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Andy's Plaice Fish and Chips

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Legerton Dr, Clacton-on-Sea CO16 8DY United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Andy's Plaice Fish and Chips

Andy's Plaice Fish and Chips has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insights into its strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing these comments, we can gain a better understanding of the overall customer experience at Andy's Plaice.
Starting with the strengths, several customers praised the value for money at Andy's Plaice. One customer mentioned having a half chicken and chips for only £6, which they found to be well-cooked and worth recommending. Another customer mentioned using the takeaway regularly on Fridays and expressed satisfaction with the service provided. This suggests that the prices are reasonable and that the food is generally prepared to a good standard, leading to customer loyalty.
Continuing with the strengths, one customer appreciated the efficient handling of an issue they had. They stated that there was a problem once, but it was promptly resolved. This shows that Andy's Plaice is responsive to customer feedback and willing to rectify any mistakes or grievances. Such proactive customer service can enhance the overall customer satisfaction and build trust with the customers.
Moving on to the weaknesses, a recurring complaint involves the quality of the fish served at Andy's Plaice. One customer described the fish as having the texture of a filleted tennis ball and contained massive bones. Another customer criticized the tasteless and rubbery piece of 'Cod' they received. These comments suggest that the fish may not consistently meet the expected standards of freshness, tenderness, and taste. This is a significant weakness for a fish and chips place, as the quality and taste of the fish are fundamental to the core offering.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the inconsistency in portion sizes. One customer mentioned that the large cod they ordered was actually a medium-sized portion compared to other places. Another customer complained about receiving a small fish with more batter than fish. These inconsistencies can lead to customer dissatisfaction and the perception of receiving less value for money. It is essential for a business to maintain consistency in portion sizes to meet customer expectations.
Furthermore, there have been complaints regarding the service at Andy's Plaice. One customer mentioned a long wait time and being served after others who arrived later. Another customer criticized the staff for being distracted in conversation and messing up their order. These issues suggest that the service quality and efficiency at Andy's Plaice may sometimes fall below customer expectations. A lack of attentive and organized staff can result in poor customer experiences, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential loss of repeat business.
An additional weakness highlighted by a customer revolves around a pricing increase. This customer mentioned a significant increase in prices and a decrease in portion sizes compared to their previous experiences. Such changes without proper justification can create negative perceptions among customers, leading to a decline in customer loyalty and a willingness to try alternative options.
In conclusion, Andy's Plaice Fish and Chips has strengths in terms of providing value for money, resolving issues promptly, and maintaining a loyal customer base. However, it also has weaknesses concerning the quality of the fish, inconsistent portion sizes, service inefficiencies, and pricing changes. These weaknesses have the potential to impact customer satisfaction and the overall reputation of the business. To improve, Andy's Plaice should focus on consistently delivering high-quality food, ensuring portion sizes meet expectations, training staff to provide attentive and efficient service, and transparently justifying any pricing changes to maintain customer confidence.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Had half chicken and chips, twice for £6-. Really well cooked and value for money, definitely recommend!
Recently moved to the area and trying out different take aways. Been using Andy's Plaice pretty much every Friday and so happy! There was an issue once but this was sorted straight away. Would definitely recommend.
Large 'Cod'. God know what fish it actually is, but its got the texture of a filleted tennis ball. Add to that the massive bones throughout it, needless to say we won't be going back. Phone also appears to be disconnected when we we tried to call to complain. AVOID.
Chips were lovely, but the large cod I had was a medium everywhere else.
It was the tail of the fish and more batter than fish.
Have been using this chippy for years and have always had good service but tonight I ordered 3 meals got home and there was NO chips at all staff were seen distracted in conversation and have messed Up my order 1/5 stars for me
Bones throughout the most rubbery, tasteless piece of 'Cod' I've ever tried. Phone appears to be disconnected, avoid!
Joke rang up told 15 minutes arrived I 15 minutes stood in shop over 20 minutes 2 people ordered as I was in shop got served in front of me very disappointed in service and food not that great either
As a regular user every week, to my disappointment Friday 29th July brought me great disappointment. I normally have on what I order a price of £11.20. Now this was £14.00 plus, a massive increase. Also only quarter of the chip size portions, the fish was small, looked and tasted like it was left overs and quickly reheated. Will think of giving this chippy a miss.

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