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7966 Broadview Rd, Broadview Heights, OH 44147 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Beauty Zone

Strengths of Beauty Zone:
1. Accommodating and quick appointments: Multiple comments mentioned the ease of scheduling and the salon's ability to accommodate their schedules. This is a strength as it shows that the salon values their customers' time and provides convenient appointment options.
2. Talented stylists: The comments consistently praise the stylists, particularly Blake and Maya, for their skills in coloring, cutting, and styling hair. The stylists are described as precise, dedicated, and able to deliver exactly what the customers want. This demonstrates that the salon has skilled professionals who can provide high-quality hair services.
3. Friendly and comfortable atmosphere: Many comments mention the friendly and relaxed atmosphere at Beauty Zone. Customers appreciate the lack of judgment and the ability to have a good time while getting their hair done. This indicates that the salon provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for its customers.
4. Affordable prices and good value: Several comments mention the reasonable prices at Beauty Zone. Customers appreciate that they can get quality hair services without breaking the bank. This is a strength as it shows that the salon offers good value for the services provided.
5. Clean and hygienic environment: One comment specifically mentions the salon's cleanliness and the stylists wearing masks. This is important, especially in the current times, as it shows that the salon prioritizes the safety and well-being of their customers.
Weaknesses of Beauty Zone:
1. Lack of communication with hairstylist: One comment mentions a negative experience with a hairstylist who started slide cutting without asking. This shows a lack of communication and understanding between the customer and the stylist, leading to a disappointing result. This weakness suggests that there may be a need for improved communication and consultation processes to ensure that customers' expectations are met.
2. Uncomfortable hair-washing sinks: One comment mentions discomfort with the hair-washing sinks. While this may seem like a minor issue, it can still impact the overall customer experience. Having uncomfortable equipment can detract from the salon's overall appeal and comfort.
In conclusion, Beauty Zone has several strengths, including accommodating appointments, talented stylists, a friendly atmosphere, affordable prices, and a clean environment. However, there are some weaknesses such as the need for improved communication with hairstylists and addressing uncomfortable hair-washing sinks. Overall, these comments suggest that Beauty Zone provides a positive experience for many customers, but there are areas for improvement to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I saw Blake for a haircut and style a few months ago. I was really looking forward to it based on the good reviews, but was unpleasantly surprised when he started slide cutting (without asking.) I have fine 'S-shaped' curls but my hair is not thick. When I asked about it he said it will look good as it would give more volume. Nope, it only broke up the curl pattern making my hair extremely frizzy and hard to smooth. The cut was only okay as is lacked shape. Really was hopeful going in but am afraid it's a thumbs down for this curly girl.
The appointment was made quick and able to accommodate my schedule. The stylist that did my hair was Blake. He foiled my whole head so quickly. I was blown away by how fast I was able to get my highlights completed and styled. It turned out great and the prices are awesome. I’ve already recommended them to friends.
I was in need of corrective color. They got me in right away for a convenient Monday evening appointment. The salon was very clean and they were donning their masks. Blake did a great job his highlights were very precise and I can tell he is very dedicated to doing things to perfection. My appointment was very relaxing which for a busy mom is a huge bonus. My hair looks amazing Blake saved the day!!! It was very affordable and a great value! I will definitely be back!!!
The only hair salon I trust! I almost don't want to say that Maya is the best hair stylist around because I want to hog her open appointments to myself, but she does amazing work. She saved me from a bad dye job done at another salon, and she gives the best balayage! Maya always delivers exactly what I want with my hair, and it's incredible because I'm pretty bad at explaining how I like my hair cut. She's also a sweetheart who will go out of her way to make you comfortable and happy with your hair!
Beauty Zone feels more casual, which is something I really love about this salon. There's no judgement or any weird atmosphere, just everyone laughing and having a good time. I always enjoy being there, and their chairs are comfy! Bonus: the shampoo and conditioner they use are amazing and make my hair feel incredible for about 3 days. The only thing I would change is the basin of the hair-washing sinks but those are uncomfortable everywhere.
I love everything about my experiences at Beauty Zone! The staff is incredibly sweet, talented, and fun to talk to. They make you feel comfortable the minute you walk into the salon. They are knowledge and always have great music playing. Very happy with all my haircuts, colors, and stylings at Beauty Zone.
Been here several times
Love the atmosphere
Blake did an amazing job on my brows!!
Will always Go back. He does an amazing job on hair as well!! Definitely worth a visit!!
I was recommended by a friend to have Blake do my hair. My favorite place now. Blake does a great job coloring, cutting and styling my hair. It always turns out wonderful. Scheduling is easy and later appointment times works out great for me.
I saw Blake for my services and let me just say the entire experience was amazing!! I really have never left a hair salon and been so happy with the services I received. Even my husband said how natural and beautiful my hair looked!!

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