little pricey but absolutely worth it
The staff is always so friendly! My nails always look fabulous and last for weeks!
I have been going to this place for years and I have never had anyone do nails any better than the owners Kimmy and Stanley. Today I came in at 6 PM and they close at 7 and they both stayed until after 7:30 PM to make sure each and every customer was taken care of. I asked for special colored tips and I’m sure other nail salons would have turned me away asking for something out of the ordinary but not this place. I love going here and would recommend this place to anyone!

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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