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Allure Nail Bar

+1 770-679-4284
2227 GA-20, Conyers, GA 30013 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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Great customer service. I called in the morning and I was able to make an appointment that was convenient for me. The place is very nicely decorated. Andy did my pedicure and he was great!!! My pedi is 2weeks old right here but still looks great ????
I found this place online after I had to let go of my other place due to issues. Best decision I made going here. If you come here ask for David and if David isn’t available ask for Heather. Not sure about the other techs but I know those two can execute almost every idea I throw at them. I always get complements on my nails. 10/10 highly recommend this shop!
The best service hands down !!! They tend to get you in and out at a fast rate !!! My favorite nail tech is David anything I ask him to do he get the job done and add his on creativity to it !!! He’s very professional. Book with him for the nails and when it come to pedicures, Sonny gives the best pedicures !!
I like the design attempt wish there was a little more care to pay $90 I did come at the end of day but still no issues for the bubbles in my nails still grateful for this experience. I am getting a few complaints on them.
I really hate giving bad reviews, but this is a must. To start off I just moved out here about a month & some change ago… just trying out a nail spot to give them a chance. BOY I should’ve just been patient & waited for my original choice. I came in to get a gel pedicure, everything was fine until the girl cut my big toe not even realizing I was bleeding. I pointed it out to her & she put this blue astringent on it with a cotton ball. I thought it was cleaned well & it was taken care of. A few days have gone by & my big is now swollen & infected. Something like this deserves a lawsuit smh. I wouldn’t recommend coming here if the lady with a short cut with light brown hair does your toes. I had anticipated something like this happening after reading the reviews & I was sadly proven right.
Very great atmosphere had a great time! I went in for the pedicure and I got a very good experience hope you found my review helpful
Went to Allure on Saturday morning, 4/8 to get a pedicure. Went to let my toe nails dry at the front but the drying station was not operable. Waited on my daughter to get done with her manicure which took an additional 30 minutes. Im saying all that to say my nails should have been dry. When we left I had on sandals so that my nails could continue to air dry. Came home where I kept my feet elevated as to not mess up my polish. Went out late last night and had to put on close toed shoes. Got home last night and pulled off shoes and nail polish was gone on one of my toes and chipping on others. Needless to say I will not be returning. That was a waste of money.
Everytime i make an appointment with the man that works the front desk he never tells the person I’m making an appointment with (Tracy) she does a great job by the way but i called he said come at 4 and i asked him to tell her because he never does. I came in at 4 and someone was just sitting down to get a full set. It’s ridiculous now it’s 426 and I’m still sitting here. He asked did i want to go to the pedicure chair. NO! Because I’m going to walk right up out of here if it takes too long. They don’t care anything about others time. An appointment is an appointment this is a constant problem. Do better

Quick Facts About Allure Nail Bar

1. Great customer service: The first comment highlights the excellent customer service provided by Allure Nail Bar. The customer was able to make a convenient appointment and was pleased with the service received.
2. Talented nail technicians: Multiple comments mention the skill and creativity of the nail technicians at Allure Nail Bar. Customers specifically recommend David and Heather for their ability to execute various nail designs and receive compliments on their nail work.
3. Professionalism: The third comment mentions the professionalism of the staff, particularly in reference to nail technician David. This highlights the overall professionalism and high standards maintained by the salon.
4. Atmosphere and decor: The sixth comment states that the salon has a great atmosphere and provides a pleasant experience for customers. The nicely decorated environment adds to the overall positive experience.
1. Lack of attention to detail: The second comment mentions a slight issue with bubbles in the nails, indicating that there may be instances where attention to detail is lacking. This could be a potential weakness of the salon.
2. Inconsistent quality: The fourth comment shares a negative experience where a customer's toe was cut during a pedicure, leading to an infection. This highlights a potential issue with the consistency of service quality and the risk of accidents occurring.
3. Inefficient operations: The seventh comment expresses frustration with appointments not being communicated effectively and delays in service. This indicates a potential weakness in the salon's operations and time management, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
4. Durability of services: The eighth comment suggests that the nail polish did not last well, chipping off after a short period. This indicates a potential weakness in the durability and longevity of the services provided by Allure Nail Bar.
In conclusion, Allure Nail Bar has several strengths such as excellent customer service, talented and creative nail technicians, professionalism, and a great atmosphere. However, there are also weaknesses to consider, such as potential issues with attention to detail, inconsistent service quality, inefficient operations, and the durability of services.

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