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Barber Abu Saif

+1 720-201-9727
4340 E Kentucky Ave #139, Denver, CO 80246 United States of America
Open Today: 12:30 PM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Gender-neutral restroom
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Owner and son business that’s a great place to get a haircut in the area. Regularly would go here when we lived in Denver and never made an appointment- just called in advance to see availability. The place is pretty tiny, not much of a waiting area, and it’s not winning any design awards for it’s decor and ambiance. But what the interior lacks in frills the owner makes up for in quality work. I always came out with a great haircut and fade. He even uses a straight edge on the detailing. All together a great value for the price he charges. Highly recommend.
My son is 2 (newly 2) he has had a total of 4 haircuts, all were really bad. I saw reviews for the shop and decided to give it a try. I will never take my son anywhere else. This man did an amazing job, best haircut he’s ever had. Very clean, and looks great. He was quick too! Highly recommend.
I recently visited Barber Abu Safi for a haircut and was impressed with the service I received. The barber was skilled and attentive, giving me the exact cut I wanted at a very reasonable price. The shop itself was clean and well-maintained, and the overall atmosphere was welcoming and friendly. I would definitely recommend this barbershop to anyone looking for a great haircut at a great price.
one of the best barbers i’ve ever been to. Went in yesterday to get a cut and the older gentleman took care of it effortlessly. His son is also a great barber. Terrific barbershop for people moving from out of state and want to get fresh in Denver!
Abu Saif is a really great person who professional in what he does. He is the best Barber in Denver and the price is good for all.????????
Abu saif is a great barber he’s perfect at doing haircuts and beard trims I would rate him #1 in town he’s awesome I would totally ???? recommend his shop!
Great haircut and great experience. Anytime I need a trim or cut this is where I go. You will not be disappointed.
I found this place based on the reviews. Everything is accurate. I’ve never seen so much attention to detail. My sister is in the business and always asks me who cut my hair because it’s perfect every time.

Quick Facts About Barber Abu Saif

Barber Abu Saif place has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the business is owned and operated by the owner and his son, which creates a sense of personalized service and accountability. This is appreciated by customers who value a friendly and familiar atmosphere.
Another strength mentioned is the quality of the haircuts. Many customers express their satisfaction with the cuts and fades they receive from Barber Abu Saif. The owner's use of a straight edge for detailing is particularly praised, indicating a commitment to precision and craftsmanship.
Additionally, Barber Abu Saif place is commended for its value for money. Customers feel that the price charged is reasonable given the quality of the service provided. This suggests that the business offers competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for customers who appreciate affordability.
The cleanliness and maintenance of the shop are also highlighted as strengths. Customers consistently mention that the shop is clean and well-maintained, creating a positive and hygienic environment for the haircuts. This adds to the overall professionalism and customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, Barber Abu Saif's speed and efficiency are mentioned positively. Customers appreciate that the barbers are quick, allowing for a streamlined and convenient experience. This is particularly important for customers with young children who may require a shorter time in the barber's chair.
Another strength is the attention to detail demonstrated by the barbers. Customers mention that their haircuts are perfect and show great attention to detail. This further emphasizes the quality of the service provided and creates a sense of trust in the expertise of the barbers.
Despite these strengths, there are a few weaknesses that can be derived from the comments. Firstly, the size of the shop is mentioned as a weakness. It is described as tiny, with not much of a waiting area. This could potentially create discomfort for customers who prefer more spacious and comfortable environments.
Additionally, the décor and ambiance of the shop are not highly regarded. The comments suggest that the interior lacks frills and is not aesthetically pleasing. While this may not be a major concern for customers who prioritize the quality of the haircuts, it could potentially deter those who value a more visually appealing environment.
In conclusion, Barber Abu Saif place has several strengths that make it a highly recommended barbershop. These include the personalized service provided by the owner and his son, the quality of the haircuts, the affordable pricing, the cleanliness of the shop, the speed and efficiency of the barbers, and the attention to detail. However, the size of the shop and the lackluster décor are potential weaknesses that could impact customer experience. Nevertheless, the overall positive feedback suggests that Barber Abu Saif place is a reputable and reliable choice for those seeking a great haircut at a reasonable price.

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Monday 02:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Tuesday 01:30 AM - 07:00 PM
Wednesday 02:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Thursday 12:30 PM - 07:00 PM
Friday 12:30 PM - 07:00 PM
Saturday 12:30 PM - 07:00 PM
Sunday 01:30 AM - 07:00 PM

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